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21 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Ocean by Wildebeest

The latest offering from the boys of Wildebeest is a short film with an epic perspective, celebrating the power of the human body and mind through the art of yoga. Wildebeest teamed up with Jaggad, a Melbourne active wear line by Chris and Rebecca Judd. Shot over two and a half days in the rocky terrains of greater California and Arizona, the film places its heroine against a series of jaw-dropping natural backdrops.
19 March 2018 Petit Pois

Petit pois

Somewhere in a dream, Lubov finds herself in bed with another woman. Is she just a reflection of herself, or of a desire she's never spoken of before?
19 March 2018 Bev Tailor


"to whomever emptiness is possible, all things are possible.” Nagarjuna. The collection is inspired by the ethos of emptiness and detachment as a sustainable movement towards the concept of less-is-more, evokes silence and serenity within the senses.
16 March 2018 404 Not Found

Will Moscow Believe in Tears Today?

What is the secret of the Russian soul today? What is the power of a woman? How nobly can she love? Why is there no room for indifference in the Russian heart?
16 March 2018 Gösta von Platen

Materia Wound

Collection video for Gösta von Platen's graduate collection Bodily Encounter / Materia Wound. Seeking a bodily encounter with our material world. It is a smooth space yet in constant movement, as a liquid pouring out of an emerging hole. Sensational as well as sexual, as a wound which does not heal yet does not bother you.
15 March 2018 Stefanie Tschirky

Controlled Chaos

Are we able to create the ‘perfect’ dress, silhouette or line with the help of science? The starting point of this collection was the desire for aesthetic perfection and if we are able to achieve 'perfection' with the help of theories such as the Golden Ratio Theory and the Chaos Theory. It led me to have many conversations with Maths and Physics students from the Imperial College London, as we questioned perfection and beauty and its meanings in science and art. Since then I have stopped saying the word perfection. What does it even mean? Does perfection exist? No? If perfection doesn’t exist, does imperfection exist? We focused the research on the Chaos Theory and its fragile system. You never know when the most ‘beautiful’ moment happens. Do we have to wait a year or is it happening in the next second? This moment might be the most ‘beautiful’ for me, but not for you. We started to create animations of graphs, which we drove towards ‘chaos’. The outcomes were an early starting point for my final collection. I translated the idea of the fragile system of the chaos in textiles. Over the last year I focused on creating a ‘mixture’ which I was able to apply on threads and cling film. With the help of this ‘mixture’ I was able to create garments which seem to seal the body and appear as a second skin. Each garment is unique and based on a chaotic behaviour of the fabrics. I was able to control the all over ‘system (garment)’ but not each ‘practical’ of the fabric
14 March 2018 Gonçalo Peixoto

Marrakech as background

The arid and warm tones dye the fabrics in brown, red and yellow. At the centre is the woman, eager to become free from her reality and social norms, and to express her individuality.
13 March 2018 Cycleland


A line divides the surface and, like a continuous swim, the mind flows as it slides without limits ... To perceive different means, other densities, the contrast between pieces of knitting, manual dyeing and technological knit with shapes that offer freedom, are ample, elastic and comfortable. Ashes, blues and black suggest the introspective climate, allowing to dilute the contours between the real and the imaginary in the ethereal environment, where a trace is only guidance to get lost in an infinite dive.
13 March 2018 Takara Wong

Be Your True Colours

Sportswear never goes out of style especially when it combined with Reggae vibes also the vividly Takara Wong perception. According to sportswear garments, Wannawong remains to use sports fabrics in order to convey an idea of flexibility, enjoyment of teenager and independence Reggae rhythm
12 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

The Greatest Luxury by Kathryn Ferguson

The Greatest Luxury is the latest film by award-winning director, Kathryn Ferguson. Challenging social norms and established standards, the film questions the definition of luxury through a series of interviews with radical creatives.
9 March 2018 Second St

Fast Times in the Pleasure Land

Time soars, moving at immeasurable speeds, the world blurring gold and green. Breathless, we race to keep up, grasping at whatever might make it feel as though time is slowing down. For a moment, we have it. Time is in our hands. And then its gone, soaring again and we're racing, grasping again, the world blurring gold and green.
8 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Dark Skin / Gold Soul by Jordi Estrada

Capturing the beauty, freedom, and optimism of youth, director Jordi Estrada tells the story of 23-year-old Yemi, reminding us of an age marked by beauty, innocence, and drive during which anything is still within reach.
7 March 2018 Shopyte

From Moraira

A fashion brand crafting elegant, classic clothing for women who value quality, femininity and sustainability. "We do not follow short-term trends, support ethical fashion values and create our garments using only the highest quality natural fabrics. Shopyte is a family business which I created with my husband. From the very first touch on paper to the last stitch of material, we take care of everything by ourselves. My passion was given to me by my mother, who has been working in this industry for over 2 decades. Today she is responsible for the quality of our collections. Both of us are perfectionists trying to beautify women with original and flawless clothing. When designing each collection, I see the unpredictable and dimensional city muse, moving through her day with grace and ease, at work, at play, with herself, with her family... She is comfortable within and has worked hard to be here. I create garments that I hope, give women more confidence and presence in their own, unique femininity!"
7 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Spectrum of Love by Ibon Landa

