26 May 2015 Designer Focus Sound of the Studio: Collar Swimwear NJAL continues to pay homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music. Today, Collar Swimwear soundtrack’s NJAL’s Sound of the Studio. Collar draws inspiration from an abstract
25 May 2015 NJAL Projects The Aquatic Essentials As the city heats up, and allergies kick in–the beach or pretty much any body of water is where you’ll find urbanites flocking to in droves. Whether you’re playing beach volley-ball or doing a
27 May 2015 Competitions The Future of Fashion Program 2015 NJAL is proud to once again present The Future of Fashion Program in collaboration with Who's Next and Premiere Classe in Paris, following the phenomenal success of its last edition. The coming
22 May 2015 NJAL Projects The Social Symbology of Swimwear This week, NJAL hones focus on the social symbology of swimwear as a cursor for historical change in fashion and beyond. With summer in eye-shot, it's time to start thinking about this season
21 May 2015 NJAL Projects Cohesive Contrasts Today’s edit of The NJAL Shop pays homage to spring-to-summer transitional pieces all within a crucial trend terminology. NJAL has applied a critical lens to the widest scope of fashion output,
22 May 2015 Industry NJAL's Own Marques'Almeida Wins the LVMH Prize It’s official! NJAL’s own Marques’Almedia have been awarded the prestigious LVMH Prize 2015. With a global community of 18,000 designers, it's no wonder that NJAL's force at large is
22 May 2015 Industry NJAL's LVMH Prize 2015 Finalists With a global community of 18,000 designers, it's no wonder that NJAL's force at large is constantly bestowed with some of the industry’s most prestigious accolades at any given time. Ahead
21 May 2015 Industry Zac Posen Announceed as Patron for Dft Award NJAL is pleased to announce Zac Posen as the new Patron of the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” by Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf and its online shop Fashion ID. In a long-standing
17 May 2015 NJAL Projects #OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Two As Origin, Passion and Beliefs finally unfolds into action this weekend in Vicenza, Italy–NJAL is visually documenting all the electric activity at the world’s biggest event for creativity and
16 May 2015 NJAL Projects #OPB15 Visual Diary: Day One As Origin, Passion and Beliefs finally unfolds into action this weekend in Vicenza, Italy–NJAL is visually documenting all the electric activity at the world’s biggest event for creativity and
16 May 2015 The Conversation Sara Maino Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) 2015 isn't just about connecting NJAL's global design community with Italy's most distinguished manufacturers. It's as much about cultivating an
12 May 2015 Designer Focus Nixi Killick A self-professed imagineer, Nixi Killick has been whipping a crayola cocktail of acidic hues with firm form and function for quite some time and it’s an enduring aesthetic that’s earned her accolades
11 May 2015 Designer Focus Manufacturer Focus: P&C P. & C. was founded by the two Giaquinto brothers Paolo and Claudio, and relies on the guidance of their father Gennaro. The Giaquinto family embodies the best Italian traditions for crafting the
11 May 2015 Designer Focus Matter Matters Today, it's the turn of #Origin100 designer Flora Leung of Matter Matters to lift the lid on her interdisciplinary design practice ahead of this year’s Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) in
7 May 2015 NJAL Projects The #OriginFair Shop Edit: Stone and Leather In the run-up to Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB), NJAL is spotlighting the 100 designers that will descend on Vicenza, Italy from every corner of the world to participate in the most innovative
6 May 2015 Designer Focus A Moodboard Moment: YVY YVY is synonymous with painstakingly selected materials and highly considered quality throughout the entire process of crafting leather creations defined by a seductive sensibility. As Origin,
6 May 2015 NJAL Projects The #OriginFair Edit: Tech and Textiles In the run-up to Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB), NJAL is spotlighting the 100 designers that will descend on Vicenza, Italy from every corner of the world to participate in the most innovative
5 May 2015 NJAL Projects The #Origin100 Designers Meet the 100 designers jetting in from all corners of the world to participate at NJAL's Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB). The project is returning for the second time, in collaboration with the
4 May 2015 Horizon NJAL's May Culture Edit NJAL becomes your cultural compass this May, with an expertly curated to-do list of global proportions. NJAL’s design community spans five continents, so it’s the perfect place to fill your diary
27 April 2015 Designer Focus Manufacturer Focus: EllBj Lui and Lei are the ‘him and her’ duo behind the Italy-based manufacturer EllBj who will head to NJAL’s Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) this year. OPB is the world’s only trade fair in the world to
28 April 2015 Designer Focus The East Asia Edit As part of NJAL's Tokyo Takeover, this week's Shop Edit spotlights the best of NJAL's East Asian talent. This expertly curated edit singles out statements pieces with an eastern
23 April 2015 Horizon Japan's New Guard There’s a new aesthetic moment being pioneered by young and promising photographers in Japan today. They’re active in publishing zines and collections independently, participating in art fairs
22 April 2015 Designer Focus Sound Of The Studio: Study NY The auditory faculty demands just as much stimulation as the visual senses; so let NJAL’s design talent provide the aural stimulation. Today, #OriginFair designer Study NY is the latest designer to
23 April 2015 NJAL Projects The Ethical Edit Trying to find eco-friendly, locally produced clothing, that’s also timeless and considered in design is a modern day conundrum. In today’s edit, NJAL spotlights the global pool of design talent who
22 April 2015 Designer Focus Swete When it comes to promoting sustainable fashion, and a broader fashion revolution across the industry–hashtag activism has its part to play in creating buzz, exposure and educating the masses. Yet,
21 April 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL Reveals the 100 Origin Fair Designers NJAL's Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) project returns for the second time, in collaboration with the Fiera Di Vicenza. From 15th–18th May 2015, OPB will be the only trade fair in the world to
21 April 2015 Essay FashionPhilosophy Poland Autumn/Winter 2015 “There’s always a fashion week somewhere” is the age-old NJAL dictum when the team ambles the globe to unearth design talent. This past week, NJAL’s Online Editor took to Łódź, Poland for Fashion
20 April 2015 NJAL Projects A Fresh Forecast Shop this week’s Edit of The NJAL Shop for a curated crop of crystalline and crisp looks for your sartorial reinvention this season. Ranging from strictly sleek silhouettes, avant-garde accessories
13 April 2015 Essay The Future of Fashion Forecasting Following NJAL’s conversation with trend watching icon Li Edelkoort, NJAL taps a trend forecaster at work to analyse the future of forecasting and scrutinise both its relevance and future in today’s
13 April 2015 Designer Focus Omtura Meet Anton Edelshtein of OMTURA whose industrial textured bags fuse underrated artistry with innovative, geometric shapes. The Tel-Aviv based label crafts leather accessories defined by industrialist
11 April 2015 NJAL Projects Logo-A-Go-Go NJAL embraces the single eye of symbolism with a considered curation of The NJAL Shop. The last few seasons have seen the epic return of monogrammed madness in high fashion, and consumer’s
10 April 2015 NJAL Projects Editor's Picks: The Menswear Recommendations NJAL’s Online Editor offers some sage sartorial advice this spring with menswear recommendations from The NJAL Shop. From ambitious diversions from convention and genre, to decorous items every man
10 April 2015 The Conversation Talking Trends With Li Edelkoort The trend forecasting industry remains a relatively new phenomenon and the now unloveable terms ‘trendsetter’ and ‘trendy’ were not even coined until 1960 and 1962 respectively. Despite its infancy,
9 April 2015 Essay One Last Look: NJAL Meets d3 Today, NJAL reflects on its defining moment in Dubai this past week, where the digital fashion platform made its physical debut in the Middle East with an immersive-experience pavilion at Meet d3–the
8 April 2015 NJAL Projects The NJAL Mixtape: April 2015 The auditory faculty demands just as much stimulation as the visual senses, so let NJAL provide the aural inspiration this month. NJAL draws on its power for deft curation and pays homage to the
7 April 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL's April Culture Edit NJAL becomes your cultural compass this April, and springs into step to bring you a carefully curated cultural guide. Fill your diary and let your calendar bloom with NJAL’s edit of everything to
2 April 2015 The Conversation Bradley Zero NJAL waxes lyrical with Bradley Zero–host of the iconic Boiler Room and founder of Rhythm Section on the stratospheric shifts within musical culture catalysed by the internet, a fervent love for the
3 April 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL's Opening Night at Meet d3 Last night, NJAL made its physical debut in the Middle East with the opening of its immersive-experience sensorium at Dubai Design District's Meet d3 event. With over 2,500 guests pouring into
2 April 2015 The Conversation Tala Samman Meet the Middle-Eastern fashion impresario whose personal style diary exploded into a global lifestyle destination celebrating beauty, style, food, culture and travel overnight. To celebrates NJAL’s
1 April 2015 Designer Focus Morphing Design with Bint Thani A body-centric approach to 3D printing is advocated by Bint Thani, as the esteemed Dubai-based designer gears up to unveil the first ever 3D-printed dress to be made in Dubai at NJAL's multi-
27 March 2015 Essay Eyes on Ukraine As conflict in Ukraine peaked last year, fashion was weaponised and designers bravely translated their political motivations to the catwalk. When the rest of the world’s fashion press avoided the war
23 March 2015 A Letter From Doing Fashion Paper No.5 – Editors Letter To celebrate NJAL’s exclusive live-stream of The Institute of Fashion Design Basel’s Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET–Andrea Sommer, Editor in Chief of
20 March 2015 Designer Focus Wuethrichfuerst NJAL will be exclusively live-streaming Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET. To celebrate Basel’s centre for deeply committed fashion, some of its
20 March 2015 Designer Focus MarcoZwick NJAL will be exclusively live-streaming Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET. To celebrate Basel’s centre for deeply committed fashion, some of its
20 March 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL Meets d3 NOT JUST A LABEL is set to launch an immersive, fashion hub at Dubai Design District's specially commissioned launch event titled 'Meet d3'. In celebration of Dubai’s rich array of
19 March 2015 Designer Focus Luca Xavier Tanner NJAL will be exclusively live-streaming Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET. To celebrate Basel’s centre for deeply committed fashion, some of its
18 March 2015 NJAL Projects A Matter of Morphology Both fashion and architecture express ideas of personal, social and cultural identity, reflecting the concerns of the human body and the ambition of the age. Both disciplines serve the body–to
16 March 2015 Horizon A Printed Matter #2 Reports on the death of print seem to be greatly exaggerated when you're constantly flummoxed by a wall of obscure art and fashion publications on every newsstand. The indie print resurgence is
17 March 2015 The Conversation NJAL Meets MISS Mag MISS is the global platform that celebrates amazing women across the creative industries, and is founded by Mary Wang and Vere van Gool. It’s about promoting female talent, in a world where
11 March 2015 NJAL Projects A Cinematic Expression NJAL applies this week's thematic focus of cinematic style to the NJAL Shop. From boundless extravagance to sumptuous, adoring details—every look is silver screen worthy and a far cry from the
9 March 2015 NJAL Projects The Best of NJAL's Fashion Films NJAL has long believed in the power of showing the entire creative process–from conception to completion, and pioneering the medium of fashion film is a way to combine these elements, and bring
5 March 2015 Designer Focus Moodboard Monday: Cres. E Dim. NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. Today, it’s an examination of the special relationship between music and fashion, to question how
4 March 2015 NJAL Projects A Sonic Edge Music and fashion have long cross-pollinated to cultivate and push forward some of the most enduring icons of contemporary pop-culture. Think of yesteryear’s Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry and David
2 March 2015 Designer Focus Sound of the Studio: Homo Consommatus This week, NJAL pays homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music. In the second instalment of NJAL’s latest editorial feature ‘Sound of the Studio’—Homo Consommatus draws
2 March 2015 The Conversation Five Minutes with BEAT Magazine's Hanna Hanra This week, NJAL is treading the fine line between music and fashion, and it's an apt moment to catch up with Editor/DJ/Journalist and all-round musical maestro Hanna Hanra. She’s DJed around the
27 February 2015 Designer Focus Klekko Distilling the details of a mathematical mythology realises clothing with a focus on structure. Coherency, consistency and continuity sits at the crux of Klekko's aesthetic, trimmed with a
26 February 2015 Designer Focus Moodboard Monday: Fien Ploeger Born in 1988 in Alkamar, Fien Ploeger is a graduate in Fashion Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Fien’s graduate collection ‘Full-Blown’ explores the concept of hyper-reality in
25 February 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL Shop Guest Edit: Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics In an ongoing focus on all things intelligently clean and simple, NJAL pays homage to ice-white hues and monochromatic minimalism in an extra special curation of the NJAL Shop by none other than
19 February 2015 NJAL Projects NJAL's White Week X Ivania Carpio Amidst the noise of the global fashion week calendar, it’s an apt moment for a palette cleanser. This week, NJAL pays homage to ice-white hues and monochromatic minimalism in an extra special
24 February 2015 Designer Focus A Moodboard Moment with JS This week, NJAL turns to spotlighting designers shaking up monochromatic minimalism by finding the liberating qualities of aesthetic restriction. Meet Julia Skergeth, the multi-talented visual artist
20 February 2015 Competitions NJAL Reveals the Shortlist for the 2015 LVMH Prize NJAL is pleased to announce the next stage in finding the 2015 LVMH Prize Winner. Six of NJAL's designers have made the shortlist for the second annual LVMH Prize, the winner of which will
16 February 2015 Designer Focus Scottacus Anthony Ahead of tonight's LCF MA15 Womenswear live-stream (19.30 GMT), NJAL catch-up with Scottacus Anthony—one of the showcased designers in the catwalk show and delve deep into his research-heavy
17 February 2015 Designer Focus Chromat at New York Fashion Week For their Autumn Winter 2015 collection, Chromat present a futurist vision of femininity, anchored by daringly diverse dominatrixes, and complete with 3D printed chokers, lashings of latex and and
13 February 2015 NJAL Projects Ch-Talents: Visionaries Exhibition—showcasing Emerging Swiss Fashion 'Doing Fashion: A Call for Action' presents four of their graduate designer's collections as part of an exhibition showcase at Display Gallery in London. In collaboration with the
11 February 2015 NJAL Projects Tactile, Textured Textiles Today’s fashion forecast juxtaposes all things rough with smooth. Real life textures are those that we can touch and feel, and most viscerally when applied to fashion garments. From sumptuous
10 September 2012 A Letter From N.Y. Fashion Week Below the Center With New York Fashion Autumn Winter 2015 in full-swing, NJAL revisit a critical analysis of the revered platform.
