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Short Films, Catwalk Shows, & Behind The Scenes Footage From NJAL Designers
20 February 2018 Oyster Footwear

The Voyage Collection

From Graphic to Footwear Designer, Aoyce is based on graphic designer working for Digital Agency for 5 years then she turn in to Footwear field emerging Oyster Footwear which is got the inspiration of infusing contemporary and minimalistic designs into our accessories, turning them into pieces of art. Hence, Oyster Footwear came up with "The Arch collection". All our products are handcrafted using clean cut technique and finishing with well made brass logos.
17 February 2018 Kristina Gussakova

The Gold Key

I'm not just a fashion designer, I'm interested in all the facets of the fashion world including Styling, Fashion Films and Photography. My idea is playing with fashion with a non-stop flow of colors, textures and shapes to wear daily, with a proud behavior in the streets of the city
16 February 2018 Camille Côté

The Original

Camille Côté invented her best seller hat *The Original* following a manipulation mistake in her workshop during a wake full night. *The Original* is a cropped hat with an elastic integrated at the back
15 February 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Bring Me Down by Alexan Sarikamichian

A melancholic young woman goes through a breakup. In order to drown her sorrows, she gets together with a group of friends who take her on a magical journey to relive her memories with her boyfriend, where she experiences the strongest feelings of a relationship.
14 February 2018 Maria/Maleta

With friends

We decided to invite our friends to be part of our new editorial, we love it and we have to say that they did pretty well. Maria/Maleta was founded by two best friends and always tried to express the importance of Friendship. Now we do this through a capsule collection presented by the family that we choose, we celebrate what makes our days more memorable, the friendship
14 February 2018 Eun Byul Kim


The film for Eun Byul Kim’s collection “Multiplayer” was born out of thinking of the garments as the materialization of the geometry a composer’s arms trace in leading an orchestra. Both the models’ bodies and the garments they wear move as if to materialize the invisible landscape of a song. This lends the video a sensuality that comes in the models imagining each garment as a note the body moves to. Such sensuality is compounded with uneasiness. The vectors of the outdated tools that the models press to their bodies and the queasy movement of the camera unnerve in a way similar to that of the violinist whose bow could at any moment slip.
13 February 2018 Magda Abdel Hafith

Le Monde est à V̸Nous

A meeting between traditional classic dresses, typical of the Western world, and less conventional teen casual garments. The two different kinds of material and structural details speak to each other, creating a new transition balance oriented towards a more mature and aware clothing. All the garments present a basic ambiguity: on one hand there's the formal iconic male coat and on the other we find, at one time, elements exposing immaturity and transgression. Following the cultural underground trends' evolution over times, the reference codes' retake of all the evaluated keywords goes through a clean-up operation from the charge of meanings and a product-aimed aestheticization.

MA thesis // fashion film // capsule collection by Magda Abdel Hafith
Directed by_ Se Bap
Editing by_ Alessandra Cernic
Music by_ CW/A
Models_ Andrea Caramel, Enrico Cestaro, Enrico Manganaro, Nicola Bottacin
Special thanks to_ Phobic Club, Spazio Aereo
12 February 2018 Obscure Rebellion


Obscure Rebellion IS founded by Malita Harradine and Mignonne Dekyem. The new enterprise exploits their background in fashion design by focusing on fabrics, manipulation of fabrics and introducing key silhouette in to women's ready to wear. The philosophy behind Obscure Rebellion is primarily centred around the ideology of womanhood. Through the dissection and examination of prominent and influential women throughout history. Obscure rebellion embraces a woman's strength, relishes in her sexuality and applauds her feminine charm. We aim to create clothing which go beyond the realms of superficiality and rather creates a platform where women are empowered and truly free to not only explore but to also show off ones true self.
9 February 2018 J.JUNG


J.JUNG is womenswear designer based in London and South Korea. Her works focus on silhouette which reflects her sculptural background. With 3 years working experience as a designer in the KUHO womenswear division of the Samsung Industries in Korea, she moved to London to aim international opportunities. And she finished womenswear MA course in LCF in 2017. This brand  is London based womenswear label and pursues elegant aesthetic. The most important characteristics in her design philosophy is textile and structural silhouette, mixing a range of unexpected materials to create wearable silhouettes. J.Jung often designs in a way to emphasise feminine features and uses volume factors to reveal body aesthetics
8 February 2018 Gösta von Platen