With Spectrum of Love, director Ibon Landa describes the energy of falling and being in love for the first time—something we tend to forget as we grow up
6 March 2018 Drifters LDN

Inside Down, Upside Out

“Inside Down, Upside Out,” which comes from the designer’s fascination with the idea of things being the wrong way around, a concept that came from putting a placket on a sleeve and observing how it looked inside out. The collection was constructed around this approach, with an emphasis on a purposeful “inside out” aesthetic. Our culture these days almost thrives and encourages people to do the wrong thing, something that has become part of being a millennial. The exploration of
features that are still attractive after being turned the wrong way around was the main focus for this collection, this can be seen through the use of large raw open seams, back to front plackets,
raw edges and back to front design features.
1 March 2018 Jnorig

ll Opposite Worlds

If architecture, geometry and eclecticism are the pillars of the brand, the unifying factor of Javier’s creations, and what inspires the collection presented at 080 Barcelona, is a common element of culture shock. It can also be understood as the coexistence of two cultures, without one knowing the other, sharing ornamental elements and dress.
1 March 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

London College Of Fashion MA18: Womenswear Catwalk Show

NJAL Live-Stream | Re-watch the LCFMA18 Womenswear Catwalk Show which took place on Thursday the 15th, February 2018 and live-streamed by NJAL. The show, part of LCF’s annual graduate season, features the collections of ten graduates from the MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear course. The ten designers: Leanne Callon, Jiali Lu, Feiyi Shuai, Vicky K Leung, Nina Galbé-Delord, The.Ran, Rong Xia, Dmitry Gotsfrid, June yen and Eren Hayahi.
28 February 2018 Perlensaeue

Behind the Label

Started in the dark and boring Berlin winter of 2013 as a small hobby, both designers - Nina Kharytonova & Jacob Jungenkrüger, realised soon their real potential and turned "PERLENSAEUE" into a fashion brand. While Nina originaly came from Latvia, Jacob was born and raised in Germany. Both of them are career changers, as they were working on film sets before. The label reached very soon a huge popularity in Berlin and across the country and were involved in plenty of collaborations, for example with Oliver Rath, Sophia Tomalla, Micaela Schäfer, Haftbefehl, Bushido, Papa Roach, just to name a few. Their hand crafted designs from different high class materials, like genuine leather, sterling silver & stainless steel are building a bridge between fashion, fetish and future. Some of them are really provocative and over the top, some of them are kinky or even more than visionary, but each of them transformes even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eyecatcher. The idea behind it is to create an experience you never ever want to miss again. And even if you ask yourself now: „can I wear it?“ – we promise you, once the piece touches your body, you can feel the rising self-confidence of a gallactic amazonian and enjoy the certainity of creating a trend and not following one. „PERLENSÄUE“ is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profine, ying and yang, trashy glam, trashy glam, to fully experience and express life’s every facet, that’s why we are here, and PERLENSÄUE is here to represent that. And like any philosophy, it can’T be superficial.
28 February 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Black Star: Mila by Michael Williams

In a tribute to lullaby, reflection, fear and defiance, director Michael Williams capture transgender star Mila Adderley as she reminds us of how being visible is not something we should take for granted.
27 February 2018 Clinique Vestimentaire

Ready to Tailoring

Clinique Vestimentaire, design, research and innovation studio founded in 2016 by Jeanne Vicerial & Jennifer Chambaret, "In this clinic, we take care of patient's body for clothing creation." In the consciousness of man and his anatomy, designers and researchers of clinique vestimentaire propose alternative concepts to the contemporary textile industry. With theoric, scientific and practical researches, they developed new clothing conception approaches. By combining tailor-made and ready-to-wear, they are defining a new paradigm : "ready-to-tailoring" At the beginning, Clinique Vestimentaire was born, in 2014, during the master thesis of Jeanne Vicerial "A tailor-made body" at Arts decoratifs of Paris school. This project will lead to a first clothing collection and an ongoing eponymous thesis. During that time, Jennifer Chambaret starts her work about clothes in her master thesis "Scuptural garment, a ready-to-wear's inspiration". After presenting her own collection she then works for Iris Van Herpen and Yiqing Yin. In 2016, after 6 years of common education and our mutual interest in new concepts of clothing creation research, we decided to work together and officially create our design, research and innovation studio Clinique Vestimentaire. It's here that we collaborate with passion about common problematics and give the best of ourselves in fashion design. Jeanne Vicerial is currently engaged in the mildly self-sabotaging project of creating a robot to replace herself. It’s just one of the mad-scientist fashion experiments the designer has been playing around with recently, as she attempts to reshape the laws of fashion in her laboratory-slash-studio. She focused on mimicking the anatomical structure of the human form, using strings to imitate sinews. It’s a high-tech version of couture, made in the birthplace of the practice. Most impressively of all, each piece was made from a single, 466-kilometer-long thread. She’s currently completing a Ph.D. (SACRe EnsAD - PSL Research University, Paris ). Jennifer Chambaret Clothing designer graduated from Ensad, co-founder of Clinique Vestimentaire, Jennifer got specialized in volumes research. After working for Iris van Herpen and Yiqing Yin, she elaborates now at the studio, a new cutting method, for offering adaptable size apparel. Among her researches, she also teaches at Ensad.