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Designer shenzhen


The incomplete perfectionism “Who are you, incomplete heart, uncertain spirits”
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Translating the Force of Nature into Sensibility

We Translate the Force of Nature into Sensibility. This is Lana Serena. Based in Barcelona, we design unique statement pieces, made from the finest responsible wool, handmade and manufactured in Spain.
Designer lagos

Orange Culture

The Lagosian designer matches a self-aware and expressive design technique with contemporary Western silhouettes, and a distinctly African sensibility
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WORTH Partnership Project 2018

Call out for applicants to apply! The project aims to develop new design based products across European and COSME countries through cross-border and cross-discipline collaborations
Designer london

Jule Waibel

Obsessed with pleated patterns and transforming structures, combining objects, fashion and performance with a strong focus on geometric shapes and aesthetics
Designer beirut

Nour Daher

Reminiscing over old scenes of Beirut, the collection translates the vintage feel of the past into fresh and sophisticated looks focusing on innovative textiles and modern silhouettes
Designer prague

Katerina Reich

Freely inspired by the mesmerizing world of art, elegance and the ancient traditions of Japan
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Designer Focus: Cat + King

Get to know the creative forces behind the New York City-based label, Cat + King
Designer bangkok

TandT Bangkok

Designer Thanawut Thanasarnvimon blends contemporary, silhouettes with lush, exotic decoration; bringing a fresh perspective to Thai fashion
Designer berlin

Admir Kapich

A modern reinterpretation to old glamour combined with contemporary designs; everything starts with memories
Fashion Film

The Sleeping Field by That Jam

Created by directing duo Joe Beverley and Sam Hurlock, The Sleeping Field is a drama-filled short between dream and reality
Designer helsinki

Anni Ruuth

Ode for Premiére is an exploration through natural materials, reflecting with the sensitivity of ballet
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My Favourite Piece: Young n Sang

Building a collection is a very personal process for each and every designer—and many items have their own story and deeper meaning. In our new series, My Favourite Piece, we ask designers about a particular item in their collection, aiming to shed light on the connection between designers and the clothing they craft
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Not(e) for a Dreamer by Enrico Poli

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Enrico Poli, in collaboration with Italian label M O N O - Y, Not(e) for a Dreamer is a stunning coming-of-age film, using the changing of seasons as a reflection of the transition from childhood into adulthood
Editorial Industry

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 15

A monthly curated video selection by Niccolò Montanari: With spring timidly making its way back into our lives, I decided to look at time as the main topic for this month’s Fashion & Fantasy column
Fashion Film

Mrs. Poucheau by Amanda Lago

Played by actress and singer Cachito Noguera, Mrs. Poucheau shares an incredibly powerful yet familiar story of a woman’s journey in accepting change and appreciating its beauty
Designer los angeles

June Nineteen

Serpents were worshiped as good house spirits in ancient Baltic mythology
Fashion Film

Soul Land by Meeto

The new film by Scandinavian menswear label Soulland, winner of the Best International Fashion Film at Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival, is a stunning and emotional exploration of what it feels like to fall in love at a young age
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Through The Designer's Eyes: Singapore

Part of what makes the Not Just A Label community so unique are the countless designers that hail from all around the globe. Tapping into this diverse and expansive network, we're featuring local city guides from the viewpoint of some of our designers. To kick off the series we have Singapore-based designer, Dawn Bey
Designer budapest


Taking inspiration from a hidden gem of Hungary, and builds a story around it. Celani's products are designed and crafted in Hungary, combining high-quality materials with sustainability
Designer london

Nana Gotti

Awakening of the Iznik tulips inspired by Istanbul and its beautiful, historic mosques
Designer new york


Inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 90’s electronic duo Drexciya, as well as Paul Gilroy’s, The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness, the L’E Collection creates stories and characters of the mythical, deep sea underworld interweaving alchemy & mysticism inspiring archetypes and their forms of transformation
Designer london

Daniel Pascal Tanner

Neo Romantic silhouettes are given a contemporary touch when conflated with surreal exaggerations in proportion and experimental pallets that explore boundaries of taste and the sensibilities of chic
Designer berlin

Victoire Laffineur

Inspired by nature and the ideas of water pollution, contamination, invasion, environmental news, the process of death and degradation
Designer belgrade

Tara Lalic

Surreal Spirit is inspired by African ritual masks and Picasso`s African themed artworks with silks and neoprenes, 3D printing and laser cutting
Designer belgrade

Jovana Markovic

A fusion of luxurious and timeless sophistication exacted with contemporary conviction
Designer kiev