9 February 2015 Designer Focus Sound of the Studio: Onar In NJAL’s ‘Sound of the Studio’, designers curate a mixtape of music that bolster the design process. Today, Irene Kostas of ONAR stimulates the auditory faculty with a predictably scattershot
5 February 2015 NJAL Projects A Material Methodology In NJAL’s continued focus on all things artefactual, fashion is considered as a reflection of social behaviour. To define an artefact in the context of fashion is to consider a post-modern metaphor,
4 February 2015 The Conversation Le Creative Sweatshop LCS is a creative studio based in Paris exploring the interplay between the physical and digital. Founded by Julien Morin and Mathieu Missiaen in 2009, the pair is committed to creativity from
29 January 2015 Designer Focus Monday Moodboard: Omtura Every Monday, NJAL will look at what designers have been referring to these past few months with a selection of inspired mood boards, to unravel the winding journey of creative process. Today, delve
29 January 2015 NJAL Projects The Monochrome Movement NJAL take on the staying power of the latest media-perpetuated style phenomenon that is ‘Health Goth’ with a playful curation of the NJAL shop. It's everything that falls into the sartorial
22 January 2015 Essay Body of Expression Sass Brown considers the body as an extraordinary site of artistic exploration, spotlighting the work of Eliza Bennett, David Cata, and Casey Jenkins, all artists pouring blood, sweat and tears into
28 January 2015 The Conversation Matthew Linde: Centre for Style Meet Matthew Linde–curator, maximalist, bonafide fashion connoisseur of a networked digital age and the driving force behind Centre for Style–a digital platform for fashion practitioners with a
26 January 2015 Designer Focus Onar Irene Kostas is the design force behind Onar–the Helsinki-based, sustainable fashion label reanimating ethical fur, leather and knitwear with one finger on the cultural pulse and every other
26 January 2015 A Letter From NJAL Travel Diary: A Postcard from Paris In NJAL Travels, the team share moments from their latest global jaunts. This time around, NJAL's Rob shares snaps from the fashion behemoth that is Paris, where he explored Tranoi–the
Royal College of Art, Work In Progress, Zowie Broach
21 January 2015 Industry Royal College of Art's Work In Progress Show Royal College of Art opens the doors to its studios for The School of Material’s Work in Progress show, on view until 25th January 2015. NJAL reflects on an opening evening that inspired and
19 January 2015 Essay A Techno-Fashion Future Make no mistake, wearable tech is ready to break free from the genre of ugly that's held it captive for far too long. More recently, there's been a holistic morphing of technology and
15 January 2015 Competitions The Abury Design Experience NJAL have teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar Germany to present a unique open call for emerging design talent to preserve world crafts and culture. The Abury Design Experience calls on designers to
15 January 2015 Designer Focus Litkovskaya NJAL's stable of Ukrainian designers includes Lilia Litkovskaya who launched her namesake label Litkovskaya in 2009 and has since risen to dizzying global acclaim. Her brand focuses on “
15 January 2015 NJAL Projects The NJAL Menswear Edit Following a boundary-breaking London Collections:Men and the fearlessly Florentine Pitti Uomo, the menswear fashion relay continues on to Milan. To celebrate menswear's mammoth moment on the
Ringstrassen Designer Award 2015
7 January 2015 Competitions Ringstrassen-Galerien Designer Award 2015 NJAL announce the return of the Ringstrassen-Galerien Designer Award for 2015. Now in its 12th year, Austria's most celebrated fashion award is accepting submissions from emerging design talent
13 January 2015 Horizon Guy Bourdin: Image Maker Delve into the scintillating visual world of fashion provocateur Guy Bourdin where subversion, surrealism and sex interplay. NJAL review ‘Image Maker’–the blockbuster show currently on view at London
12 January 2015 Designer Focus Sadie Clayton Sadie Clayton’s penchant for copper has become an enduring aesthetic signature. It’s a metallic melting pot of industrial details and sculpturally inspired elements that transcends avant-garde to
9 January 2015 Horizon Make Do and Mend In NJAL's latest editorial collaboration, Sass Brown, the Acting Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, returns to her regular ethical
7 January 2015 NJAL Projects New Year, New Style With success in mind, we tapped a few of our favourite designers to offer up their mission for self-improvement this year. Read through the list below to find out what resolutions our designers are
5 January 2015 Designer Focus Sarah Hellen Ahead of her debut showcase at London Collections: Men Designer Showrooms this week, Sarah Hellen–the breakout star of last year's MA Fashion cohort from Kingston University–lifts the lid on her
12 December 2014 NJAL Projects The NJAL Wishlist Dear Santa, the team here at NJAL have been working incredibly hard this year in supporting exciting, new design talent. While we’ve been busy helping you find all the perfect gifts to give this
10 December 2014 NJAL Projects The NJAL Jewellery Box Jewellery is a failsafe way to make a serious impression this Christmas. Stay a hand, neck and arm ahead of the game with NJAL’s Top 10 Jewellery edit; from elegant, statement-making pieces to
Applause Music Video Still
14 August 2013 Essay The Status of Fashion Film Fashion is a visual medium that is forever seeking out new channels in which to communicate its message — some may say that it is even becoming a tool to be recognised as equal to fashion photography
2 December 2014 The Conversation Adriano Goldschmied Often dubbed the “God-father of denim” and billed as the architect behind the rise of premium denim, Adriano Goldschmied has carved out a 35 year career as overlord of all things jean
2 December 2014 Designer Focus Robert Kalinkin Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin has travelled an illustrious journey; from set design for a whole host of films and styling celebrities through to commanding his own fashion house. The results of
25 November 2014 Industry Fashion Weeks: A moving show NJAL's Louisa McKenzie explores the moving show that is Fashion. Markets appear to be drawing events from their obvious bases, with countries no longer rigidly dictating the location of fashion
Angora: An Argument for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
24 November 2014 Horizon Angora: An Argument for the Ethical Treatment of Animals In NJAL's newest editorial collaboration, Sass Brown, the Acting Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, will be writing a regular
20 November 2014 Horizon Beauty Beyond Colours Fashion and beauty; notions forever intertwined, scrutinised and complicated. With fresh faces challenging the norm, NJAL's Ophelia Wu explores the current tipping point in fashion and the media
Tamás Király
18 November 2014 A Letter From Budapest: Tamás Király and the Hungarian fashion revolution NJAL contributing editor Noemi Varga shines a spotlight on the past of Hungarian fashion, exploring the changes in the industry following the fall of the Berlin wall and the 'Iron Curtain
Fashion and Instagram: Friend, or foe?
11 November 2014 Industry Fashion and Instagram: Best of Friends? Instagram is loved by millions; it offers accessibility, interaction, and a sense of instant creativity. But in the world of fashion, does it risk exposing too much? Are we becoming desensitised to
Designer Focus Jacob Birge
10 November 2014 Designer Focus Jacob Birge NJAL speaks exclusively to polymath designer and Project Runway Poland 2014 winnerJacob Birge, delving into his design ethos, scientific education and unexpected inspirations.
4 November 2014 Competitions Origin Passion & Beliefs: Calling all Designers 2015 Harnessing the momentum of 2014's Origin Passion and Beliefs project, NJAL will build upon the incredible experiences, insights and connections made. We are calling our designers to again take
30 October 2014 Designer Focus Richard Malone Exciting new name Richard Malone speaks exclusively to NJAL, discussing his inherent appetite for hard-graft.
21 October 2014 Industry The Future is Now Would you wear a dress made from cellulose grown from a sustainable-fashion lab? You might just get the chance to. Contributing Editor Tania Rufus discusses the exciting prospects for future fashion
17 October 2014 Horizon Fashion and protest; where is the call to arms? Protest; by nature, a passionate demonstration taking myriad forms, defiantly demonstrating against — or to highlight — burning issues.
NJAL Designer Patrik Guggenberger
9 October 2014 Designer Focus Patrik Guggenberger
23 October 2014 Horizon Anthropomorphic Fashion Images of pint-sized pets paraded around by pampered, platinum-blonde heiresses were a staple sight in the early two-thousands...
17 September 2014 Industry An Open Letter from an Emerging Designer In a candid open letter, Artsi Ifrach, the Marrakech-based designer behind NJAL label Art/C shares his experiences, opinions and thoughts on the fashion industry
20 October 2014 Designer Focus 5:AM Shoes NJAL speaks to Laura Basterra of 5AM Shoes, discussing Mediterranean inspiration, sustainability and much more...
13 October 2014 Essay I don't want to go to heaven... I want to be a Harajuku girl From the Kimono, the Geisha, through to Harajuku culture, Japan holds an exciting array of historical fashion points. Contributing editor Mariana Tsolova explores the burgeoning Harajuku landscape...
3 October 2014 A Letter From A Creative Renaissance in Medellín Founder Stefan Siegel travels across the world to help emerging designers in the Colombian capital of Medellín. From visiting local universities to experiencing the diverse rural and urban landscape
Antti Peltoniemi
2 September 2014 Designer Focus Antti Peltoniemi This year Finnish designer Antti Peltoniemi drew the world’s eyes towards the fashion scene in his home country
10 September 2014 Horizon Scotland's Independent Style: The Kilt Next Thursday, Scotland will vote on whether or not it becomes an independent country outside of the United Kingdom
Sade English
14 August 2014 Designer Focus Sade English Sade English creates clothing that lets its wearer show their inner self on the outside
25 September 2014 Competitions Emerging Designers Competition 2015 L&Co., an industry-wide known brand engagement company, and the Accessories Council, the only non-profit organization dedicated to serving the accessories industry, have joined forces to launch
NJAL Designer Michelle Lowe Holder
19 August 2014 Designer Focus Michelle Lowe-Holder Accessories designer Michelle Lowe-Holder translates heritage handicrafts into modern statement accessories infused with the mystery of historical costume
NJAL Designer Orange Culture
15 August 2014 A Letter From The Sleeping Giant: Nigeria’s Flourishing Fashion Industry Though it is more commonly known for its oil riches, Nigeria is gaining a reputation as a creative hotspot
Paul Smith
13 August 2014 Industry Inherited Heritage: What Makes a Brand ‘British’? In France, the term ‘haute couture’ is protected by law, and designers must earn their right to title their goods as such. Should the same be true for brands claiming to be ‘British’? NJAL speaks to
18 September 2014 Competitions Saul Bell Design Award Competition 2015 Recognizing distinction in jewelry design through the Saul Bell Design Award, Rio Grande has opened the call for entries for its 2015 competition
7 May 2011 Essay The Slow Fashion Movement Slow Fashion is not your typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum and is likely here to stay.
4 August 2014 Designer Focus Morphe Based in New Delhi, Morphe is a design house whose art-inspired textural designs form a recognisable patchwork of modern patterns and feminine silhouettes, carefully constructed in delicate organza
Jewellery on NOT JUST A LABEL
31 July 2014 NJAL Projects The New NOT JUST A LABEL Website NOT JUST A LABEL is excited to launch a new state of the art website, using responsive web design to deliver a seamless experience on all devices
8 July 2014 Designer Focus Blank Etiquette Tosca Wyss, the designer behind Blank Etiquette, tells us why in her eyes, fashion needs to become more collaborative, and how, in her graphic prints and exaggerated tailoring, “the aim is to make
17 June 2014 Industry Spinning a New Yarn In the early twentieth century, West Yorkshire was the textile manufacturing portal to the world, and the city of Bradford, the global capital for wool
11 June 2014 Designer Focus Eugenia Alejos Growing up in humble surroundings, Eugenia Alejos studied fashion on a scholarship, and hasn’t stopped looking straight ahead.
Origin Passion and Beliefs
19 May 2014 NJAL Projects NJAL Reports on Origin Passion & Beliefs On 8-11th May, in Vicenza, Italy, NOT JUST A LABEL staged ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS a new trade show concept, launched in partnership with Fiera di Vicenza, the organisers of international fine
28 May 2014 Designer Focus Howl by Maria Glück Where do Berlin-based designer Maria Glück’s designs come from? “Sometimes the forest, and sometimes the future.”
Cara Delevingne in White Chanel Couture
24 February 2014 Industry Paraffection: A Labour of Love Since 1997, Chanel has operated the ‘Paraffection’ scheme, which sees the brand give financial investment to ten small specialist firms.
29 August 2014 Competitions FashioNXT Wearable Technology Competition 2014 The 2014 FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competition for the most fashionable wearable technology design concept, presented by Digital Trends.
Cheap Fashion factory space
6 December 2013 Industry The True Price of Cheap Fashion Today fashion consumers expect retailers to produce garments that are in tune with what’s happening on the catwalks, the red carpet and the street.
30 May 2014 The Conversation Thomas Jacob Pietà is a design label run by inmates of Lima’s prisons. The project’s founder, Thomas, left a career in luxury French fashion to pursue the more 'human' side of art.
Copenhagen fashion summit by helena lundquist
23 April 2014 NJAL Projects Restart Fashion in Five Easy Steps One year ago, on April 24th 2013, the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh became the site of the worst tragedy in the history of the fashion industry.
3 April 2014 NJAL Projects NJAL Presents the Origin Passion and Beliefs Designers Organised with Fiera di Vicenza (FdV), the expert organisers of international trade shows, ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS is a brand new fair concept on the 8th-11th May in Veneto, Northern Italy.
Coco Chanel portrait
5 March 2014 Essay The Gender Agenda The fashion industry’s products are worn, read and bought by an overwhelmingly female body of consumers. Yet for an industry whose principal consumer is the woman, fashion has an illogical tendency
21 August 2014 Essay Anti-Fashion From punk to grunge, from wearable pieces of art to conceptual fashion and crazy body adornments, ‘Anti-Fashion’ describes the ways in which designers and the fashion-aware express their opposition
Jose Forteza
31 March 2014 The Conversation José Forteza Born in Havana to Spanish and Cuban parents, José Forteza has worked at Condé Nast Publications for 15 years, where he currently is Senior Editor of Vogue Mexico and Latin America.
19 March 2014 A Letter From Below the Border Now the host to a major Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mexico is fast emerging from its solid status as a clothing manufacturing hotspot to become a destination for high-end fashion.
17 March 2014 A Letter From Paris Paris is globally renowned for its fashion weeks, where the finest fashion powerhouses showcase their artistic visions.
27 March 2014 Designer Focus Mariella Pilato Mariella Pilato is a jeweller who works using semi-precious metals and precious stones, born and raised in Sorrento, and now based in Bali.
The Sari Story
23 March 2014 Horizon The Sari Story With the arrival of global brands, the ubiquity of the internet and our rapidly-changing urban lifestyles, the sari has been relegated to the bottom of our cupboards.
SS14 Look
14 February 2014 Designer Focus Petra Ptáčková Petra brings a fairytale ethos into her fashion. She uses the term “magic realism” to define her clothes as a piece of art in accordance with wearability. Through her clothes, Petra leaves space for
6 March 2014 A Letter From Dallas Dallas, Texas. The ninth largest city in the United States of America and made infamous in the 80s by the iconic TV show, JFK’s untimely death and cowboys.
4 April 2014 Essay Worlds Apart? British fashion is possibly more innovative than it has ever been - but is it reaching the masses? Or, is there an undeniable gulf growing between the worlds of the High End and the High Street?
27 June 2014 Competitions European Fashion Award FASH 2015 The European Fashion Award FASH 2015 on the topic of “Freedom” is searching for fashion as an expression of attitude: social utopia, poetic symbol of protest, or escape from the everyday routine.
london harrods store
24 February 2014 A Letter From Middle Eastern Investment The Middle East’s love of high end fashion is no secret, and on the walkways of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Louboutins and Mulberrys peep out from the hems and sleeves of Abayas.
Central Saint Martins
17 February 2014 Industry International Designers in London To the fashion designer, London is a fickle friend. Last July, Nicole Farhi’s London-based brand collapsed into administration with debts of almost £20m.
british manufacturing spinks factory
12 February 2014 Industry Rethinking British Manufacturing With London Fashion Week currently capturing the imagination of the world, designers based in Britain are proving to the global fashion set that once again the UK is a powerful force within the
5 March 2014 Designer Focus Hersche Ahead of the Basel Institute of Fashion Design’s 2014 show this Saturday, we bring you a double designer focus of two of the school's most promising talents. HERSCHE is a Basel-based label by
10 February 2014 A Letter From London The capital city of this small island has influences that reach far across the globe, which are evermore amplified by its multicultural residents.
13 February 2012 The Conversation Parsons The New School for Design A forerunner in arts education since its inception in 1896, Parsons in New York has cultivated an outstanding alumni of artists, designers, scholars and community leaders for more than a century.
7 February 2014 Designer Focus Krystof After studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art, Krystof Strozyna immediately got invited to display his collection in Harrods as one of winners of the Harrods Design Award.
Sweden treehouse hotel
25 January 2014 A Letter From Sweden As a discerning traveller, you want to ensure that you experience the true essence of a country, but with an overwhelming amount of information for the tourist, that tends to point to one place, how
Vivienne Westwood Petitions Against ‘Ecocide’ westwood holding map of the world
17 January 2014 Essay Vivienne Westwood Petitions Against ‘Ecocide’ Vivienne Westwood has called for people to sign a petition to make ‘ecocide’ a punishable crime.
Yojiro Kake model running in forest wearing lilac dress
16 January 2014 Designer Focus Yojiro Kake Yojiro Kake was born in Hyogo Japan in February 1983. After finishing high school he went to study at the Ueda Yasuko school of Fashion in Osaka Japan.
Eco Fashion Comes of Age
9 January 2014 Essay Eco Fashion Comes of Age Eco fashion has emerged as a counterculture force, confronting flaws in the current system and consolidating change. Born in tangent with the human rights movement of the 1960s, eco fashion has
19 June 2014 Competitions CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge Award 2014 An award competition which celebrates and rewards the leaders in sustainable design practices.
fashion show set design
9 January 2014 Essay The Importance of Set Design Twice a year, every year, everyone from the most admired magazine editors to influential bloggers attend the most coveted events in the fashion calendar. New York, London, Milan and Paris to be
Krikor Jabotian designer sat surrounded by evening dresses
9 January 2014 Designer Focus Krikor Jabotian Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian began his career at Elie Saab’s creative department, an all-encompassing and enriching introduction to the industry.
Anniss lookbook collection black coats
8 January 2014 Designer Focus Anniss Anna Syczewska is the woman behind Polish label Anniss. A multimedia artist engaged in performance art, video, installation and absurd design, in fashion Anna has found her true means of expression.
marc jacobs spring 2014 two models lying on beach
8 January 2014 Essay Fashion Trends’ Impact on Society Defining trends nowadays is not an easy task. Trends are in essence very complex mechanisms that mirror changes in the economic and political landscapes.
13 July 2014 Competitions Echo Chic Design Awards 2014 The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.
audrey hepburn black leggings sitting
7 January 2014 Essay Fashion: The Beginning of Real Style Fashion was born in the 12th century, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it was formed in the way we know it now.
gosha rubchinskiy menswear skihead red jacket
7 January 2014 Essay Chavvy Chic For years, the British population has been crossing the road to avoid that ominous gang of hooded youths, buying into the media fuelled fear surrounding that figure that will supposedly terrorise and
James Pilcher  spotted jacket
6 January 2014 Designer Focus James Pilcher Labeling himself as bold and brash, James Pilcher is a breath of fresh air in the static world of menswear.
menswear light brown shoes
6 January 2014 Essay Borrowed from the Boys It is a truth universally acknowledged that women own more pairs of shoes than their male counterparts.
Editor's Letter 2013
17 December 2013 Essay Editor's Letter 2013 Dear designers, supporters and readers of NOT JUST A LABEL; this is the fifth editor’s letter I have written, so we must be doing something right… we are still here.
The Expertise Behind the Artist Pattern Cutting
6 December 2013 Essay The Expertise Behind the Artist It's no secret that behind every designer's collection, there is more than just the designer. The pattern cutters, print makers and seamstresses are no less proficient in their field than
Origin Passion and Beliefs Logo
6 December 2013 Competitions ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS: Calling All Designers 2014 Now is the time to centralise humans and unite our creativity, our know-how, and our intricate relationships. In 2014, ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS will achieve this.
yves saint laurent
4 December 2013 Essay Behind the Curtain of Fashion’s Makers Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfield, Donatella Versace, Frida Giannini, Yves Saint Laurent… many are now familiar with these names, known to those beyond the fashion world.
