Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 10

This month’s curated film selection by Niccolò Montanari is a celebration of horror, dread and terror, an international range of films delving into the supernatural. From fashion films and campaigns to music videos and independent video art productions, the directors behind the films explore life, death and the unknown from several perspectives.

We start off with a more humorous and playful approach, with the works of Cyriak, Pablo Maestres, Justin Anderson, Julien Vray and Emir Eralp. We then continue by appreciating the beauty of a more somber aesthetic with Jamie Brunskill, Cyprien Clément-Delmas, That Jam and Arice, before ending on a darker and rawer note with Ralf Schmerberg.

Run The Jewels - Meowpurrdy by Cyriak

Somewhat different from the usual cat videos we are bombarded with, Meowpurrdy is the video that accompanies the track from the remix album by hip-hop group Run the Jewels.

Delpozo - Winter Eclipse by Pablo Maestres

Shot for Delpozo, director Pablo Maestres continues his collaboration with the brand to deliver his enchanting and surreal aesthetics.

Fleurs du Mal by Justin Anderson

Directed by award-winning director Justin Anderson, the Baudelaire-titled fashion film is a frightful erotic production for British lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur.

Feiyue - Attack of the Werewolf by Julien Vray

In a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Attack of the Werewolf is a campaign shot for footwear label Feiyue to celebrate the launch of their latest range.

Vogue Italy X FFFMilano - How To Get Rid of a Ghost by Emir Eralp

Featuring clothing by Armani, Emir Eralp’s film stands as a humorous commentary on the most common mistakes made by characters in horror films.

Seraphim for Alexander Mc. Queen by Jamie Brunskill

This beautiful short transforms the human body into haunting sculptures in a celebration of McQueen’s dark fantasy aesthetic.

Life After Life by Cyprien Clément-Delmas

Director Cyprien Clément-Delmas explores how Ghanians celebrate life through death in this documentary shot for Ray-Ban.

The Sleeping Field by That Jam

Created by directing duo Joe Beverley and Sam Hurlock, The Sleeping Field is a  drama-filled short between dream and reality.

Don’t You Know You’re Queen by Arice

Don’t You Know You’re Queen is an award-winning fashion film created by Italian digital artist Arice in collaboration with stylist Mari Paduano.

Possession by Ralf Schmerberg

Presented by the Berlin label Moga e Mago, Possession is a modern horror tale unfolding in Berlin’s nightlife scene.