Pioneering yet utilitarian, Dzhus’ visual identity derives from innovative structural solutions
Designer lviv


Every physical object, especially in the biological world, has its own inner world, its own core. However, it is usually hidden and inaccessible
Designer salvador

Gefferson Vila Nova Label

A dip into futuristic aesthetics and a new universe of sportswear
Designer bangkok

Oyster Footwear

Inspired by infusing contemporary and minimalistic designs into accessories and turning them into pieces of art
Designer milan

The Original Gang Of Tailors

Continuing to explore the dualism of yin and yang within the oriental masculinity
Designer milan

Tiziano Guardini

Winner of The Franca Sozzani Green Carpet Challenge Award for Best Emerging Designer
Designer london

Johanna Parv

Inspired by classical womenswear techniques and tailoring, Johanna Parv makes it her own by mixing it with surrealistic and playful twists
Designer leipzig

We are Kal

Function and: Fabric. As eri silk is one of our two raw materials we spent a lot of time discovering its strengths and own qualities, its drape and characteristics
Designer cairo

Maison Saédi

Inspired by the pharaonic lotus flower shape for Maison Saédi muse "Sachmis" the Egyptian ancient goddess for fire, dance, healing and war
Designer athens

Alexia Raisi

Inspired by the diverse systems of this planet, contradictions of water bodies and desert dunes, wind patterns and rock formations, dense canopies and snow plains
Designer milan

Moulage-Margherita Cottafavi

Inspired by a woman fascinated with the aesthetics and lifestyle of the ‘30s, who fearlessly dares to stand out
Designer lagos

Liam Nigeria

Bush Boy Series by Liam Nigeria
Designer london

Verity Germer

Fashioned to remove wastage and allow for form and function to be integrated into the shape without forcing fabrics
Designer Perm

Polina Benefit

The relationship between society and cosmos space. Cosmos space in each of us
Designer dhaka


An ode to minimalism and classicism, with a touch of quirk
Designer utrecht


A collection derived from a personal experience of merging cultural behaviors driven by the thought of contrast and elegance
Designer bangkok

Shone Puipia

Sartorial storytelling through rough femininity; the identity of the woman continues to evolve and transform
Designer dubai


Celebrating freedom through a bohemian spirit; a spirit that is unconventional, creative and expressive
Designer shanghai


Neither following the trends nor fashion but continuously working to build its own aesthetic form of beauty
Designer milan

Luigi Veccia

Inspired by the sensuality and the exuberance of the parthenopean women; the bright colors and the insolent juxtaposition
Designer moscow


The embodiment of style, tenderness and comfort focused on conceptual everyday style
Designer los angeles

Dushyant Asthana

Celebrating the greatness of the desert
Designer madrid

Inunez Studio

The games of colors and contrasts are reminiscent of the chromatic use of the art-deco painting that Lempicka worked on
Designer belgrade

Dragana Mihajlovic

A gentle, edgy, romantic and very feminine alternative to the traditional white gown
Designer vicenza

Post Tradition

Inspired by Japanese bondage, whilst deliberately taking a step back from it
Designer new york

Chia Lee

Found in the crooks and corners of the streets in Malaysia, there are establishments that offer a glimpse into the country’s heritage and the locals know it as “Kopitiam”
Designer new york

Sergio Wonder

A brand that resurrects the world of contemporary menswear by reinvigorating the key intersection between tradition and effortless attitude
Designer berlin

Sepideh Ahadi

Adventures of a Darvish is a collection based on the philosophy of Sufis and Dervishes of Iran, surrounding the ephemerality of our life
Designer Perm

Yana Besfamilnaya

Inspired by hippie aesthetics and such movements as Women’s March and Time’s Up, Yana Besfamilnaya created the collection to pay tribute and declare the love to all women, no exceptions
Designer Luxembourg


The designer was aiming to transmit the naivety and carefreeness unique to a child, using fashion as a form of escapism
Designer london

By Lukwago

The collection is inspired by the Scandinavian winters the contrast between black and white, it tells a story about the environment, How thing are not always as straight as what it seems that there is always more to the story
Designer düsseldorf

Nataliya Maassen

Inspired by the old German tale "Undine" and stands for the idea of a modern nymph, vulnerable and strong. It reflects her attempt at breaking free and become a grown woman. Powerful cuts meet playful, light elements. Sparkly, water like fabrics were brought together into wave-shaped lines
Designer helsinki

Olga Laurus

Inspired by the nature and culture of beautiful Indonesian island Bali
Designer london

Yu Stepanel

Presenting a meteorite themed collection of highly oxidised sterling silver and gemstones