OlgafacesRok earrings
21 November 2013 Designer Focus OlgafacesRok Slovenian jewellery designer Olga Košica and graphic designer Rok Marinšek are the creative pair behind the Ljubljana based jewellery label, OlgafacesRok.
martin parr luxury
21 November 2013 Essay Enclothed Cognition — Fashion's Unheard Voice What we choose to wear can reveal more about us than we would ever expect. In fact, you could describe clothing as a language we use to express ourselves to others.
Isabella Blow | Fashion Galore Alexander McQueen
14 November 2013 Essay Isabella Blow | Fashion Galore Transforming the industry’s visual vocabulary to make the eye think, stylists use their idiosyncratic visions to teach us about things we never knew existed on a creative level.
12 November 2013 NJAL Projects Haute Carture | Ferrari Tailor Made At NJAL, our designers sell unique, one-of-a-kind products, aware that for today’s consumer the true meaning of luxury is the bespoke item.
Hellen Van Rees knitted top and headpiece
11 November 2013 Designer Focus Hellen Van Rees It's not so easy to find beautiful design, but it is still more difficult to find responsible design which is also beautiful. That's the case: Hellen Van Rees, a designer and a thinker.
jade chiu designer
6 November 2013 Designer Focus Jade Chiu Finding herself with a new graphic design degree and a “dot com” job in Silicon Valley, Jade Chiu soon understood that ignoring her fashion design instincts wouldn’t do.
Damien Ravn Runway Show
4 November 2013 Designer Focus Damien Ravn Coming to the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp from the icy magnificence of his home in Norway, Damien Ravn hails from a winter wonderland.
Paskal two models
28 October 2013 Designer Focus Paskal She could have been a physician or an architect but this young Ukrainian girl after her degree, decided to do the impossible and she did it.
Happy Birthday Dear Academie antwerp
24 October 2013 A Letter From Happy Birthday Dear Academie Innovative design, extraordinary craftsmanship and fascinating visions. These may not be the phrases that automatically spring into the conscious when musing over the Belgian City of Antwerp.
21 October 2013 Designer Focus Sopopular Sopopular is the realization of Daniel’s own style which was and still is, influenced by his two main stages; London and Berlin.
Fashion Institute of Technology
2 April 2014 The Conversation Fashion Institute of Technology Joanne Arbuckle is Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology; better known as FIT and one of New York’s most important Design schools. Arbuckle is an industry professional with more than 30 years
New Zealand
12 October 2013 A Letter From New Zealand: A World of Wearable Art If you follow NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen the spectacular pictures that NJAL’s founder Stefan Siegel was teasing us with all the way from New Zealand.
DUBAI marina
11 October 2013 A Letter From Re-positioning Dubai Dubai, a city of sweeping wide highways, fast cars and tall glass buildings. What would Dubai want with small and creative businesses?
9 October 2013 A Letter From Understanding Kiwi Fashion Bronwyn Williams has produced features for many linchpins of the fashion world. NJAL called in the writer, stylist and New Zealander to give a unique insight into Kiwi fashion.
The Power of a Name celebrity clothing collection olsens
2 October 2013 Industry The Power of a Name There is no denying that celebrity fashion lines have become a vast trend in today’s fashion world.
fashion illustration abstract blue
2 October 2013 Essay The Sketchbook The tradition of using sketchbooks in art related practices has spanned centuries. The perseverance of such traditions in the creative education of modern days calls for a deeper study behind its
Norwegian Rain coats
25 September 2013 Designer Focus Norwegian Rain Founded by designer Alexander Helle and T-Michael, menswear brand Norwegian Rain is fast becoming renowned across the world for its striking sartorial elegance.
Culietta jewellery
25 September 2013 Designer Focus Culietta Julia Dias founded Culietta after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art. Her background in sculpture and fine art led her into undertaking a career in set design and art direction.
Arjan B model
11 September 2013 Designer Focus Arjan B Arjan B's London based head designer Geetu Tulsiani is taking breathtaking elegance to the next level with her take on luxury womenswear.
Matija Cop homeless in heaven
25 September 2013 Designer Focus Matija Cop Before embarking on a career in fashion design, Croatian womenswear designer Matija Cop pursued both Philology and interior design.
The Age of Fashion Massclusivity - Lily Cole
17 September 2013 Essay The Age of Fashion Massclusivity The industry of fashion seems to undoubtedly captivate us from all its angles. From breath taking garments to business strategies, fashion often causes perplexity among fashion specialists and
17 September 2013 Industry Open Source Now! 2013 will be marked as a year when disclosures about mass surveillance revealed operational details about the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and its international partners of foreign nationals
17 September 2013 Essay A Taste for Alternative Fabrics The strange, the unconventional, the surprising, the never-before-seen — isn’t that what we’re hunting for, season by season?
Rachel Entwistle - Campaign image showing model in necklace
11 September 2013 Designer Focus Rachel Entwistle British jewellery designer Rachel Entwistle unlocked her passion for design upon her travels to Mexico.
31 May 2012 Designer Focus Noemi Klein The nature of Noemi's jewellery practice is a constant union of the expressive and impressive.
Fashion Fringe - Model wwearign structural panelled jacket
9 May 2012 NJAL Projects Fashion Fringe 2012 Semi-Finalists NJAL wishes them good luck, as the competition will soon be narrowed from ten to three finalists on 22nd May.
26 January 2012 Designer Focus Mal-Aimee Léonie and Marius met in the workshops of the Haute École d’Art et de Design in Geneva, Switzerland and started out together in the Paris fashion world when they joined the Nina Ricci fashion house.
29 February 2012 Designer Focus Little Shilpa Drawing from local influences and observations, the “Little Shilpa” label is a collection that takes a vintage thought and tranforms it into a modern product through the use of varied raw materials.
Porcelain skinned model in the nude
21 November 2012 Horizon Scents of Art Few people acknowledge scent throughout their daily lives unless it is at the extremes.
Fashion studio
23 January 2012 NJAL Projects London College of Fashion MA_12 POEMTRY Catwalk Show NOT JUST A LABEL is proud to announce London College of Fashion’s MA_ 12 Catwalk Show, POEMTRY, will be live streaming from London's renowned Victoria & Albert Museum on Thursday, 2nd
Mango Fashion Awards 4th Edition - Campaign image
23 May 2012 NJAL Projects Mango Fashion Awards This evening signifies the culmination of a fantastic collaboration between MANGO and NJAL.
17 February 2012 Essay The Super Elite It has been hard to miss the nineties’ resurgence creeping through our youth culture like a kid sister stealing your cherry chapstick.
Installation view
21 December 2011 The Conversation José Teunissen Professor José Teunissen has always been a multitasker; a necessary thing when you are a freelance curator, publicist and lecturer.
Amanda Lepore
6 May 2011 The Conversation Amanda Lepore NOT JUST A LABEL.com’s revolutionary shopping experience has taken the industry by storm, and Amanda Lepore, the LaChapelle muse and fashion fraterniser, takes the stage as the shop’s curator.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Gemma Slack Born and raised in Sheffield, Gemma Slack had an innate sense for art and moved to London to cultivate her creativity. She enrolled at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in Fine Arts and was
Lady Smoking
6 May 2011 Essay C’est la Mode Francaise The French have been quintessentially elegant and fashionable since, well, forever. I’m sure even Joan of Arc had the most delicate lace stockings underneath her armour (I’m being a little over-
The Style Autopsy of the King of Pop - Michael Jackson
6 May 2011 Essay The Style Autopsy of the King of Pop Moving millions and sparking media frenzy, the late Michael Jackson was the undeniable master of mixing timeless music, moon walking, and style into a single identifiable image.
Raffles College of Design and Commerce
2 April 2014 The Conversation Raffles College of Design and Commerce Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney has a rich 33 year heritage specialising in design, visual communication and business.
Diane pernet
6 May 2011 The Conversation Diane Pernet In its second month NJAL's online shop was hosted and curated by Diane Pernet, the editor of cult-favourite blog, A Shaded View On Fashion and talent scout for the Festival D’ Hyeres.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Schipper/Arques Schipper/Arques are a Dutch/Spanish duo living and working in Belgium. Boris studied art, and later fashion, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, however dropped out to start travelling and
Models wearing  Schirrmacher, Raf-Simons & Jil Sanderss
6 May 2011 Essay Paris, Paris... Being chatted up in Tesco is never a pleasurable experience, however when an employee chose to interrupt my morning dash with friendly banter, I felt rude not to humour him.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Husam El Odeh My background? Since I always get this question, I might as well answer it unprompted: My mother is Lebanese, my dad is Palestinian (Westbank), I am German and have lived in London for the last ten
Graduate Fashion Week image
6 May 2011 Industry Join Forces, or Stand Alone? In the blue corner, we have the Independent graduate show. Five big wins this year with strong candidates like Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion.
Models wearing Howitzweissbach collection
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Howitzweissbach Polite. A little reserved. Unmistakably German. With “GUTEN TAG” the label howitzweissbach introduces its first ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Spon Diogo Mia Lisa Spon and Rui Andersen Rodrigues Diogo have worked together as a design team for more than four years.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Tomasz Donocik Growing up in Vienna, Tomasz Donocik moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins, where he specialised in jewellery. Receiving his MA from the Royal College of Art, he went to work with Stephen
ANNA AICHINGER black dress
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Anna Aichinger "I make fashion for women with ambitions, who are not afraid to take their lives into their own hands and conquer the world – with talent, commitment and style." This is how the young
6 May 2011 The Conversation Robin Schulié In its first month the online shop was hosted and curated by Robin Schulié, head buyer of the iconic Maria Luisa store in Paris. We asked him about his past, present and future in the fashion
The 9 Festival in Vienna - Model Lying down
6 May 2011 NJAL Projects The 9 Festival in Vienna For years now, Unit F büro für mode has been pursuing a committed support strategy that has successfully accompanied many Austrian fashion designers along their way towards internationalisation.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Serguei Povaguin Serguei Povaguin was born in 1980 in Klintsky, Russia. As a teenager he moved to Spain and later studied at the ESDI (Escuela Superior de Diseño de Sabadell) where he graduated as a fashion and
NEDA NIQUIE an affair black dress
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Neda Niquie I don’t see “fashion” as a cliché, but rather as a unique form of art: It’s a way to translate my feelings, vision and idea of beauty. It is a dream that I try to achieve, live and share.
6 May 2011 Essay Androgyny as an Abomination or Aphrodisiac? A few years ago, Scott Schuman featured a post depicting two masculine European men in skirts on his famed fashion blog The Sartorialist.
REALITY STUDIO shoe collection
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Reality Studio Svenja Specht is the designer behind the label Reality Studio. She takes her ideas from the normality that surrounds her – her "Reality".
Institute for Fashion Design Basel Academy of Art and Design
2 April 2014 The Conversation Institute for Fashion Design Basel Academy of Art and Design Priska Morger ‘does fashion’; she has a hands-on approach to everything she touches. This ‘can do’ attitude has meant she has had an incredibly diverse, somewhat accelerated career for someone so
6 May 2011 Essay The Sedgwick Spirit of Style “Edie danced to her own tune, and I imagine this is what inspired Warhol and Dylan as much as it did me.
Karim Rashid and his chair designed for Couque Clicquot
6 May 2011 Essay Would A Monkey Wear Vivienne Westwood? What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and you realised that you were the only person in the world?
JULIA VALLE blue dress
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Julia Valle Brazilian born and raised, Julia Valle studied visual communications at UFMG and started working as an art director for fashion communication at Alphorria before her graduation.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Pedro Pedro The PedroPedro brand is the love child of the award-winning Portuguese designer, ironically named Pedro Pedro.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Afshin Feiz British designer Afshin Feiz attended the avant-garde fashion school, Studio Berçot, in Paris. He grew up in England where he attended Cranleigh School in Surrey, and then in Vancouver BC, Canada.
6 May 2011 NJAL Projects New Faces of London Fashion Week NOT JUST A LABEL designers hit the catwalk during LFW, underlining the importance of emerging talent to the design industry.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Erin Lewis Erin Lewis is a British designer currently working in Mexico City. Her previous collection was a fusion of the history and future of fashion, with an apocalyptic edge questioning the outlook of
Wearable Technology
6 May 2011 The Conversation Design, Fashion and Technology I interviewed Despina Papadopoulos in her Brooklyn, NY studio in 2008. Papadopoulos is the head interaction designer at Studio 5050 in New York City.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Lara Torres I am currently living and working in Lisbon and Berlin, where I have been developing a continuous project on the relationship between fashion and memory.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus And_I Andreas Eberharter was born in Schwaz / Austria in 1971 and has worked as a freelance goldsmith since 1994.
6 May 2011 Industry The Environment for Young Designers As I approach my 58th Paris collection, NJAL has asked me to write something about fashion today: the environment of smaller labels and young designers, the hurdles they face.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Louise Simmonds Louise Simmonds is a designer with the highest quality of clothing on her mind.
9 January 2012 Designer Focus Lara Khoury Lara Khoury is a 26 year old Lebanese designer based in Beirut.
Material Boy - Spring Summer 2008
6 May 2011 NJAL Projects Njal Launches Fashion Week Video NOT JUST A LABEL joined forces with video artist Richard Warwick to create this season's short film, which was presented during London Fashion Week.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Tchibi My name is Mariana, I’m Brazilian and I discovered fashion during my childhood. I used to watch my mother and grandmother knitting scarves and sweaters in winter, and I always wanted to learn some
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Marina Milosevska Growing up in a tiny village in the south of Sweden, I first came to London to do a Foundation Year in Art and Design at London College of Fashion.
Minna Palmqvist - Strip of fabric wrapped around butter
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Minna Palmqvist Minna Palmqvist is a Finnish designer based in Stockholm.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Ravishing Mad Ravishing Mad is a new Swedish brand, founded in 2007 by designer Anna Österlund.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus José Durán Fashion designer José Durán is one of New York’s most distinctive young artists. The designs from Durán’s collections are inspired by a church massacre in the designer’s hometown during the Haitian
orschel-read grey jacket
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Orschel-Read My name is Stefán Orschel-Read. I design couture menswear under the label Orschel-Read. I was born in India in a tiny town above the cloud line. I spent most of my childhood in rural Scotland.
sager forsberg illustration
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Ager Forsberg I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and have always enjoyed drawing and making clothes – but never thought of becoming a fashion designer when I was younger.
vibe johansson model black make up
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Vibe Johansson Vibe Johansson received her fashion education at the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy, followed by intensive training in design technology at BEC Design in Copenhagen, Denmark.
H&M Fashion against Aids
6 May 2011 Essay Designers Against Aids I have always had my doubts when it comes to non-profit organisations, and have always questioned whether the money that we donate actually goes to the people who need it.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Anna Holvik When Anna Holvik in 2002 decided to apply for an Industrial Fashion Design & Pattern-Cutting Diploma in her native country of Sweden, it was only to enhance her experience of working as a stylist
Sophie Hulme Tote Bag
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Sophie Hulme Sophie Hulme met the team at NJAL for a one to one appointment to discuss her unusual marriage of military clothing with luxury.
Jennifer Jarvis womenswear
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jennifer Jarvis Jennifer Jarvis was never far from the creative inspirations of London, as she was born and raised in Kent.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Tugce Ozocak Tugce Ozocak was born in Turkey, Istanbul, and grew up with a vibe of a big cosmopolitan city. In 2003 she did an exchange year, moved to west Belgium and attended a technical school for fashion
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Lenka Padysakova From an early age, Lenka Padysakova always stood by her vision with a passion for art, classical music, fashion, film and theatre.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Rödel La Rödel LA was created in 2007 by people who saw in their way to dress (more than just fashion) a space for self-fulfilment, exceeding every limit, searching for beauty alone, the unquestionable and
Model in white outfit
6 May 2011 Essay Pia Stanchina Would Galliano and McQueen, who are amongst Central Saint Martins most exciting British designers, receive such great success if it wasn’t for their graduate show?
Christina Berger
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Christina Berger Christina Berger is a student of the Modeklasse at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, where she received the 2006 Adlmueller Scholarship for her collection "Du Hochlandwilde Scheue Maid
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Red By Wolves London shoe label honours the past and embraces the future with an exceptional collection of hand crafted shoes.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Hanako Narahira Unlike many fashion designers, from a young age I was never interested in drawing or design. Born in Japan, my teenage years involved fencing and not much more – I was far from conscious about what I
Pop art painting
6 May 2011 Essay The Art Of Construction A retrospective featuring the come back of Space Invaders and old school 80’s game toys, where we look at the various ways in which it has influenced, fashion, food and design.
Luise & Franck Autumn Winter 2011
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Luise And Franck In 2005, when they met on the benches of a Parisian fashion school, Luise & Franck already imagined the concept of their own clothing line for men.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Simon Waller Elements of puppetry, gothica and 18th century aristocracy underpin this, my first menswear collection.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jain Pain Jane Pain was shaped as a label and concept for lingerie in the Mayan Riviera during holidays.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Hampus Bernhoff I graduated with an MA in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. My graduate collection consisted of 10 outfits with shoes, inspired by the artists Christo & Jeanne
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Donna Sgro The Donna Sgro label is based in Sydney, Australia and launched in 2007. Having a strong interest in creativity and individual expression, I launched the label knowing I needed to create a journey
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Laura Favel The collection which I exhibited at Graduate Fashion Week 2008 was called “The Circular Motion of Life”.
