Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 6

"I wanted to show content that made us a question what it meant to be a man and how that affected our relationships and bonds. Specifically, I felt necessary to share how the struggle we endure through love does not change in relation to our sexual orientation." - NJAL's fashion film curator, Niccolò Montanari

From the young and almost innocent view of love present in Citrus & Moan and Summer of Love to the emotionally charged shots of Atriums and Odyssey, the artists behind these productions show a side to male relationships and identity often overlooked in media. We have come a long way in having the freedom to express who we are, who we love and how we do it. However, now more than ever, we should remember to continue to defend these values for those who are still fighting.

More is More by Alexis Boling

In a collaboration with Alexis Boling of Harmonium Films, makeup artist Rolly Robinson shares his view of the world through the way he dresses in this short documentary.

Citrus & Moan by Ryker Allen

19-year-old Ryker Allen’s Citrus & Moan reflects on past relationships and moments through pastel visuals and a poetic recount of his view of love.

Jay Boogie - Lady by Edmund Fraser

Director Edmund Fraser worked together with Rapper Jap Boogie to deliver a fashion-forward music video for Lady. The track, produced by L-vis 1990, stands for demanding respect and defying stereotypes.

A little life - Lukas Neo by Babis Petridis

The film presents Lukas Neo’s debut collection State of Mine. The designer gives shape to his struggle in trying to balance feminine sensibility with society’s ideal of masculinity.

Mykki Blanco featuring Woodkid - High School never Ends by Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert’s take on Romeo & Juliet tells us about of forbidden relations, homophobia and violence. The film doesn’t directly comment on orientation or race, but rather focuses on the ideas of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

Albert Reith #standforsomething by Naomi Akvama and Tom McKenzie

This video was part of Naomi Akvama and Tom McKenzie's bachelor’s project at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The aim was to promote diversity and decreasing prejudice among youth in Copenhagen.

Atriums - Charcoal by James Lawes

This beautiful piece of narrative content explores the notion of masculinity through the life of a young man as he learns about adulthood and intimacy.

Summer of Love - i-D by Leo Adef

Telling the story of two young lovers in Barcelona, director Leo Adef looks into how the two fell in love and got to know each other in the digital era.

Virile by The Blaze

Virile, produced by Bromance Records, blurs the lines between love and friendship. The video digs into the relationship between two men, exploring a different side to male closeness.

Odyssey - A short film for A.P.C. by Adrien Cothier

Inspired by the debut collection from Louis W. for A.P.C, Odyssey uses Godard’s Contempt as a starting point to tell a modern love story.