Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 17

A monthly curated video selection by Niccolò Montanari: From my experience attending film festivals and screenings, humour is one of those elements that will always make a film stand out and be memorable. Especially when dealing with fashion films, who have tendency of being rather serious, a more playful approach is what will keep the audience interested.

Humour is a very strong tool, as it allows us to share important messages by making them more accessible. When I was looking at what content to select for this month, I was surprised I hadn’t looked at humour yet as a potential theme. What was interesting is that a great deal of films seemed to focus on our absurd and unhealthy relationship with technology, and specifically with social media. Our internal conflict between wanting to be constantly connected and growing tired of comparing ourselves to others, is what the majority of the films below focus on and make fun of. What’s reassuring, in some ways, is that this is something that we all seem to be experiencing.  

Boomerang by Matthew Frost

The latest film Matthew Frost is a humorous, yet accurate reflection of how we relate to ourselves and others through social media.

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks - Pitti Uomo Mockumentary by Aaron Christian

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks is a hilarious depiction of the fashion world and the characters the populate it inspired by David Attenborough’s documentaries.

La Bobette by Marion Dupas

What gets us likes on social media? La Bobette shows us the intricate method of taking the perfect “butt selfie”.

Le Club de Lecture / Pictoresq Book Club by Pictoresq

Having and taking the time to pick up a book has become something of a rarity. Pictoresq Book Club shows us a way to make that happen.

Behind the Vase by Ivan Jurado

Shot for Massimo Dutti, Behind the Vase is a beautiful and slightly surreal tale of two women getting lost in an antiques store.

Digital Romantic Irina Alexiu

The absurdity of our romance with technology continues in this quirky love story between a man and his laptop.

A Return to L’Isola di Sleepy Jones by Oscar Boyson

Director Oscar Boyson returns with a second episode of what life should be like wearing cosy and comfortable Sleepy Jones sleepwear.

The Bad Date by Cloé Bailly

How many bad blind dates have we been on since online dating? Alexa Chung gives us a taste, or more like a reminder, of what that’s like.

Epic Fail by Greg Barth

How do we perceive truth and information in the digital era? And how much control do we have? Epic Fail tackles these questions moved by the recent political events.