Anuschka Hoevener
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Anuschka Hoevener Anuschka Hoevener is a fashion designer living and working in Berlin.
Neurotica womenswear
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Neurotica Neurotica is a London-based label specializing in hand printed pieces designed by Victoria McGrane. Originally from Lancashire, England, I grew up in the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Carianne Moore Graduating from London College of Fashion over ten years ago, I have worked around the world with a number of well-known fashion designers such as Dai Rees, Ksubi and Kirrily Johnston.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Mint Siren Swedish by birth, American by choice and British by residence. In a way that sums up who I am quite well. I’m definitely a “wherever I lay my hat” kind of person.
3 June 2011 Designer Focus Angela Bang Based in Barcelona, young womenswear designer Angela Bang grew up in the Canary Islands and studied her craft at the prestigious Hong-Ik Univeristy.
Jasper Garvida Detail
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jasper Garvida The clothes that I design are beautifully crafted pieces with intricate fabric manipulation and a whimsical fantasy-like quality. My work is often described as bold and dramatic and sometimes avant-
NJAL wins drapers retail awards 2011
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects NJAL wins Drapers Etail Awards 2011 January 27 2011, saw the announcement of the winners of this year's Drapers Etail Awards, at a ceremony at London's Altitude 360.
Model wearing Veronica B. Vallenes
11 May 2011 NJAL Projects NJAL Launches New Site After three years spent at the forefront of digital fashion, NOT JUST A LABEL, the leading global resource for discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary design, announces the re-launch of
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jamie Bruski Tetsill I originally grew up on the west coast of Scotland in a small village called Skermorlie. I then moved to Australia where I lived and went to school for a year.
Seth Pratt
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Seth Pratt Seth Pratt will impress you, it’s that simple. Born in Paragould Arkansas, I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed he’d end up here, in LA. But he has arrived, thankfully.
24 May 2011 Designer Focus Andy Lifschutz Now an esteemed jeweller, Lifschutz's exploration into metalwork began in Brooklyn with renowned designer Kristin Hanson, where his natural inclination for design and bursting expression finally
20 January 2012 Horizon Music and Fashion Music and fashion. Like love and marriage, if Sinatra is to be believed, they are inseparable. And, like any creative industry, they find innovative ways of surviving, and thriving, through
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Mangelware Mangelware is a Vienna-based fashion label working in the field of high quality womenswear.
29 May 2015 Competitions Mediterranean Young Talents (YOTA): Call for Applicants NOT JUST A LABEL are pleased to announce that the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) in London
28 May 2015 Designer Focus Loves As part of NJAL’s on-going focus on swimwear, Ukraine’s favourite swimwear brand Loves launched
22 May 2015 Essay Warrior Pose In NJAL’s thematic focus on summer trend terminology, Louisa McKenzie takes on the stay power of
21 May 2015 NJAL Projects The NJAL Mixtape: May 2015 The auditory faculty demands just as much stimulation as the visual senses, so let NJAL provide the
20 May 2015 Designer Focus Manufacturer Focus: Pier Spa Pier was created in 1970 and immediately asserted itself as a protagonist in the high-end fashion
19 May 2015 NJAL Projects #OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Four Origin, Passion and Beliefs came to a reluctant close in Vicenza, Italy after a weekend of
11 May 2015 Designer Focus In The Studio: Suprême Bon Ton As Origin, Passion and Beliefs draws into close contact, it’s an apt moment to pay a visit to the
10 May 2015 Designer Focus A Manufacturer Focus: Sisma Established in Schio (VI) in 1961, Sisma is innovative by vocation and combines an independent and
6 May 2015 A Letter From A Letter from Vicenza Vicenza is a city that’s almost always overlooked in favour of nearby Venice, especially amidst the
6 May 2015 Designer Focus A Moodboard Moment: Robert Kalinkin #Origin100 designer Robert Kalinkin returns to the NJAL spotlight with ‘A Moodboard Moment’ ahead
29 April 2015 Designer Focus Manufacturer Focus: Marven For over forty years, Marven has committed to manufacturing the most precious of artisanal
13 April 2015 Essay Generation Anonymous To live today requires a constant negotiation with sophisticated online algorithms and the
4 April 2015 The Conversation Meet Marriam Mossalli Amidst NJAL’s physical debut in Dubai, it’s time to spotlight the women redefining style in the
31 March 2015 The Conversation Saadia Zahid on Dubai Design District (d3) NJAL marks its physical debut in the Middle East with an immersive-experience pavilion at Meet d3–
30 March 2015 The Conversation Wolfram Glatz NOT JUST A LABEL’s own Wolfram Glatz is the design extraordinaire behind NJAL x d3–the immersive,
5 March 2015 Designer Focus Sound of the Studio: Clon8 It's the third instalment of NJAL’s latest editorial feature ‘Sound of the Studio’—where
9 March 2015 The Conversation The Fashion Film Pioneer: Fred Sweet Online video consumption proliferates our digital behaviour like never before. It seems inevitable
2 March 2015 Competitions Project Runway: Now Casting for Season 14 NJAL is pleased to announce that Project Runway is now casting for Season 14, allowing designers
25 February 2015 Designer Focus Jovana Markovic Serbian designer Jovana Markoviç’s latest collection is perfectly emblematic of NJAL’s current
19 February 2015 Industry The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day Two This season, NJAL is giving you an all-access pass to the best of London Fashion Week A/W 2015.
19 February 2015 Industry The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day One This season, NJAL is giving you an all-access pass to the best of London Fashion Week A/W 2015.
16 February 2015 Designer Focus Blon.D NJAL meets Giuliana Corona, the designer behind Italian label Blon.D—typified by clean lines,
6 February 2015 Designer Focus Moodboard Monday: Chromat Every Monday, NJAL will look at what designers have been referring to these past few months with a
9 February 2015 Designer Focus Dahui Li Dahui Li’s diasporic designs reflect a diverse, cultural background rooted in Asia, Europe and
4 February 2015 Industry AltaRoma: Fashion's Comeback Kid Most insiders avoid Italy’s fashion scene beyond Milan altogether and it's taken a critical
30 January 2015 Designer Focus Baiba Ladiga From Latvia with love–Baiba Ladiga talks through her considered, conceptual practice defined by
29 January 2015 The Conversation Monocle Radio Interviews NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel The luxury global affairs and lifestyle bible that is Monocle tapped NJAL founder Stefan Siegel to
8 January 2015 Competitions NJAL Open Call: The LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers Returns NJAL announce the return of the LVMH Prize for 2015. Now in its second year, the prestigious €300,
23 January 2015 NJAL Projects The NJAL Style Report: New Season, New Style Blaze the trail with an essential edit of The Shop’s latest arrivals. NJAL round up a curated
5 January 2015 A Letter From Beijing's Global Fashion Dynasty Beijing may have finally cemented its status as China’s cultural capital as it begins to attract an
15 December 2014 Designer Focus BlankBlank Meet Martins and Linda–the Latvian design-duo behind BlankBlank, who have always stuck to their
19 December 2014 A Letter From Editor's Letter 2014 Last Christmas, I called for a revolution—eschewing idyllic Christmas cheer for serious call to
OYE Swimwear
12 November 2014 Designer Focus OYE Swimwear Starting a fashion label is no easy task. NJAL speaks exclusively to swimwear sister act OYE about
Joan Collar - White Lined
14 November 2014 NJAL Projects NJAL Winter Warmers Rain, wind, and bitingly cold temperatures have inspired NJAL's luxury winter accessory picks
20 November 2014 NJAL Projects Black Friday Gift Guide Our black Friday top ten gift guide. NJAL is offering 15% off all of our pieces in the shop for the
31 October 2014 NJAL Projects NJAL Top 15 Under £100 In this week’s shop feature, the NJAL team has highlighted 15 of the most exciting designs under £
NJAL Designer Evgenia Popova
24 October 2014 Designer Focus Evgenia Popova Bulgarian designer Evgenia Popova discusses her passion for quality goods, sustainable
19 October 2014 Competitions Future of Denim Branding Competition
6 October 2014 Essay Commercial Confidence in Hong Kong Hong Kong sits in the midst of political turmoil, as protests draw international eyes to the city.
Designer Focus | Elina Dobele
8 October 2014 Designer Focus Elina Dobele Emerging Latvian Designer Elina Dobele likens shoes to 'little houses for feet'. With an
Distinguishing your Brand in a Saturated Fashion Market
19 September 2014 Industry Distinguishing your Brand in a Saturated Fashion Market In all industries, good branding is valuable, but in a global, sprawling fashion market saturated
15 September 2014 Designer Focus Kate Langrish Smith As fashion becomes more prominent as mainstream entertainment – this season’s London Fashion Week
Model with finger on tongue
24 July 2013 Essay The Significance of Soundtrack NJAL applies another lens on the special relationship between fashion and music to dissect the
15 April 2013 Industry Power to Fashion These days, it takes dedication, exceptional talent and commercial awareness to run a successful
11 September 2014 Industry NJAL at London Fashion Week S/S 2015 For London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, NOT JUST A LABEL headed to the heart of the city to
Steps to Help Young Fashion Designers Thrive
1 September 2014 Industry Steps to Help Young Fashion Designers Thrive Jennifer Minniti, chair of the Fashion Design Department at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn since 2011
18 September 2014 Competitions Worth Project 2014 The WORTH project's third and final Call for Candidates is now open
Ellen von Unwerth
26 August 2014 Industry Lights, Camera, Edit: Using and Abusing Visual Communications in Fashion As the social sphere has become increasingly dominated by visual communications, fashion brands
12 August 2014 Horizon Shop NJAL's Top 5 Urban Summer Styles Give your wardrobe an urban update from the NJAL Shop! Browse bewitching jewellery and chic gadget
13 August 2014 Industry Swarovski Announces Designer Collective Swarovski has announced the 15 designers who will form its collective and receive “financial and
25 September 2014 Competitions Goldsmiths' Council Craftsmanship & Design Awards 2015 Enter the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council's annual Craftsmanship & Design Awards
29 August 2014 Competitions Emerging Designer Competition: East Overview 2015 Applications are now open for the Emerging Designer Competition: East Overview 2015
Alexander McQueen
4 August 2014 Essay The Myth of Inspiration From Pinterest, to Instagram, to fashion blogs, wherever you look there is something ‘inspirational
31 July 2014 Essay Defeating the Dark Side of Digital Open source software is about collaboration, transparency, and shared innovation – things that are
24 July 2014 Horizon A Matter of Life and Death Taxidermy is the craft of preparing and stuffing animal skins to conserve a deceased animal in the
16 July 2014 Industry Golden Partnerships Whether you do your shopping in person or online, you would be hard pushed not to notice the
16 July 2014 Designer Focus Cycleland Producing only a few units per collection, Cycleland unites the urban and eco-friendly, and the
8 July 2014 Essay Mumblecore, Normcore, and the In-Betweens Silvia Bombardini argues that the self-consciously ordinary films of the mumblecore movement have
7 July 2014 Essay The Winners Take it All Winning a fashion award sounds like the ultimate conquest for an emerging fashion designer. Kate
25 June 2014 The Conversation Karen van Godtsenhoven Karen van Godtsenhoven has been the curator of Antwerp’s Modemuseum since 2009, where she has
24 June 2014 A Letter From Maastricht, Fashion City? Since 2009, over one weekend in June, the international fashion festival FashionClash turns the
Raw Taste
4 June 2014 Designer Focus Raw Taste Esoteric, textured and beautifully haunting, Sasha Cherovsky’s handmade jewellery stands out in a
29 May 2014 Essay Ad Mad? It's #throwbackthursday on NJAL! Look back to Kate Abnett's investigation into why native
17 June 2014 Industry Is Caribbean Style in Crisis? Gus Franklyn-Bute, the Founder and Editor of Caribbean lifestyle magazine ACUBIEN, hails from the
24 April 2014 Designer Focus Mareunrol's Mareunrol's is Marite Mastina-Peterkopa and Rolands Peterkops. The two designers made history
17 April 2014 Designer Focus Julia deVille Arriving in Australia from New Zealand on the cusp of adulthood, Julia deVille trained as a
The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier
16 April 2014 Designer Focus Jean Paul Gaultier The Fashion World Of Jean Paul Gaultier: From The Sidewalk To The Catwalk at the London Barbican
27 March 2014 Essay What are Fashion Weeks for? Back in a simpler time, the fashion week was an industry event. The guest list was limited, the
Macabre Gadgets - Roman and Igor
9 September 2013 Designer Focus Macabre Gadgets Ukraine has become a hotbed for emerging design talent and jewellery label, Macabre Gadgets are one
Ana Rajcevic Animal Collection
14 August 2013 Designer Focus Ana Rajcevic Ana Rajcevic is a multi-award winning fashion artist based in London's East End. She
Tesler + Mendelovitch portrait image
22 July 2013 Designer Focus Tesler + Mendelovitch Israeli duo Tesler + Mendelovitch are the bright sparks behind the 'Wearable Wooden Clutch
Williams Handmade opened luggage case
29 May 2013 Designer Focus Williams Handmade Sarah Williams established her own accessories label in 2010 after completing her Masters degree at
Linda Sieto collection shoes and bag
8 July 2013 Designer Focus Linda Sieto Linda Sieto is renowned for creating exquisite, intricate leather accessories and her signature
Bernhard Willhelm parade of models running
5 June 2013 The Conversation Bernhard Willhelm Thursday 6th June marks the date of Vienna's University of Applied Arts' 2013 graduate
Pop-up shed display made of coloured corrugated metal
29 July 2013 Industry Designers: Know Your Markets So designers, you are finally selling your product? Congratulations! Your next challenge is one of
This Is The Uniform - Jenna dressing model for photoshoot
31 July 2013 Designer Focus This Is The Uniform "The most popular choice of trainers among burglars are Reebok Classics...". We showcase
Romeo Beckham Burberry Modelling Campaign
29 March 2013 Essay Are The Kids Alright? In 2013, London played host to the first Global Kids Fashion Week. The sight of mini fashion models
1 July 2013 Industry The Business of Ethical Fashion Tara St James is the owner and designer of Study NY, a high-concept ethical brand that is primarily
Marit Ilison room of people dressed in white
24 May 2013 Designer Focus Marit Ilison From her conceptual art installations and fashion projects, to her role as drummer in the Estonian
A Fashion Education
11 September 2013 Industry A Fashion Education Speaking to Agnés Rocamora, author of 'Fashioning the City: Paris, Fashion and the Media
Phoebe English fashion craftsmanship
7 August 2013 Industry A Hard Day's Graft Craftsmanship in the world of fashion is contested by the media coverage of production methods and
Blumenfeld Studio fashion photography nude
8 July 2013 Horizon Blumenfeld Studio: The Changing Face of Fashion Photography Alice Kelleher looks at how the remarkable photographer Erwin Blumenfeld single-handedly
James Kearns designer's workspace and tools
7 May 2013 Designer Focus James Kearns Devonshire born designer James Kearns, has been inspired by the concept of avant-garde fashion from
Project 104 swimsuit lookbook
19 June 2013 Designer Focus Project 104 Project 104 is the first swimwear brand to specialise in limited edition, individually numbered
28 June 2014 Competitions Limerick International Students Awards 2014 The Limerick International Fashion Student Awards 2014 will host a spectacular runway fashion show
two people kicking up snow
22 July 2013 Essay Slowear Slowear came about in 2003. Headed by Roberto Compagno, it is based on the idea of ‘slow thinking’
Ta-ste model in blue shoulder accessories
26 June 2013 Designer Focus Ta-ste Berlin based fashion label Ta-ste was founded by Tanja Steuer in the summer of 2009 having
28 July 2014 Competitions Fabric Design Competition 2014 Valley Forge Fabrics, the world’s largest supplier of decorative fabrics for the hospitality
Mariana Morgado
22 July 2013 Designer Focus Mariana Morgado Born in 1990 in Setúbal, Portugal, fashion designer Mariana Morgado currently lives and works in
louis vuitton venezia store
19 June 2013 Essay Re-thinking Fashion Spaces Space is all around us, as is fashion, but have you ever stopped to review the complex and ever-
central saint martins workspace
20 May 2013 Industry Aspiring Designers: To Degree or not Degree? Art School. Two seemingly harmless words, yet once joined together take on a different meaning.
18 June 2013 NJAL Projects NJAL Announces Origin Passion & Beliefs In Spring 2012, I had the pleasure to meet those Italian entrepreneurs whose businesses account for
Pam Hogg portrait holding cigarette
11 June 2013 The Conversation Pam Hogg Pam Hogg is one of the most distinctive designers to have emerged from the London fashion scene of
MCG designer's work notes
11 June 2013 Designer Focus MCG Massimo Casagrande - aka MCG - is a London based menswear designer who has gone from strength to
The Origin Passion and Beliefs Teaser Diary
2 July 2013 NJAL Projects The NJAL Diary: Origin Passion & Beliefs Teaser Event With over 13,000 emerging design talents at hand, NJAL’s team has been invited to cross the bridge
Mango Fashion Awards Shortlist menswear black coat hood up
9 July 2013 NJAL Projects Mango Fashion Awards - The 2013 Shortlist NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) has been continuing its successful collaboration with iconic Spanish brand
29 July 2013 Designer Focus Lisa Pek Menswear designer Lisa Pek isn't afraid of making her design work commercially viable.