Materia Wound

Collection video for Gösta von Platen's graduate collection Bodily Encounter / Materia Wound. Seeking a bodily encounter with our material world. It is a smooth space yet in constant movement, as a liquid pouring out of an emerging hole. Sensational as well as sexual, as a wound which does not heal yet does not bother you.
7 February 2018 Nina Athanasiou


Aterius is a story all about Albino-Topmodel Shaun Ross. It is about the inner conflict, switching from the dark side of captivity in the inner prison of self-doubt and hate to the bright side of confidence, self-love, and acceptance over and over again. Through the soliloquy of this journey, he end's up with the insight of his inner strength and power to decide who and which version of his own he wants to be.
5 February 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Wide Open by Dom & Nic

In this one-shot video capturing Ex Machina actress Sonoya Mizuno, we follow her as she moves through an open space slowly transforming herself into a synthetic version of herself
4 February 2018 Christopher Waller


Peckham based designer, Christopher Waller, creates beautiful, contemporary womenswear and accessories inspired by the effortless structure of sportswear and everyday objects. A combination of luxurious fabrics, colour blocking and considered prints, creates a collection fit for any modern woman to take her wardrobe from work to cocktails. All of Christopher Waller's collections are handmade in Como, Italy or Bologna, Italy out of the finest locally sourced materials.
2 February 2018 BYSJU


The new collection of headwear represents a fresh direction in headwear design. Inspired by the traditional hat shape, combining the light wool felt - symptomatic to the signature SHAPES Collection - and rough textile, VERGE brings a new dimension to the headwear scene.
1 February 2018 The Original Gang Of Tailors

1st & 15th

The Original Gang Of Tailors continues to explore the dualism of yin and yang within the oriental masculinity, in the form of "Wen (cultural attainment)" and "Wu (Martial Prowess)". SS18 collection moves towards oriental minimalism. The jackets have unconstructed shoulder, unlined body and unfolded lapel. The softness and fluidity of the garments are realized in traditional Chinese fabrics such as linen, Hangzhou silk gauze and tea silk.
Please stay tuned for the upcoming FW18 collection.
30 January 2018 Nina Athanasiou

Fashion Junkies

German Designer, Nina Athanasiou unveils her latest fashion-short “Fashion Junkies,” starring Melanie Gaydos, Elliot Sailors, Adam Santos-Coy, Alvin Scott Barnhill, Diandra Forrest, Shaun Ross, James Gallagher, Brett David and Illmatic Scream. “Fashion Junkies” cast wears Athanasiou´s unique style in the dark and mysterious setting of drug addicts. Desperately stumbling through New York´s shabby locations they search for their next fashion fix. Finally they find redemption in Athanasiou´s creations. Shot in New York, the film catches the city´s corrosive beauty and underlines it with Alvin Scott Barnhill´s dark, edgy music.
28 January 2018 Hana Frisonsova

The True Adventurer

Creative collaboration between fashion designer HANA FRISONSOVA and graphic studio Creative Nights, inspired by space exploration and utopian attempts at reaching outer worlds. Wearable garments reflect our vision of a true adventurer living in the modern world – beyond gender, age or size
28 January 2018 Blindeyes

Space Of My Own

When it comes to displacement, it links to refugee or moving easily. However, for myself, it is not just suitable for these situation, but most of us faces displacement. Living in Chinese society, people were taught about Confucian, culture and other Chinese philosophy when they are at school.
26 January 2018 Ivana Vorguca


Inspired by traditional children’s games I have based my research on a well-known game with a rope, which was popularized in the 80s of the last century in the children's TV show Kolariću Paniću in Serbia
24 January 2018 THE NJAL TEAM

Duit ft. Jesse Boykins III - All the People by Krzysztof Grajper

Set against the world-famous white Marble Quarries of Carrera, All the People is the first music video from electronic music producer Duit’s debut album.