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25 April 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

NJAL | Connecting The Language of Luxury With Fashion’s Next Voice

Following NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel's keynote at the 2018 Condé Nast Luxury Conference in Portugal, during which he outlined how 2018 is a very different place for the luxury and fashion industry compared to 2017, and helped make sense of a changed world, and explored what this means for brands — 2,000 NJAL designers were asked to send a message to the world's luxury business leaders. Watch what a selection of them had to say!
24 May 2018 Atelier Lascari


Dresses and accessories all “Made in Milano” ensure whispered style, sophisticated making quality and smart international vision. As it is the true Milanese style.
23 May 2018 Blindeyes

Space Of My Own

When it comes to displacement, it links to refugee or moving easily. However, for myself, it is not just suitable for these situation, but most of us faces displacement. Living in Chinese society, people were taught about Confucian, culture and other Chinese philosophy when they are at school. The traditional “Si Duan” idea sought harmony between man and the universe and emphasised the individual’s ethics and morality. If people follow the belief, everyone is like family, and respect to each.
21 May 2018 Fragily


What is the dream, what I want, what I feel and who am I, I was lost myself, I was put my upset in the design to express my feeling.
18 May 2018 Abel Munoz

A sack of shoes

The collections are entirely made in Italy and focus on the highest standard of quality materials. The impeccable construction, workmanship and in-depth attention to detail is unparalleled
17 May 2018 Zarvich

Ice and Fire

Iceland, a land of extreme dualities where volcanoes and glaciers look back at each other defiantly.
16 May 2018 Elanur Erdogan


Constructing literal methods to interpret abstract ideas Elanur Erdogan presents Persephone
15 May 2018 YeonJae Kim

Life is Sweet

Happiness is largely a matter of being thankful for the small things around us, not being greedy or desiring for more.
14 May 2018 AKINGSNY

Los Angeles

Consisting of new denim silhouettes, colored velvet shirts, and travel ready luggage.
11 May 2018 Po Chieh Chiu

I'm a Traveller Wearing My Background

I describe myself as a traveler, wandering between the city where I live and my hometown, Shetou.

Ebonics for Grace Wales Bonner by Luke Clayton Thompson

This film explores menswear designer’s Grace Wales Bonner collections’ highlights, taking inspiration from black visual culture and mix couture techniques with African craft.
9 May 2018 Komashnya


Everybody is bound by fetters in the modern world... We fall into captivity of our dependencies, we need approval. We feel constrained. We don’t know how to express ourselves, we remain unheeded ... We consider ourselves freedom but we are slaves of our heard thoughts. I thought about it when I was creating this collection. Every product is created from numerous details, wrapped in rope. It symbolizes our inner tightness and lack of freedom. But you can always be free from unnecessary shackles. I left the choice for you. Take off your chains! BE FREE!
8 May 2018 The Original Gang Of Tailors


In this post-apocalyptic retro-futurism video, The Original Gang Of Tailors explores the ceremonial rites of the traditional Long-Robe or "Shenyi"as described in the ancient "Book of Rites", that dates back to 5th century BC.
7 May 2018 Brownie and Blondie

Come As You Are

Pure, modern and singular, elements that render the beauty of Brownie and Blondies Autumn Winter collection; a smart aesthetic defined by urban modernity. The entire collection is fused with an allay elegance attitude that matches parallels the mood of the 21st-century city life and offers an alternative to the globalization and standardization in fashion.
4 May 2018 Zarvich

Ice and Fire

This season we look at Iceland, a land of extreme dualities where volcanoes and glaciers look back at each other defiantly.
3 May 2018 Karine Fouvry

Sophisticated Silk

Silk or Linen Kaftans and Kimonos, using Brazilian traditional embroidery techniques, French crochet and vibrant prints. These exclusive timeless pieces are fluid, sensual and versatile, perfect for day to night looks.
1 May 2018 Katherine Jacobson

Arrival of The Birds

Celebrating the beauty of human connection through an exploration of textile manipulations including fusing, tying, linking, layering, looping, and wrapping.
30 April 2018 Jenn Lee

入圍 Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 影展

Re-projecting Taiwan’s golden 90's street, weaving its visual content with different materials. Bulk amount of collage and montage, avoiding any plans, probes courage and creative through [randomness] and [coincidental]. The work also alludes to ideas of freedom, describing everyday life, photos, symbols, advertisements etcetera; bringing us back to the clash of culture between Japan and A
27 April 2018 Mortāsh


Playing confidently as a menswear fashion brand in Lithuania. Mannered, concrete, it’s confirmed. Today’s mode is you. No more instructions what to be. Just go & rock your day. Or not. Whatever you decide.
26 April 2018 Hagop Shahinan


Telling the story of Sasha ... the girl who lost her love because of the war and she starts searching for it again.