4 June 2013 Designer Focus Ana Sanchez (AS) Ana Sanchez is devoted to both fashion design and her Spanish hometown of Cadiz, Andalusia.
michelle menard inventor of nail polish Search Results
3 June 2013 Industry Jack of all Trades, Master of One Many aspirant fashion designers wind up in the same boat these days, i.e. trying to make ends meet
ENSÆMBLE designer veil
20 May 2013 Designer Focus Ensæmble The use of the Latin symbol æ in 'Ensæmble', is a chiasma of the initials of the design
Airline Uniform SAS
15 May 2013 Essay The Golden Age of the Airline Uniform NOT JUST A LABEL were invited to the unveiling of the new Qantas Airways uniform. Designed by
Domenico Cioffi - Looks from Fall/ Winter collection
28 August 2013 Designer Focus Domenico Cioffi Domenico Cioffi is an Italian womenswear designer, now based in the Netherlands. For the past two
London Fashion Week catwalk burberry
2 September 2013 Essay London's Fashion Week Five days, 58 main stage catwalk shows, 233 designers, over 96 hours of show time and the best
Liisa Orgna dresses
13 May 2013 Designer Focus Liisa Orgna Estonian designer Liisa Orgna has been creating clothes since childhood and is following in the
San Francisco red bridge fog
8 May 2013 A Letter From San Francisco Knows How San Francisco is enveloped in artistic history, liberalism and a sense of ‘anything goes.’ In
30 April 2013 Designer Focus Satu Maaranen Finnish designer Satu Maaranen is amongst the finalists in the Design Museum's 'Design of
29 April 2013 Essay Fashion vs. Digitality As we venture further into the midst of our digital age, it's interesting to examine the
JEALOUSY patterned crop top and skirt
22 April 2013 Designer Focus Jealousy Ukrainian fashion label Jealousy is a joint initiative.
Miles Aldridge
25 July 2014 Essay The Divine Vision Austere or overblown, religious iconography has long been part of the fashion canon. Once upon a
Aina Beck designer sitting
15 April 2013 Designer Focus Aina Beck The inspiration behind Aina Beck's shimmering, structured collections originates from her
25 July 2014 Designer Focus Larissa Hadjio German by birth but international by habitat, designer Larissa Hadjio’s latest collection of bags
Sea and Iceberg
10 April 2013 A Letter From Reykjavik Fashion Volcanic Reykjavik Fashion Festival (RFF) in Iceland showcases some of it's finest design talents.
Beekeeper Holding Bees on Frame
9 April 2013 Designer Focus Finding Diamonds in the Rough NOT JUST A LABEL designer Cheri Ellis has a unique, holistic approach to artistry. As an
Byungmun Seo gasmask fashion
8 April 2013 Designer Focus Byungmun Seo Byungmun Seo's lateral and philosophical approach to creativity is guiding him in his journey
Sri Lanka - Lions Rock
3 April 2013 A Letter From Colombo: Paradise City? Last year, Stefan Siegel, the founder of NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL), flew to Sri Lanka to attend the
2 April 2013 Designer Focus Posthuman Wardrobe London based designer Nimesh Gadhia launched his own label Posthuman Wardrobe, in 2010. His
Ksenia Schnaider model in barren landscape
25 March 2013 Designer Focus Ksenia Schnaider After studying history at university in Ukraine, Ksenia Marchenko decided to pursue her lifelong
David Bowie Red Hair
20 March 2013 Essay David Bowie: Starman It’s been forty years since his debut, but 2013 is the year of Bowie’s resurrection. Will he uphold
De Polvo Y Viento designers Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán
14 March 2013 Designer Focus De Polvo Y Viento Twin sisters Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán from exotic Costa Rica are the talented duo
Kate Moss
12 March 2013 NJAL Projects Mango Fashion Awards 2013 NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is continuing its successful collaboration with iconic Spanish brand, MANGO
11 March 2013 Designer Focus Path Janine Grosche is the designer behind one of NJAL’s most popular menswear labels, Path. She has not
Nadine Peters menswear model in garden
4 March 2013 Designer Focus Nadine Peters Exciting new talent Nadine Peters is already making waves on the fashion scene.
Luisa via roma shop
28 August 2013 The Conversation Silvano Vangi Silvano Vangi is the head womenswear buyer at Italy's leading luxury retailer, Luisa Via Roma.
28 February 2013 The Conversation Javier Peral To celebrate the harmonic union between music and fashion, NJAL is spotlighting inspiring figures
Petteri Hemmilä accessories
25 February 2013 Designer Focus Petteri Hemmilä NJAL's designers come from countless different backgrounds, all with varying levels of
20 February 2013 The Conversation Lissy von Schwarzkopf With the latest technology allowing anyone to be 'Front Row' at fashion shows from their
Giovanni Bonotto
18 February 2013 The Conversation Giovanni Bonotto The majority of NJAL’s designers seem to agree that one of the problems with fashion today is mass
18 February 2013 Designer Focus Paolo Errico With fashion deeply rooted in his family history, it's no surprise that Milan-based Paolo
Batson view from workspace
11 February 2013 Designer Focus Batson Bianca Batson feels right at home in rainy London, having chosen to live here over her hometown of
blonde  model lying down
10 February 2013 Designer Focus Panagiotis Papandrianos For this week's instalment of Beyond The Catwalk, we caught up with fashion hairstylist
brazil kids fashion
1 August 2013 NJAL Projects Ponto Zero On July 3rd 2013, the Brazilian Embassy hosted an event, showcasing the eight designers whose prize
Two Tone Double Diamond Cuff
4 February 2013 Designer Focus Artifacts Brooklyn-based and Dallas-raised Casey Perez is the young designer-maker behind NJAL's
29 January 2013 Essay Why Fashion is Amazing The fashion industry has long been an easy target for criticism. It is widely condemned for being
Rosa Bryndis - Campaign image with model wearing headband
28 January 2013 Designer Focus Rosa Bryndis Although they're still completing their studies, this hasn’t stopped Rosa Winther Denison
David Koma dress with embellishment
22 January 2013 A Letter From Searching for Fashion Gold in the Caucasus Continuing to explore uncharted territory, NOT JUST A LABEL is devoted to discovering, promoting
21 January 2013 Designer Focus Birch & Elm This design duo hails from the bottom of the world - Cape Town that is - where they combine their
14 January 2013 Industry If One does not Plow, there will be no Harvest China is the world’s largest clothing and textile exporter responsible for approximately 30% of the
Kampe design in progress
13 January 2013 Designer Focus Michael Kampe By questioning the garment and its composition, Royal Academy of Antwerp graduate Michael Kampe
9 January 2013 Essay The Diversity of Menswear From the flawless Cary Grant to a kilted Kanye, menswear is changing. Currently a sort of
7 January 2013 Designer Focus Benjamin Bertram Benjamin Bertram is obsessed with variety. From his endless magazine collection that stretches back
18 December 2012 Essay Editor's Letter 2012 I have travelled 110,000 kilometres across four continents, attended close to 400 fashion shows,
Ryan Mercer - Satypratha
17 December 2012 Designer Focus Ryan Mercer The Canadian suburbs do not spring to mind when you think of fashion forward environments, but
13 December 2012 NJAL Projects NJAL & Wallpaper* Magazine 2012 Graduate Directory Once a year we reflect on the past annum’s accomplishments and discoveries to try and highlight
Lucia Cuba red dress
12 December 2012 Designer Focus Lucia Cuba A designer’s background is fundamental in their approach to fashion. Typically coming from an
Manon Kundig - Fijnal line-up of colourful outfits on catwalk
10 December 2012 Designer Focus Manon Kundig This 29 year old, recent graduate from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Art is taking fashion on a
Homewares and Interiors Shop
5 December 2012 A Letter From Is London still an Independent Retail City? Coming out of the tube at Oxford Street at the best of times tests the patience and limits of
Nathan Road full of signs in Hong Kong
3 December 2012 A Letter From Hong Kong Phooey Since the late 90s, Hong Kong has established itself into a shopping capital. Not a fashion capital
28 November 2012 Essay Who Raped the Band T-shirt? The devastating fact that you can walk into any Topman and buy a Ramones t-shirt is not only
26 November 2012 Designer Focus Radha Dumra The age-old debate of nature vs. nurture in how we develop is hotly contested, but sometimes we
J'ai Mal A La Tete - Campaign image of two models in the forest
19 November 2012 Designer Focus J'ai Mal à la Tête Fernando Pessoa’s work Livro do Desassossego – or The Book of Disquiet – inspired German designer
Philippine Fashion Week - Models backstage
14 November 2012 A Letter From Finding Fashion in the Philippines Understanding how fashion works around the world is a part of our culture here at NOT JUST A LABEL
Models with torsos in holes in the wall and legs out
8 November 2012 Competitions Hyères 2013 Call for Entries Every Spring in the South of France, the ‘International Festival of Fashion and Photography’
7 November 2012 Industry How to Approach your Business Plan So, it’s a Friday afternoon and rather than knocking off early and going to the pub you’re looking
Belgrade - National Theatre
6 November 2012 A Letter From NJAL in Eastern Europe I landed in Serbia as if I were in a dream. Over 20 degrees and beaming sunshine I drifted from the
1 November 2012 A Letter From NJAL in Eastern Europe As I flew into Riga, I could immediately see that this is a city divided. Geographically, the
Koishi Ring
31 October 2012 Designer Focus Koishi Ivana Damjanović, a jewelry designer and Serbian native, sees her work as a collection of actions
30 October 2012 A Letter From NJAL in Eastern Europe Today began with a splash. Not into some luxurious hotel pool or a splash of vodka into tomato
Lodz Poland
25 October 2012 A Letter From NJAL in Eastern Europe In collaboration with Vogue Italia, NJAL reports this week from the road! Specifically, we find
Der Metropol Hooded Jacket
22 October 2012 Designer Focus Der Metropol Brazilian Mario Francisco has had quite the action packed career to date. Chosen as the top
18 October 2012 Designer Focus Theatre de la Mode Christopher Kelly did what most budding young designers in the UK do. When he graduated he packed
8 February 2012 Designer Focus Sang A Sang A Im-Propp launched her collection of exotic skin and leather accessories in Spring 2006 to
5 February 2012 Designer Focus Gemma Redux Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gemma Redux designer Rachel Dooley spent most of her
20 December 2011 Essay Editor's Letter 2011 As we prepare this week’s E-commerce strategy on NJAL and begin scheduling the many scouting and
9 May 2011 Designer Focus Ayaka Nishi Ayaka Nishi is a jewellery brand that is inspired by nature and natural materials such as bone,
Duchamp dress by The Rodnik Band
7 May 2011 Designer Focus The Rodnik Band Philip’s designs walk a satirical line between art and fashion, and play on the idea of wearable
Veronica B Vallenes
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Veronica B. Vallenes Veronica B. Vallenes, winner of the Max Factor New Talent Award, is a Norwegian designer based in
Katie Eary Menswear
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Katie Eary Katie Eary is the London-based designer who will soon need no introduction – her aggressive but
Individuality: Joey Ma with lots of bags
7 May 2011 The Conversation Individuality: Joey Ma Joey Ma, Hong Kong fashion icon and long time supporter of NOT JUST A LABEL, shares his favorites
Meta.Morph by Úna Burke
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Meta.Morph META.MORPH is the collaborative project of NJAL's accessories designer Úna Burke, film
25 July 2014 Designer Focus Mandy Wu Born in the USA and now based in Singapore, Mandy Wu’s world is a vibrant mosaic of East and West.
 Alexis Mabille Autumn Winter 2013/14
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Alexis Mabille As a very young boy in Lyon, Alexis discovered fashion while searching through family attics and
7 May 2011 Essay Editor's Letter 2010 Three years ago, during Christmas, 2007 we started developing NOT JUST A LABEL’s heart and soul,
Nichole de Carle lingerie
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Nichole de Carle Every woman wakes up in the morning, at some point in her life, looks through her closet and hopes
Jessica Stam by Michaelangelo di Battista for Vogue Italia November 2005
7 May 2011 A Letter From Italy on the Lookout The search for emerging talents to represent the image of a country, and to create new energy in
Eleanor Amoroso crop top
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Eleanor Amoroso Not everyone can brag about actually having made every single piece in their graduate collection
Georgia Hardinge Portrait
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Georgia Hardinge & Victoria's Secret With skirts like flying buttresses on a catherdal’s side, Georgia Hardinge’s collections are
Fanny & Jessy Autumn/Winter 2012
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Fanny & Jessy Fanny and Jessy are a design duo who originate from Somerset and graduated from London College of
Made in Britain - Alexa Chung at mens show
7 May 2011 Industry Made in Britain Whilst making good headway into a combined fashion and photography project about England, it struck
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Eliana My name is Eliana Dimitrakopoulou and I graduated from the MA Fashion Design and Technology course
Military bespoke tailoring
7 May 2011 Essay Military Tailoring NOT JUST A LABEL met up with Hormazd Narielwalla, author of ‘Dead Man’s Patterns’, a book
Hands wearing Bijules Rings
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Bijules Rings are romantic, but can a pair of gold pasties reveal more about intimacy?
Refashioned book cover
7 May 2011 Industry Eco For-profit Fashion Design I started the research for my book Eco Fashion, curious about the relationships between women’s
Photovoice - Self portrait with the word 'FORGIVE' superimposed over eyes
14 August 2013 The Conversation Photovoice The nature of London means you could be working below somebody, above somebody, next to somebody
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects Vogue Fashion's Night IN As the temperature drops, we are quickly reminded of the comforts of the great indoors.
BJØRG sunglasses
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Bjørg We first met Bjørg during Copenhagen Fashion Week and her creations captivated us immediately. We
Karlota Laspalas white jacket
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Karlota Laspalas Karlota Laspalas (Pamplona, 1981) is a young fashion designer based in Barcelona.
Jackie Kennedy Shoes and Purse
7 May 2011 Essay Low Heel Lust While some are still desperately trying to add those extra inches with sky-high stilettos, a
Pic nic
7 May 2011 Essay A Frivolous Picnic There are a lot of things that influence a designer’s collection each season, whether it be the
7 May 2011 Designer Focus God's Prey God's Prey is a project by husband and wife team Sean Reveron and Meghan MacRae based in Los
7 May 2011 Designer Focus SADAK Both SADAK's men’s and women’s collections are recognisable for their colour scheme, distinct
Bijules Ring Detail
5 February 2012 Designer Focus Bijules Jules Kim, the creator of Bijules, is unapologetically conquering the balance of art and aesthetics
Copenhagen Fashion Week SS13
7 May 2011 A Letter From Take it from a Dane... Take it from a Dane gone abroad: there’s nothing like Copenhagen during fashion week in August. The
Gemma Slack metallic body piece
7 May 2011 Essay Ad Astra Every designer’s visions and ideas, suspended in the clear vacuum of a given time and place,
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Johannes Faktotum Johannes Faktotum, meaning “jack-of-all-trades” is a menswear line established in February of 2009
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects The NJAL T-shirts Here at NOT JUST A LABEL, we are committed to being the black sheep: leading the way in the fashion
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Hartmann Nordenholz Hartmann Nordenholz is a German-Austrian fashion label founded in winter 2000 by Filip Fiska and
Neurotica & Rachel Freire
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Neurotica & Rachel Freire For Spring/Summer 2011 Rachel Freire got together with Victoria McGrane from Neurotica and over
Sand People - Man atop a sign scattering sand
7 May 2011 Essay Sand People “What happens to those left behind?” With this question in mind, Andreas Waldschuetz set out to
PATRICK MOHR two models monobrows distorted features
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Patrick Mohr Patrick Mohr’s creations are eccentric, somewhat provocative and outspoken. His fashion flits
Eggs Bra
7 May 2011 Essay Beyond Trend Terror London plays host to some of the most unconventional fashion ideas.
7 May 2011 Essay Fashion Democracy When it comes to marketing, broadly speaking, the fashion industry is frankly a bit naff, (for my
JOHAN KU knitwear
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Johan Ku Born in Taipei in 1979, Johan Ku began his freelance graphic design career at the ripe age of 17.
Sarah Heulwen Lewis
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Heulwen Lewis My name is Sarah Heulwen Lewis. I am from South Wales and am an accomplished designer and
RG Award 2010
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects RG Award 2010 They say all beginnings are hard. The five nominated NJAL designers made it just in time to arrive
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Lislie Yeung Born in Hong Kong, Lislie was educated in England and America from the age of 7 as her parents
Death With Dignity New Dawn
7 May 2011 Essay Death with Dignity Death with dignity is precious, and dignified depictions of death are rare and extraordinary.
