Fashion Films

Short Films, Catwalk Shows, & Behind The Scenes Footage From NJAL Designers
14 April 2015 NJAL

On|Off Walkabout Projection

A scintillating visual by On|Off made using a compact hand held projector
10 April 2015 VANN KWOK

Out Of Flux

A film by Anafelle Ka Wah Liu
8 April 2015 THE NJAL TEAM

IFFTI 2015 - Momenting the Memento

Linda Loppa's curated IFFTI 2015 conference looks to design the future of fashion


A conceptual fillm about the new Flua collection
7 April 2015 KOSTUME


It is a purist, unique, wearable, elegant and daring style
7 April 2015 Mamut

Skin & Bones

Monochromatic masterpiece directed by Santa Forteza & Imanol Castro
7 April 2015 Mamut


Short but sharp visuals directed by Santa Forteza & Imanol Castro
7 April 2015 Phoebe Heess

Dark Matter

Dark Matter, It's undetectable, but nevertheless it is the strongest element of our universe.


A short film directed by Anne Weigel Clothing by Antoniya Ivanova
2 April 2015 Collar Swimwear


Captured by the tides of Collar Swimwear
2 April 2015 NJAL

Sand People | What happens to those left behind ?

"What happens to those left behind?", film by Andreas Waldschuetz
1 April 2015 VENIA

Fractured Dystopia

Fractured Dystopia tells the story of a heroine who undergoes her transformation
1 April 2015 Eilisain Jewelry

Brigid Bridal Collection

For lovers & dreamers. The part in all of us that believes in everlasting love
31 March 2015 LOUISE MANNA

Jewellery Of The Future

A deeper purpose is born as form meets function in jewellery
30 March 2015 platy

One & Only

The equation is sport + style + elegance + agressive female guard = Platy
30 March 2015 NO FIXED ABODE


We got kicked out of Carnaby Street, for dancing... unbelieveable.
28 March 2015 NJAL

Eyes On Ukraine

NJAL’s latest trip to Ukraine comes exactly one year after conflict reached its peak.
27 March 2015 Paviljons

The Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is Paviljons' fall winter offering
27 March 2015 HEMYCA


Decrypt encapsulates the concept of decoding and questions how the human brain processes messages
27 March 2015 HEMYCA

Digital Skin

Digital Skin explores a woman's relationship with technology