Fashion Films

Short Films, Catwalk Shows, & Behind The Scenes Footage From NJAL Designers
20 April 2018 Lana Serena

Translating the Force of Nature into Sensibility

We Translate the Force of Nature into Sensibility. This is Lana Serena. Based in Barcelona, we design unique statement pieces, made from the finest responsible wool, handmade and manufactured in Spain.
19 April 2018 Nina Yuun

Education Sentimentale

Four girls separated in space, yet connected in their spirits deliver the message of EDUCATION SENTIMENTALE as one of the girls chooses to finally write a letter, the next chooses to deliver the letter and the final one to read the long-awaited message.
18 April 2018 Katerina Reich


Kyō collection by Katerina Reich
Gold plated brass, Perspex
video Eliška Kyselková / MUA, model Kateřina Koki Mlejnková / dress ODIVI - Sobje / music Quaro - Yojimbo
15 April 2018 ISABEL WONG


Bringing creativity and innovative ideas together; inspired by the concept of continual line - combining geometrical shape and subtle curves while maintaining a clean aesthetic through carefully considered materials and finishings.
13 April 2018 Melodie Bright

Shoot the messenger

A collection based on research into London’s bike messengers and courier drivers. Forming silhouettes at the ways in which people commute, and how it has an impact on their clothing.
12 April 2018 Jing Yu


Exploring the notion of visual expression in a new form with dialectic analysis to the philosophical eclecticism in design and art field.
11 April 2018 Evegnia Medevedeva

S n o : w

My designs are subconsciously based on my background even though inspirations may come from anything in the world.
10 April 2018 Bazelet

Nature of Iceland

The brand story is inspired by the rough nature of Iceland, and its black basalt rocks, which corresponding with the basic element of men nature, of adorning and preparing for battle.
9 April 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

The Sleeping Field by That Jam

Created by directing duo Joe Beverley and Sam Hurlock, The Sleeping Field is a drama-filled short between dream and reality
7 April 2018 ROXWEAR

Episode 1

We are the generation born out of broken beliefs. The struggle to find one’s identity is exacerbated by the mix of different morals and values.
6 April 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Not(e) for a Dreamer by Enrico Poli

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Enrico Poli, in collaboration with Italian label M O N O - Y, Not(e) for a Dreamer is a stunning coming-of-age film, using the changing of seasons as a reflection of the transition from childhood into adulthood.
4 April 2018 Krizia Jimenez


In our heads objects can be re-invented, and I like to imagine that by looking to a piece you can be transported to a world like no other.
3 April 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Mrs. Poucheau by Amanda Lago

Played by actress and singer Cachito Noguera, Mrs. Poucheau shares an incredibly powerful yet familiar story of a woman’s journey in accepting change and appreciating its beauty.
2 April 2018 Olga Laurus

Incredible Unique

Creation of this film we has started with the inspiration of nature.We take 5 elements of nature Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space.
1 April 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Soul Land by Meeto

The new film by Scandinavian menswear label Soulland, winner of the Best International Fashion Film at Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival, is a stunning and emotional exploration of what it feels like to fall in love at a young age.
29 March 2018 ADI C

Hardcore Pal

The collection is recalling a story about a part of an old memories of Designer himself , throw back to the early 1990 I was always doing some activities with my siblings such as watched a VDO , listened old musics plus in the 90s era there were a period of majors influenced by pop culture trends from America and Japanese culture in Thailand which had an influence in me during my childhood life and it became to my extraordinary inspiration since then.
27 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Young by Charlie Watts

Questioning this generation's obsession and relationship with social media, director Charlie Watts looks at how we connect with one another and the roles we take on
26 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Naaz - Words. Directed by Folkert Verdoorn

Shot to accompany the track by 18 year old Dutch musician Naaz, this highly aesthetic music video sees a wide range of people from different backgrounds and generations come together
21 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Ocean by Wildebeest

The latest offering from the boys of Wildebeest is a short film with an epic perspective, celebrating the power of the human body and mind through the art of yoga. Wildebeest teamed up with Jaggad, a Melbourne active wear line by Chris and Rebecca Judd. Shot over two and a half days in the rocky terrains of greater California and Arizona, the film places its heroine against a series of jaw-dropping natural backdrops.
19 March 2018 Petit Pois

Petit pois

Somewhere in a dream, Lubov finds herself in bed with another woman. Is she just a reflection of herself, or of a desire she's never spoken of before?