7 May 2011 Designer Focus David Longshaw David Longshaw studied Fashion Design Womenswear (BA hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art
Model wearing jewelry
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects Condé Nast Design Awards 2010 NOT JUST A LABEL is proud to announce that THE SHOP has been shortlisted for the Condé Nast
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Architectural Clothes My name is Nahum Villasana. I'm 24. I am based in the North of Mexico, Mexicali, Baja
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Adieu Melinda Santillan is a true cosmopolite: studying at Central Saint Martins in London and graduating
7 May 2011 Horizon Scandinavian Simplicity There’s a story about a young man from Switzerland who, on a shopping spree in Zurich came across
Christian Boltanski’s Installation 2010
7 May 2011 Essay Prêt À Porter Paris and style have walked hand in hand since Louis XIV’s reign, with the Sun King’s rapture for
Katie Rowland jewellery
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Katie Rowland Katie Rowland’s jewellery is a seductive coalescence of refined opulence, where enigmatic metals
YVY leather crop jacket
7 May 2011 Designer Focus YVY Yvonne Reichmuth was born in a small town in Switzerland in 1986. Growing up as the youngest in a
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Paula Selby Avellaneda Born in a long forgotten town on the coast of Brazil, Paula was raised in the wilderness of
Lingerie Advertising
7 May 2011 Essay In her Bra... The most intimate piece worn by a woman, a significant symbol of feminine history, and often an
MYRTO STAMOU Graduate Fashion Week Award
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Myrto Stamou With a Gold Award winning collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2009 and citations in Vogue, Elle and
Winter Landscape
7 May 2011 Essay Editor's Letter 2009 As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who
niiro jewellery
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Niiro Rosana Raljevič Ceglar (also known as Niiro) is a jewellery designer based in Slovenia.
Vivienne Westwood Opus Book
7 May 2011 Essay Fashion for Losers I love clothes but I don’t have many. I buy a few well-made designer pieces that I know I can wear
EYOLA womenswear models in black dresses
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Eyola Fashion designer Aloye graduated from Italian fashion and design school, Istituto Europeo di Design
Lara Stone by Craig Mc Dean
7 May 2011 Essay NJAL's Celebrity Christmas Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Alice Dellal, Katie Holmes and
Maiden Art Collection
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Maiden Art Maiden-Art is an Italian conceptual design brand of clothing, accessories and jewellery for both
7 May 2011 Essay The American Dream Land of hope, glory and the business of refulgent dreams cheaply sold, God Bless America, for it is
7 May 2011 Essay Fashion Conscience I believe fashion has a power, to partially dictate what we wear, how we talk and walk, what we
Lady Gaga
7 May 2011 Essay Lady Gaga Lady Gaga and NOT JUST A LABEL push fashion boundaries to the limits in the final edition of our
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Flik Hall Flik Hall moved to London following her school years and moved into Hackney soon after. She
The NJAL pop-up store
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects The NJAL Pop-up Store The most exclusive of fashion and the most elegant people were gathered in one amazing venue. NOT
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Study NY Tara St James was born and raised in Montreal, a city known for cultivating young talent before
Taylor Swift
7 May 2011 Essay Taylor Swift Inspired by the elegance of a ballerina and the seductiveness of bygone Hollywood boudoir, Sia
Sandra Lemp Model in Lingerie on Sofa
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Sandra Lemp Gone are the days when underwear was here just for one purpose… unless that purpose is being super
Dejan Despotovic Fall Winter 2009
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Dejan's Research Young designer Dejan Despotovic is set to take the fashion world by storm.
7 May 2011 Designer Focus American Perez American Perez was established in June 2008 in Barcelona. Natalia Perez and Jorge Bolado Moo are
Estar En El Horno
7 May 2011 Designer Focus Estar En El Horno Julieta Lopez Acosta is a fashion designer, stylist and painter living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
7 May 2011 NJAL Projects NJAL's First Ever Pop-up Store After four successful months of the online shop, NJAL is bringing unique avant-garde design
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Kolin Ekeocha I was raised in Hackney, and I’m still living in and loving the area. After leaving school, I was
Dsquared Fashion Show 2103
6 May 2011 Industry Fashion Week Evolution Fashion weeks: those ceremonious, frenzied affairs that leave the insatiable salivating for more.
Martin Lamothe Fashion Show
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Martin Lamothe Martin Lamothe is a label and project started by Elena Martin. She graduated from ATM, Barcelona’s
Paris Hilton in Ropes
6 May 2011 Essay Paris Hilton For a designer, nothing means better PR than having an A-list celebrity wear their items on the red
French Riviera Hedonism - 1930s summer fashion
6 May 2011 Horizon French Riviera Hedonism “One could get away with more on the summer Riviera, and whatever happened seemed to have something
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Reckless Ericka Reckless Ericka is a quirky, contemporary label, providing differentiated products with a strong
Swim Cap Fashion Glam
6 May 2011 Essay Swim Cap Fashion Glam Hot summer days are an invitation for many people to only wear a sweet nothing although their
Bryce Aime fashion show
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Bryce Aime Born in France, Bryce d’Anice Aime came to London in 1998 and cultivated his talent at Central
Pixie Geldof by Camille Bidault Waddington
6 May 2011 Essay Pixie Geldof Kay Desmond’s strong focus on individuality and confidence in her design has not gone unnoticed by
The Other Side of Suburbia - Landscape
6 May 2011 Essay The Other Side of Suburbia As you sit on your rickety, all stops train, or your lumbering claustrophobic bus home, it is easy
Celebrating Chow
6 May 2011 Horizon Celebrating Chow Androgynous beauty. Statement jewellery. Padded shoulders. Understated elegance and powerful
Lara Stone
6 May 2011 NJAL Projects Supermodel Lara Stone for our September Issue Lara Stone, the iconic Dutch supermodel, who believes that “individuality is a necessity”, will be
The Life and Times of an Ex-Fashion Mecca
6 May 2011 A Letter From The Life and Times of an Ex-Fashion Mecca Many years ago Chicago was considered a fashion epicentre thanks to major retailer Marshall Field
Blushless photoshoot model
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Blushless "I ain't born typical," says Liv Lundelius. Daughter of a punk-disco-club owner
Fannie Schiavoni
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Fannie Schiavoni Born in Sweden, Fannie Schiavoni moved to London when she was 18 to study tailoring.
6 May 2011 Essay Alice Dellal Alice Dellal – model and London style icon – fell in love with the unique embroidered leggings
Shoulder it up
6 May 2011 Essay Shoulder it up Shoulder pads, peaked shoulders, boned shoulders. Do these phrases instil you with panic? Fear?
ASIA WYSOCZYNSKA collection photoshoot
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Asia Wysoczynska Asia Wysoczynska is about to start her last year at the International Costume and Fashion Design
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Rad Hourani I started imagining clothes the same way I started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Minne Muztuccari My collection is based on the idea of being a spy, as well as on “The Lost Man”, which explores the
Volutio by Anna Kleihues Installation
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Volutio by Anna Kleihues The label Volutio stands for a man of modern thought and emancipation dressed in eloquent yet
I Heart NYC - Statue of Liberty
6 May 2011 A Letter From I Heart NYC Recently (well, for a long time really), I have been talking to a lot of people about travel,
6 May 2011 Essay Cool Britannia London is a city so unique it should really be its own island.
Koji Horigome Ruin Boots
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Koji Horigome Shoe label Koji Horigome is based in London, UK, and launched in 2008. Koji graduated from
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jaiden Rva James Jaiden rVa James was born when the minds of two young creatives, Rasharn de Vera Agyemang &
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Bernice Miller My inspiration for this collection (my first) came about from my analysis of the mind under a state
Julia and Ben
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Julia and Ben Julia And Ben was founded in 2007 after the two designers met at ESMOD fashion school in Berlin.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Jessica Harris Jessica Harris is an American fashion designer living and working in Rome, Italy. Her designs are
18 May 2011 Designer Focus Maria Francesca Pepe Studs, spikes and sweeping fabrics define Maria Francesca Pepe’s latest ‘Fortuna’ collection and
10 September 2014 The Conversation Craig Green Craig Green is a rare bird. The London designer’s ability to produce work that marries successful commercial appeal with artistic and emotional depth
20 May 2015 NJAL Projects The #OPB15 Video Diaries In collaboration with AEG, NOT JUST A LABEL is proud to present a series of video reports from the world’s biggest trade fair connecting 100 of NJAL’
20 May 2015 NJAL Projects Origin, Passion and Beliefs 2015: The Full Report On 15th-18th May, in Vicenza, Italy, NOT JUST A LABEL staged ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS (OPB) for the second time. It’s an entirely new trade show
18 May 2015 NJAL Projects #OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Three As Origin, Passion and Beliefs finally unfolds into action this weekend in Vicenza, Italy–NJAL is visually documenting all the electric activity at
17 May 2015 Designer Focus Manufacturer Focus: Legor Igniting a strong tradition and passion since 1979 the Legor Group is a fundamental researcher and producer of innovative jewellery technology.
10 May 2015 Designer Focus A Moodboard Moment: Salo Shayo #Origin100 designer Salomon Shayo steals the NJAL spotlight with ‘A Moodboard Moment’ ahead of this year’s Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) in
5 May 2015 Designer Focus Sound Of The Studio: Carla Fernández Carla Fernández is the founder of Taller Flora, a travelling workshop/laboratory that works with indigenous communities throughout Mexico, especially
26 April 2015 Designer Focus Tokyo Trippin' With NJAL Prepare for sensory overload and enjoy NJAL’s Tokyo Takeover. This week’s thematic focus is the hyper-modern metropolis that is Japan. From gothic
28 April 2015 Designer Focus Divka's Moodboard NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. As part of this week’s Tokyo Takeover, Takayuki
27 April 2015 Designer Focus Sound Of The Studio: Yohei Ohno Yohei Ohno is more of a material alchemist than a fashion designer and part of a new breed of fashion innovators effortlessly extracting inspiration
26 April 2015 Designer Focus Leonard Wong #OriginFair designer Leonard Wong is the Shanghai-born, Tokyo-based aesthete whose highly-charged designs has earned a slew of awards since
24 April 2015 Industry Q&A With Mantis World's Prama Bhardwaj On Fashion Revolution Day, NJAL spotlights Mantis World–the award-winning ethical clothing company with ranges for adults, kids and babies. Backed by
24 April 2015 Industry Fashion Revolution Day 2015 Two years on from the Rana plaza tragedy–Sass Brown, designer, celebrated author and Assistant Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New
21 April 2015 Designer Focus ThisIsNon Moodboard Following FashionPhilosophy Poland Autumn/Winter 2015–Poland’s biggest fashion event, it’s a timely moment to magnify Poland's fashion talent
20 April 2015 Competitions Style.com/Arabia DDFC Fashion Prize Following the success of NJAL meets d3, all designers based in the Arab world are invited to take part in the first DDFC Fashion Prize 2015, where
13 April 2015 Horizon Hermès presents Wanderland The Saatchi Gallery in London has opened its doors to host Hermès' new exhibition Wanderland. The surreal showcase draws on flânerie, or
9 April 2015 Designer Focus Domanoff The Odessa-based Domanoff design with a dictum that ‘clothes must have soul’ and such a statement acutely collapses the brand’s spiritual approach to
8 April 2015 NJAL Projects The NJAL Shop Edit: Marriam Mossalli The success of NJAL’s multi-sensory fashion pavilion at Dubai Design District last week has cemented its presence within the region, and today’s NJAL
2 April 2015 Essay The Aesthetics of Accelerationism While tracing Dubai’s explosive expansion and cultural renaissance, NJAL spotlights Arab artists making work that’s both inspired by and directly
1 April 2015 NJAL Projects The Enigma of Enterprise This week’s edit of the NJAL Shop pays homage to Dubai, with the unveiling of NJAL’s multi-sensory fashion hub at d3 today. NJAL’s trip to the Middle
31 March 2015 Designer Focus HOOKED | HKD Moodboard Farah Nasri is the design-force behind HOOKED | HKD – the Dubai-based brand set to showcase fantasy-inspired jewellery at NJAL’s immersive-experience
20 March 2015 Designer Focus Dé Lia NJAL will be exclusively live-streaming Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET. To celebrate Basel’s centre
19 March 2015 The Conversation Kurt and Bart Design duo Kurt and Bart are famed for their aesthetic archaeology of silver screen style, lending their skills to blockbusters including Hunger
18 March 2015 Essay Fashion Presentations: Catwalk 2.0? As more and more designers turn to presentations to display their collections, the reputation of the catwalk is in a state of transition. Social
16 March 2015 NJAL Projects Editor's Picks Look to NJAL's Editor's Picks for the low-down on the latest trend-topping pieces in The NJAL Shop. Today's expert edit singles out
16 March 2015 Designer Focus Valentim Quaresma Lisbon-based designer Valentim Quaresma has persistently blurred the lines dividing fashion and art practice for over 20-years. After working
13 March 2015 Designer Focus JumpFromPaper For those with fingers firmly on the fashion pulse, you’ll know the Internet has been animated (quite literally) with a very particular obsession as
4 March 2015 Horizon Fashion Dramaturgy This week, NJAL is celebrating the enduring love between the worlds of music and fashion, and today’s investigation wanders to the underbelly of
24 February 2015 The Conversation Ivania Carpio NJAL has long been enchanted with Love Aesthetics' Ivania Carpio, the Dutch blogger whose penchant for monochromatic minimalism has made her a
23 February 2015 Designer Focus Arantxa Morcillo's 'Splintered' Moodboard NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. To commemorate a special curation of all things
19 February 2015 Industry The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day Three This season, NJAL is giving you an all-access pass to the best of London Fashion Week A/W 2015. Instead of getting bogged down with the superfluous
18 February 2015 Designer Focus Nicolas Martin Garcia: The Lolito Moodboard NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. Today, Nicholas Martin Garcia steals the spotlight,
16 February 2015 Designer Focus Diani Diaz NJAL spotlights Diani Diaz, a showcasing designer in LCF’s MA15 Womenswear show, which NJAL will be live-streaming on Thursday 19th February at 19.30
13 February 2015 Essay The Artist as Brand Consider art as the ultimate benchmark of connoisseurial consumerism through a chronological conflation of art historical moments such as Warhol
10 February 2015 Horizon Printed Matter Reports on the death of print seem to be greatly exaggerated when you're constantly flummoxed by a wall of obscure art and fashion publications
5 February 2015 Designer Focus Artifactual Luxury with Úna Burke In NJAL’s continued focus on all things artifactual, fashion is considered as a reflection of social behaviour. To define an artefact in the context
26 January 2015 Competitions Mediterranean Fashion Prize 2015 NJAL announce the return of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize to reveal, perfect and train tomorrow’s talents of the Mediterranean Basin. It offers 10
26 January 2015 Competitions WOW's Wearable Technology Award 2015 NJAL join forces with World of WearableArt™ to present a new prize in 2015: The Wearable Technology Award. The award celebrates and encourages
30 December 2014 Essay A New Fashion Landscape Europe’s fashion industry continues to wear its heritage on its sleeve, and cash in on its cache of tradition, craftsmanship and creativity. London,
16 December 2014 Essay Fashion Philanthropy In public opinion, "fashion" can often be seen as a cruel world, full of starving models, sweatshop production and heartless individuals,
4 December 2014 NJAL Projects NJAL's Handpicked Party Pieces With the party season fast approaching, NJAL has hand-picked 10 of the most coveted pieces to wear this winter...
13 November 2014 Designer Focus James Kelly James Kelly represents a fresh crop of emerging design talent from the Royal College of Art. Finding influences in anything from the senses through
28 November 2014 Horizon Reimagining Gender Through Fashion NJAL's Bre Cruickshank investigates modern perceptions of gender; propelled through the progressive world of fashion, gender rules are no longer
Cassandra Green
20 November 2014 Designer Focus Cassandra Verity Green NJAL's Cassandra Verity Green discusses everything from 1970's Barbarella, psychedelic colours, and her grandmother's influence. The
Timeless Fashion
11 November 2014 Essay What is the true meaning of Timeless Fashion? 'Timelessness': it is a term ubiquitous in fashion, representing the iconic silhouettes of historically popular designs. But what makes a
4 November 2014 Horizon Fashion, Sustainability, and the Misplacement of Shame Contributing NJAL editor Silvia Bombardini delves into the layers of fast fashion, uprooting societal attitudes, psychological intricacies, and a
28 October 2014 Industry The Changing Space of Retail Contributing editor Ophelia Wu offers a valuable exploration into the current landscape of retail; how has the internet age affected our shopping
5 October 2014 A Letter From Beneath the Veil Blessed with a myriad of talented designers already producing for the global landscape, we turn away from Dubai's Western fashion scene and
26 September 2014 Horizon How Wearable Can Technology Really Be? Wearable technology. In 2014, the term became less perplexing, acquiring greater gravitas than its early-noughties association with neon flickering
The Fashion Advertising Campaign: Big Business & Brand Identity
24 September 2014 Industry The Fashion Advertising Campaign: Big Business & Brand Identity With more than $500 billion a year spent on advertising worldwide and an estimated £241 million spent on fashion advertising in the UK, the fashion
25 September 2014 Competitions ELLE Canada Fashion Film Competition The ELLE Canada Fashion Film Competition is now accepting submissions!
9 September 2014 Designer Focus Hanger Claire Yurika Davis is the designer behind London label Hanger, whose clothing is produced in the UK and stands out for her refreshingly
Iris Van Herpen
27 May 2014 Essay Friend or Foe? 3D Printing and the Fashion Industry 3D printing is being hailed as a catalyst for big changes in industries across the board, with talk of using it to produce everything from organs to
Nixi Killick Designs Lady Gaga's Tour Costumes
1 September 2014 Designer Focus Nixi Killick Designs Lady Gaga's Tour Costumes NOT JUST A LABEL's Ausralian design talent Nixi Killick has found an iconic fan in the form of pop superstar Lady Gaga.
Miranda Kerr for Chanel
22 August 2014 Horizon Does Society Choose your Wardrobe for you? There are two things that play a major role in creating a fashion collection: Inspiration and influences.
18 September 2014 Competitions Diamond Jewellery Competition - HRD Awards 2015 HRD Antwerp, one of the world’s leading diamond grading labs and global service provider to the diamond and jewellery industry, announces the launch
NJAL Designer Bint Thani
4 August 2014 Designer Focus Bint Thani The esteemed designer has kept one eye on the cultural heritage of her homeland, and the other on the needs of the modern woman. Khulood tells NJAL
Fashion Scout
14 August 2014 Competitions Fashion Scout Announces Ones to Watch for Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Scout, the showcasing platform for emerging and established design talent, has announced the four designers participating in its Spring/
25 July 2014 Horizon A Stitch in Time Shrouded in secrecy, kept in conditions of scientific precision, fashion archives are both the treasure chests of the industry, and the keys to its
23 July 2014 Designer Focus Chromat Chromat began in 2010, when designer Becca McCharen pushed her architecture studies into a new direction - to create structural experiments for the
18 July 2014 Industry Guidelines II: A Handbook on Sustainability in Fashion In 2012, a group of environmental scholars, sustainable fashion specialists and academics took to print to grapple with the complex universe of
8 July 2014 Essay Waste Not, Want Not Christina Dean, Founder and CEO of the EcoChic Design Award advises young designers on the paths to follow to create fashion that promises to ‘waste
2 July 2014 Designer Focus Natalia Sushchenko Natalia was born in small town in the middle of Siberia in the late eighties, where she helped her mother sew her family’s clothes, and created her
5 August 2014 Competitions Your Graduation Masterpiece Own Label is inviting all graduating students to submit their designs to Your Graduation Masterpiece 2014.
26 June 2014 Essay Failure in Fashion Success stories are the lens through which we see the global fashion industry, so much so that emerging fashion designers are left feeling downbeat
Christa Bösch
5 March 2014 Designer Focus Christa Bösch Ahead of the Basel Institute of Fashion Design’s 2014 show this Saturday, we bring you a double designer focus of two of the school's most
18 June 2014 Designer Focus Ioana Ciolacu Ioana Ciolacu grew up in Romania, and didn’t eat chocolate until she was six.
4 June 2014 Essay Drawing to a Close? It was the medium that laid the foundations for fashion imagery, but we've come a long way since fashion illustrations graced the front cover of
4 June 2014 Designer Focus Chiara Scarpitti Chiara Scarpitti is an Italian designer and researcher specialising in contemporary jewellery. Her jewellery designs hybridise technology with a
23 May 2014 Designer Focus Henson Andy Henson and Brent Gold began working together in 2009. With Andy drawing on his film background, and Brent referencing his childhood on a farm in
Prada Candy
21 May 2014 Essay The Evolution of Product Placement Nebraska director Alexander Payne calls it “perverse and corrupt”. David Lynch says “bullshit”. The product placement phenomenon has always been a
19 May 2014 Designer Focus Krjst High-end ready-to-wear label Krjst is the joint design efforts of Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx, two designers that met while studying
10 March 2014 Essay Synchrodogs This week at NOT JUST A LABEL, we are showing our support for Ukraine. Right now in Kiev, Ukrainian Fashion Week is happening in the midst of the
Origin Passion & Beliefs
7 May 2014 NJAL Projects The NJAL Diary: Origin Passion & Beliefs ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS will bring together 100 of the most ground-breaking independent designers, to meet with Italy’s most distinguished
16 July 2014 Competitions NYC Fashion Production Fund 2014 The NYC Fashion Production Fund is one of a suite of city initiatives to maintain and enhance New York City’s position as the global leader in
25 April 2014 Essay Hyères 2014 This weekend once more, fashion’s most creative minds will congregate in the French Riviera’s.
12 April 2014 Essay Fashion’s Surrealist Accessory From a bag shaped like a cereal packet to a hat in the form of a banana, fashion items designed to look like other objects are a big trend for Autumn
15 April 2014 Essay Choosing a Sustainability Strategy Tara St James is an ambassador for sustainable fashion who practises what she preaches.
1 May 2014 Designer Focus Frances O’Leary Frances O'Leary is a womenswear and print designer based in East London.
American Fashion School inside studio workspace
8 February 2014 Industry The Success of American Fashion Schools America as a nation is full of contradictions, and though it boasts some of the world’s best universities, the experiences wildly vary.
14 May 2014 Essay The Textiles of Change Fashion has truly seen it all when it comes to materials. Name a fabric and someone, somewhere, has created a garment from it, be it paper, tin foil
19 March 2014 Designer Focus Carla Fernandez British fashion designer Erin Lewis is the current head of design for Carla Fernandez, Mexico's leading sustainable fashion brand.
18 March 2014 A Letter From Cuba Raised in Europe by my Polish mum and Cuban father, who met at a celebration of the Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution somewhere in the early ‘80s,
26 February 2014 Essay Style on the Silver Screen One of the most memorable, sensitive moments of fashion and film touching palms was when menswear designer Tom Ford turned film director for A Single
milan italy interior of ornate building
17 February 2014 A Letter From Italy Italian culture is famed for its arts. Throughout centuries, the country has proven time and time again that it champions creativity, boasting an
18 February 2014 Essay Appreciation or Appropriation? Adopting elements of different cultures is a natural, human consequence of interaction between different groups. It is indicative of a diverse and
21 June 2014 Competitions NordiCHI’14 Helsinki Student Design Competition is a new addition to NordiCHI conference. It aims at supplementing the NordiCHI 2014 program with unconventional and
28 February 2014 Designer Focus House of Sunny House of Sunny has come a long way from the young boy who once devoured magazines in waiting rooms to get his fashion fix.
new york city skyscrapers worm's eye view
10 February 2014 Industry Made in the USA Twice a year, the fashion flock take New York City in their talons, obscuring the locals with their bright plumage, waving their wings to hail cabs,
31 March 2014 The Conversation Alissa Haight Carlton We sit down with Alissa Haight Carlton, the Supervising Casting Director for Project Runway, for whom Season 13 will mark her seventh season with the
Bellaobastian arial view of model in beige cape and burgundy hat
30 January 2014 Designer Focus Bellaobastian Bellaobastian delivers fashion with a kick. The brand shuns disposable fashion, and designs products that will never go out of style.
15 April 2014 Essay What is the Problem with Fashion Today? Today is a day about making the fashion industry better.
Harem Royal insect necklace
30 January 2014 Designer Focus Harem Royal Harem Royal is a completely independent jewellery line inspired by female sexuality and opulence. Based in Serbia, Srdjan Matijasevic is the
30 January 2014 Essay Aspirational Dressing Opulence is back in fashion. On the catwalk, that is. Most followers of fashion don’t get the chance to head out dripping with jewels, or weighed
scandinavian film still nymphomaniac lars von trier
29 January 2014 Horizon Scandinavia's Dark Side Sweden, Denmark and Norway share a history of fashion, architecture and design that is clean, minimalist and avoids excess.
25 January 2014 A Letter From The Scandinavian Niche and the Global Market The NJAL team have just got back from Copenhagen and Stockholm fashion weeks, and our founder Stefan Siegel was part of the jury at the coveted award
7 February 2014 Competitions FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 The International and Interdisciplinary Fashion Festival, FASHIONCLASH, is calling for all artists, designers, photographers and performers to take
Mainstreaming Advanced Style Hats
12 October 2012 Essay Mainstreaming Advanced Style Providing a constant inspiration for fashion followers and industry outsiders are a diverse celebrated group of seasoned individuals who continue to
11 October 2012 Designer Focus Minna Parikka This Helsinki based designer first fell in love with footwear design at the tender age of 15! She quickly acted on her dreams, and moved to London
Zoya Museum
18 October 2012 A Letter From NJAL In Eastern Europe We here at NOT JUST A LABEL relentlessly try and remind ourselves of the ethos behind our tag line – discovering and supporting pioneers in
Natalie Anne Moran Model at the Florist
1 October 2012 Designer Focus Natalie Anne Moran After working placements with Christopher Kane and Louise Gray, Natalie is out to make a name for herself.
Stefano Rellandini
1 October 2012 Industry The Real Value of 'Made in'… How well do you know your own clothes? Do you usually read the tag before purchasing to see the country of origin? More often than not, we as
Bernard Delettrez Ring
25 September 2012 Designer Focus Bernard Delettrez Bernard Delettrez is something of an enigma. A quiet, well travelled man who prefers to let his jewellery speak for itself. After 30 years of
Myrza de Muynck
11 September 2012 Designer Focus Myrza de Muynck After completing her Masters at Central St. Martins College in 2011, this, now London based label, has garnered attention for her highly detailed
10 September 2012 Designer Focus Claudia Ligari Italian born designer Claudia Ligari graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan in 2004. Soon after, she turned down various internships for brands
3 September 2012 Essay Death of the Fashion Editorial July 2012 marked an important ‘first’ for Elle UK magazine. It announced that it was publishing its first solo male fashion editorial, starring David
Store with modern white fixtures
28 August 2012 Industry An Introduction to Pricing You’re selling online and perhaps you also sell via a few shops or galleries and directly to a set of private customers. Here are some things you
23 August 2012 Essay The Pattern Cutter The term “designer” seems to be more and more a fluid name given to anyone with a bright idea, rather than the skills and technical expertise needed
Alexander McQueen Show
22 August 2012 Industry Do I Really Need a Master's? Today fashion start-ups are de-rigour, and not all of these businesses have been started by fashion college graduates.
Rachel Boston - Campaign image of hands with jewellery
20 August 2012 Designer Focus Rachel Boston Rachel Boston is a London born and based jewellery designer and maker. Rachel graduated in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of
20 August 2012 Essay The Underdog Unis There is no doubt that degrees from institutions such as Central Saint Martins or Parsons carry considerable weight in the mainstream fashion
28 August 2012 Designer Focus Minna Palmqvist With a Master of Fine Arts in Textile from Kontfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Finnish born Minna Palmqvist started her self-entitled brand
Hedi Slimane
14 August 2012 Industry The Creative Director Fashion houses have had a whirlwind few years playing musical chairs with creative directors: The recent dismissal of the entire womenswear team at
9 August 2012 Designer Focus Human Potential Yk is based in Seoul, South Korea. She studied at Parsons The New School For Design. Her collections are produced in South Korea. As a student she
8 August 2012 Designer Focus Chichia London London-based designer Christine Mhando graduated from Kent University with an honours degree, in 2002.
8 August 2012 Designer Focus Haizhen Wang Haizhen Wang’s namesake label began the journey of entering fashion n a small studio off Portobello Rd. in 2010.
7 August 2012 Designer Focus Divka The word “pattern” has multiple meanings: Sewing patterns for jackets, design patterns, not to mention people’s behavioral patterns.
6 August 2012 Designer Focus Friends With Benefits FRIENDS with BENEFITS is the creation of Design Director Clark Sabbat and Creative Director Lynn Levoy. Together they bring a combined 20 years of
2 August 2012 Designer Focus Christian Blanken Christian Blanken is a UK based designer who was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the Far East and later the UK.
2 August 2012 Designer Focus Pasionae Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and of Italian descent, Candela Turco began her artistic career, at the young age of nine, studying
Nothing Good Ever Came Easily
2 August 2012 A Letter From Paris: Nothing Good Ever Came Easily I remember sitting at Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 2B. It was a sunny Saturday morning, early in September: “I hate airports”, I found myself
25 July 2012 Essay Punk Britannia For a fashion subculture based on an ethos of anti-establishment, anti-materialism and ‘breaking the rules’, the idea of producing a ‘style guide’
Photography by Charles Freger
25 July 2012 A Letter From Bulgaria Tucked in at the most eastern point of Eastern Europe with a population the size of London’s, it’s little wonder that few associate Bulgaria with
Adidas trainers
24 July 2012 Essay Olympic Style The Olympics seem a surprisingly corporate bandwagon for the fashion industry to jump aboard.
24 July 2012 Designer Focus George Bezhanishvili In the realm of human silhouette construction, George Bezhanishvili crafts and proposes a wardrobe as a subsequent skin to inhabit.
International Talent Support 2012 - Luke Brooks
24 July 2012 Competitions International Talent Support 2012 International Talent Support 2012 (ITS), an annual competition for young designers now in its eleventh edition, culminated in a spectacular weekend
Delikatessen x Kampe SS13 - Model combing his hair
24 July 2012 Designer Focus Delikatessen x Michael Kampe One evening Andrzej Lisowski saw Michael Kampe’s work on NJAL. He had an impulse to write to Michael and ask if he would like to design a capsule
Ada Zanditon Portrait
20 July 2012 Designer Focus Ada Zanditon Ada Zanditon, born and based in London, is a first class graduate of the London College of Fashion.
20 July 2012 Designer Focus Dori Tomcsanyi Dori Tomcsanyi is a Budapest based fashion designer studying MA fashion at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.
18 July 2012 The Conversation Quentin Jones Quentin Jones is an illustrator, animator, filmmaker, model and a philosophy graduate. Her mix of influences and experiences has resulted in a fun,
Fannie Schiavoni
13 July 2012 Designer Focus Fannie Schiavoni Fannie Schiavoni has led an unexpected life. She moved to London at 18, married at 20 and chose a career path she hadn’t previously dreamed of.
Abu Dhabi performing arts centre
12 July 2012 A Letter From Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is a place full of seduction, you feel it from the moment you walk off the plane. The air is heavy with heat and it hits you as you
11 July 2012 The Conversation Mariette Hoitink Mariette Hoitink is the founder of HTNK, the Dutch fashion recruitment and consultancy agency. Since 1997 she and her team have been building a
10 July 2012 Designer Focus American Perez Bringing their new and refreshing collection entitled 'Sunday Morning' to NJAL, we catch up with this design duo to see how their
10 July 2012 Essay Knitwear Luxe Unlike any other element of today’s fashion landscape, knitwear spans a heritage almost as long as we do.
10 July 2012 Designer Focus Said Mahrouf Said Mahrouf obtained his degree in fashion design from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy and Pratt Institute in New York.
The Moroccan Kaftan - Man in desert
10 July 2012 Horizon The Moroccan Kaftan Morocco, a vast territory, is full of nuance and complexity. Kingdom of juxtaposed relationships, land of ancestry, inspiring with its legendary
10 July 2012 A Letter From The Arab Market What a month! Beirut, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Bela Rechka, Sofia. This variety has shown me just how different the markets are for young and emerging
9 July 2012 Designer Focus José Maria Garcia-Planas Artextil S.A. is one of Spain’s textile legacies. After the Spanish Civil War, the factory was Spain’s largest producer of worsted wool.
Art/c designer
9 July 2012 Designer Focus Art/c ART/C, the brand, was born from Israeli and Moroccan designer Artsi who lives, works and creates in Marrakech.
Folds of colourful fabric
9 July 2012 Industry New Technologies in Sustainability The textile industry is quickly changing to accommodate for pro-activity in fashion. Many new fabrics are being developed to reduce the detrimental
IUAV University
4 July 2012 The Conversation Università IUAV di Venezia Maria Luisa Frisa is integral to the development of Italian fashion.
2 July 2012 Designer Focus Aptform Michail Gkinis' background in fashion started at an early age. He grew up in an environment surrounded by textiles and the creative sound of
Materfad Barcelona
2 July 2012 The Conversation Valérie Bergeron Materfad Barcelona facilitates the transfer of technology between a variety of sectors such as biotechnology, construction, transport or textiles,
28 June 2012 Essay It Girls They divide opinion, invite scorn and attract our attention no matter what they do. And in some cases they needn’t do anything at all for us to put
28 June 2012 The Conversation Vicksit Mehta: Ahmedabad to Tokyo In 1930, during the Great Depression, the textile industry was dwindling globally.
28 June 2012 Designer Focus The Bungalow The Bungalow is a line designed by French designer Mathieu Leguillon for prominent Mumbai concept store, Bungalow 8.
PR - Guests at Alta Roma Alta Moda Opening Party
26 June 2012 Industry Is Public Relations Relatable? A young designer emerges from London College of Fashion, Antwerp's Royal Academy or Fashion Institute of Technology and, after a series of
Charlie May - Model in nude gilet with large lapels
25 June 2012 Designer Focus Charlie May Charlie May is a young British womenswear designer, currently working and living in London. She graduated from UWE, Bristol in 2010 before moving to
Giusy Bettoni with Livia Firth
21 June 2012 Designer Focus Giusy Bettoni CLASS stands for Creativity, Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy.
Come for Breakfast
19 June 2012 The Conversation Istituto Polimoda Florence Linda Loppa, accomplished designer and pioneer of Belgian fashion, is the director of Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design &
19 June 2012 Designer Focus William Richard Green Like most of us, William Richard Green is all mixed-up. He grew up on an English farm and likes traditional things like solid well-made shoes, proper
14 June 2012 Designer Focus Felipe Rojas Llanos Felipe Rojas Llanos is a London-based menswear designer, born in Chile and brought to Sweden at the age of four.
Designer Children's Wear - Stella McCartney children's wear campaign
13 June 2012 Essay Designer Children's Wear The appetite for luxury and designer brands remain unabated and children's wear is no exception.
13 June 2012 Industry The Paradox of High Street Luxury High street luxury: somewhat of an oxymoron, yet the concept of 'affordable luxury' is one we've readily succumbed to.
Old Singer sewing machine
11 June 2012 The Conversation Make Each Stitch Count At NJAL we are happy to introduce an exclusive interview with one of the Singer company’s VIPs Stephen Bogod, Director of Marketing for Bogod &
11 June 2012 Designer Focus Dinu Bodiciu While completing his BA in Graphic Design in Romania, Dinu Bodiciu had the chance to attend a course in bookbinding.
6 June 2012 Industry A Future for the High Street For many of us a trip to the high street these days constitutes little more than a few shufflings and clicks of a mouse.
31 May 2012 Horizon Fashion with Regality 60 years of the Queen’s reign...
24 May 2012 The Conversation Kathryn Ferguson Belfast born filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson is best known for her experimental work in Fashion Film.
Sorcha O' Raghallaigh
23 May 2012 A Letter From Dublin How does a city form a creative identity when it’s forced to live in the shadow of a bigger metropolis?
22 May 2012 Designer Focus Hemyca HEMYCA is a luxury womenswear label based in Chelsea, London.
Helen Rodel model in red and white striped knit dress
21 May 2012 Industry Back to Basics With the advent of the industrial revolution, a whole new world was born.
15 May 2012 Designer Focus Dreams Of Norway Dreams of Norway consists of designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg. Iselin was born in Kristiansand, Norway in 1981.
15 May 2012 NJAL Projects WGSN x NJAL NJAL has partnered with WGSN, the world’s leading online trend-analysis and research service to offer beautiful, authoritative, cutting-edge and
10 May 2012 The Conversation Jacqui Ma Jacqui Ma, is Senior Trend Editor at WGSN. Her degrees in business and industrial design respectively from University of Canberra in Australia and
8 May 2012 Horizon Between the Coasts It all started when former White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers, walked into the NY Public Library for the centennial gala in Summer 2011, a
Designer for Tomorrow - Model in 3D knitwear
7 May 2012 NJAL Projects Designer for Tomorrow Finalists In February 2012, NJAL was pleased to offer NJAL designers an exciting opportunity to have Marc Jacobs take talented emerging designers under his
3 May 2012 Essay The Real British Women of the Future The term ‘Britishness’ is enjoying a cultural renaissance and seems to have clawed its way back from the outlying regions of what’s socially
6 May 2011 Designer Focus João Pimenta João Pimenta was born in São Sebastião do Paraíso, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The label has been around since 2003, presenting fashion shows since 2004
2 May 2012 The Conversation Fashion Institute of Technology Joanne Arbuckle is Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology; better known as FIT and one of New York’s most important Design schools. Arbuckle is
2 May 2012 Designer Focus Margot Bowman Margot Bowman studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2011. Since then she has worked as an Illustrator and Art Director for
27 April 2012 Horizon Luchino Visconti's The Leopard When Hollywood calls on European milieux for ideas, the filmic result is often a gaudy caricature of an idealised history.
24 April 2012 Designer Focus Na'ama Rietti Na’ama Rietti is an artist, sculptor, craftsperson and designer. Specialising in leather and knitwear she creates unique, exclusive, one-off and
Trans-seasonal Evolution - Models in pleated pink and white dresses
19 April 2012 Essay Trans-Seasonal Evolution Not too long ago, Spring/Summer meant colour, joy-de-vivre and ebullience. Autumn/Winter meant muted shades, dense outerwear and multiple layers;
Diane Pernet by Costas Voyatzis for Yatzer
17 April 2012 NJAL Projects Diane Pernet: Experiencing Fashion and the Fashion Film Diane Pernet is one of fashion’s most influential figures. Her presence and views are highly valued.
16 April 2012 Designer Focus Amy Glenn Gender neutral silhouettes are accented with a line of minimalist accessories. Hand-dipped triple dyed fabrics are dried by the sun, leather is
12 April 2012 The Conversation Erin Dixon Erin Dixon is Managing Editor at Dossier Journal, New York City’s transcendent arts and culture go-to, printed bi-annually.
5 April 2012 Industry The Next Generation Prominent for its vibrant fashion scene as one destination of the big four Fashion Weeks, London is constantly spotlighted for its abundance of young
5 April 2012 A Letter From Belgium: A Design Love Affair To the majority of people, the words ‘fashion’ and ‘couture’ tend to conjure up very specific geographic locations; Paris, Milan, London and New York
Jonathan Cohen - Burnt Gold Dress
30 March 2012 Designer Focus Jonathan Cohen Jonathan Cohen was born and raised in San Diego, California by Mexican Parents. He developed his technique and eye whilst attending Parsons School
Indonesia Rice Fields
29 March 2012 A Letter From Indonesia In the Western hemisphere, Indonesia is more often associated with gap years, honeymoons and cheap labor, rather than glamour and designer labels.
Mademoiselle Borcher - Couture Shirt and Dress
28 March 2012 Designer Focus Mademoiselle Borcher Mademoiselle Borcher is a creative mind who will wrap you up in dark fairy tales.
Out of Africa - Model in black swathes of fabric on deserted road
26 March 2012 A Letter From Out of Africa During the Spring/Summer 2005 shows French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier sent his signature bridal gown onto the runway sporting a tulle veil
Greatest show on heart
14 March 2012 Essay The Art of Fashion Increasingly, in recent years and worldwide, fashion has been given a platform in spaces where art is traditionally showcased. Museums now display
14 March 2012 The Conversation Sitting Down with Priska Morger Priska Morger ‘does fashion’; she has a hands-on approach to everything she touches. This ‘can do’ attitude has meant she has had an incredibly
Big in Kuwait - Kuwait landscape
12 March 2012 A Letter From Big in Kuwait "The Gulf", the hyper-rich, media-scrutinized region of the Middle East, is often associated in Western countries to excess and newness;
7 March 2012 Designer Focus Sorapol Sorapol was born in Bangkok, Thailand. After completing a course in Fashion Design & Illustration he left for London, where he enrolled at the
NJAL in India - Bicycles and Indian architecture
1 March 2012 A Letter From NJAL in India NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) has embarked on a journey to discover new talents, connect east and west, and explore India’s rich offerings.
Nora Renaud
28 February 2012 Designer Focus Nora Renaud Nora Renaud studied at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris before working for a number of couture houses, including Christian Dior,
28 February 2012 The Conversation SOME/THINGS and NOT JUST A LABEL NJAL handed over curatorial direction to creative innovators SOME/THINGS.
27 February 2012 Designer Focus Aoi Kotsuhiroi Aoi Kotsuhiroi designs body art, described in her words as feet objects or body objects.
24 February 2012 Industry @Fashion Hearts Technology Picture the scene: It’s Fashion Week. Next season’s key looks are about to parade up and down the runway. Obscure techno music is blasting out of the
Federico Fellini's 8 1/2
21 February 2012 Horizon Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 Style, sex and extravagance are synonymous with the films of Italian director Federico Fellini.
20 February 2012 Designer Focus Lucio Vanotti Sign, matter and surface are the variables of Lucio Vanotti’s work. Purism, reductionism and concision are the instruments he uses. The expression is
Alexandra Groove
19 February 2012 Industry The Future of the Fashion Show In 2012, Phoebe Philo bucked the trend. So did Stella McCartney and Moschino's Cheap & Chic. They all chose against catwalk shows in favour
Julian Zigerlli
16 February 2012 Designer Focus Julian Zigerli Julian Zigerli was born and raised in Switzerland. At the age of 20, Julian left for Germany to study fashion design at the University of Art Berlin
13 February 2012 The Conversation An Interview with the Donna Karan Professor of Fashion A forerunner in arts education since its inception in 1896, Parsons in New York has cultivated an outstanding alumni of artists, designers, scholars
12 February 2012 Designer Focus Elisa Palomino Graduating Central Saint Martins in 1992 with an MA in Fashion & Textiles, Spanish designer Elisa Palomino went on to work for some of the most
23 January 2012 Designer Focus Shao Yen Known for his innovative use of unconventional materials in a traditional form, Taiwan-born Shao Yen is fearless in his combination of fabrics – such
12 January 2012 Essay The Handbag 'Your handbag is your home during the day' tweeted the legendary womenswear designer Diane von Furstenberg in a recent series of admissions
9 January 2012 Designer Focus LaFormela The brand LaFormela was founded in 2009 by designers; Antonin Soukup from the Czech Republic, and Miroslava Kohutiarova and Katarina Kopkova from
Flying model
9 January 2012 The Conversation Talents on Show POLIMODA FUTURE LAB is a launching-pad devoted to the former Polimoda students with a passionate interest in design, marketing and communication.
First Kiss Black Top
16 December 2011 Designer Focus First Kiss Tomer Almoznino and Diana Bazeli are the designers behind "First Kiss" label. The designers live and work in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The first
Model in a white hat
5 December 2011 NJAL Projects What's the Big Idea? Every December, Wallpaper* issues its renowned Graduate Directory which highlights the year’s best graduates from various creative arenas, including
5 December 2011 Designer Focus Alina Alamorean Alina spent a paradoxical youth split up between her artistic and architect family roots and the grey reality of a communist country. At age of 22
London Meets Beirut - Statue in Beirut
1 December 2011 A Letter From London Meets Beirut Lebanon, a country rich with history, strife, glamour, cosmopolitanism and rejuvenation, is on the brink of being internationally recognised as a hub
Natures of Conflict Grey Jacket
28 November 2011 Designer Focus Natures of Conflict Natures of Conflict (NOC) is Kathrin Lugbauer and Nora Berger. They are based in Vienna, Austria and have been working together since 2008.
28 November 2011 Designer Focus Úna Burke The spiritual, superstition and burial rituals are not themes that many designers would cite as inspiration. But for Úna Burke, these formed the
6 May 2011 Essay The Borrowers We are young. We are oh so cultured. We are ever so slightly obsessed with our own alternative individual style. We are the borrowers. Of late, our
People sewing
17 November 2011 Designer Focus Brooklyn Sewn Brooklyn Sewn, founded by David Gensler, is an in-house fashion atelier which utilises aspects of the slow fashion movement to play out Gensler’s
Nicki Minaj
14 November 2011 Essay Postmodernism: The Style Subversive The V&A’s exhibition ‘Postmodernism: Style and the Subversive 1970-1990’ offers a pop of colour with its run through the wintery months until
Alicia Reina
10 November 2011 Designer Focus Alicia Reina On an island in the sun within the last century or so I came to be. The warmth of the tropical breeze would soon turn into gusts of freezing cold
10 November 2011 Designer Focus 8eme Line Ch is a thai born, Paris based recent graduate from Esmod Lyon with an award winning collection in 2011.
10 November 2011 Designer Focus Sylvio Giardina Sylvio Giardina was born in Paris and moved to Rome to attend the Rome Fashion and Costume Academy, where he is currently based.
Peter Movrin
9 November 2011 Designer Focus Peter Movrin To me fashion design is a picturesque art. In fashion you can also find marvellous people such as Picasso, Fellini and Edith Piaf. They are phenomena
A New Age Saga - Reykjavik
3 November 2011 A Letter From A New Age Saga In the land of fire and ice, the brave Vikings are united by more than just blood and vodka, Old Norse Sagas, and Lopapeysa knits.
26 October 2011 Designer Focus Konrad Parol Before I started working under other designers, I was robbed of my entire oeuvre: several years of work by my so-called fashion agent, who was to
21 October 2011 Designer Focus Wackerhaus Wackerhaus was founded in 2003 by the designer Trine Wackerhausen. She lives and works in Copenhagen.
18 October 2011 Designer Focus Kirsty Ward Dress like you’ve got something to say: Kirsty Ward’s designs are not for the shy and demure.
13 October 2011 Essay Appetite for Destruction The act of creation in fashion, from the finishing of a garment by a young designer in their studio to luxury couturiers in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement
10 October 2011 Designer Focus Not by Jenny Lai Not is a new clothing experience company, currently manned by one woman based in manhattan.
Friends with Benefits - Model in draped dress
6 October 2011 Designer Focus Friends with Benefits Clark Sabbat originally studied architecture while he was in High School but became interested in fashion while waiting for projects to be graded and
Grey Winter Look
29 September 2011 Designer Focus Lilly Marthe Ebener Lilly Marthe Ebener has had a successful career in many areas of Fashion. After studying Fashion design in Paris, her career progressed to working
28 September 2011 Designer Focus Tata Christiane Tata Christiane is a fashion and costume label founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois and Hanrigabriel.
Andraya Farrag Model in the Shadows
27 September 2011 Designer Focus Andraya Farrag Andraya Farrag is a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins where she received a First Class BA Hons in Fashion Design with Marketing.
model on grey background
22 September 2011 NJAL Projects NJAL & Pitti Immagine NOT JUST A LABEL and Pitti Immagine join forces to let 8 emerging fashion designers make their debut at the Pitti Immagine women’s fairs, during
I shop Therefore I am
15 September 2011 The Conversation Chic Thrills Elizabeth Wilson has been involved in alternative politics and campaigns since the 1970s and is author of the books, including Adorned in dreams;
9 September 2011 Designer Focus Pola Thomson Pola Thomson is a Chilean-born, NY based fashion designer. She graduated with a BA in fashion design from the Chilean Catholic University and took
Lascivious AW12 Isla Body
8 September 2011 Designer Focus Lascivious Chloe Hamblen graduated in 2003 with a 1st Class Honours in Contour Fashion.
5 September 2011 Designer Focus Conquistador German born, Athens based, Greek stylist, photographer, creative director and part time creative consultant, Tassos Sofroniou started his successful
30 August 2011 Designer Focus CO|TE CO|TE is an Italian brand founded by designers Tomaso Anfossi (Albenga 1986) and Francesco Ferrari (Brescia 1983). Both are graduates of the
Cotton plant
24 August 2011 Essay The Classic White T-Shirt Your t-shirt hangs loosely across your collarbones dropping smoothly down the curve of your back.
22 August 2011 A Letter From The Seoul of Menswear Women in South Korea celebrate lady-like femininity, but they also adore men who share their love of style and creative expression through clothes.
15 August 2011 A Letter From The Fortune of China When speaking of luxury consumption, Erdem Moralioglu of Erdem once said, ”It seems to go in shifts, geographically. Sometimes it’s all American
10 August 2011 Designer Focus Tom Van der Borght Tom Van der Borght is not your average designer. The Belgian fashion design student catches attention with his strong personal style and description-
1 August 2011 Designer Focus Piers Atkinson From princesses to pop stars, English milliner Piers Atkinson is making hats happen.
1 August 2011 Designer Focus Mads Dinesen Mads Dinesen is a Danish Fashion Designer living and working in Berlin. Dinesen’s designs combine an in depth working knowledge of impeccable
27 July 2011 Designer Focus Christian Westphal Danish designer Christian Westphal has brought elegance, sophistication and detailed fit to menswear. His eponymous line blends Scandinavian design
25 July 2011 The Conversation Creative and the Chemist On average, every person in the UK has their life expectancy reduced by 7-8 months as a result of air pollution.
18 July 2011 Designer Focus Victoria Spruce Victoria Spruce is a footwear designer, originally from Kent but now based in London.
15 July 2011 Designer Focus Narelle Dore I travelled to Antwerp, home of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, to meet two young disciples of the fashion department.
5 July 2011 Designer Focus Ascione “My collection traveled and developed into to a very interesting process, I felt like it was more about intuitive experiments and errors that became
30 June 2011 Essay Halbstarke It’s a walk on the wild side in a prototypical storybook setting turned upside down.
27 June 2011 Designer Focus Chau Har Lee As a designer Chau’s background is mixed. If her footwear MA at the RCA was technically orientated, her occasional stints at the fashion houses have
22 June 2011 NJAL Projects Vice Style Visionaries Vice Style’s ‘Visionaries,’ is a series of short films featuring some of fashion’s most influential icons, including Gareth Pugh, Nick Knight and
21 June 2011 NJAL Projects NJAL for Global Fashion Awards NOT JUST A LABEL received international recognition on June 20, being named as a finalist for the WGSN Global Fashion Awards in the Breakthrough
Gisele Ganne
16 June 2011 Designer Focus Gisele Ganne Death and divorce are intriguing subjects. They are the dark themes that influence the work of Gisele Ganne, a French born jewellery designer, who
7 June 2011 NJAL Projects Mango Fashion Awards 2011 NOT JUST A LABEL and MANGO join forces for the 4th ‘El Botón’-Mango Fashion Awards sharing a worldwide opportunity to receive the largest award of
7 May 2011 The Conversation Eva & Adele in NJAL Designs NOT JUST A LABEL met up with contemporary art icons Eva and Adele in Berlin.
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Anneloes van Osselaer Anneloes van Osselaer is a Dutch fashion designer based in Amsterdam.
9 May 2011 Designer Focus Andreia Chaves Brazilian-born and living in Milan, Andreia Chaves is a shoe designer who graduated in 2010 with a footwear and accessories degree at Polimoda
Narz womenswear
6 May 2011 Designer Focus Narz My work is inspired by everything that goes on around me. My inspiration for this collection was cultural symbolism. How people create each other.