Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 14

A monthly curated video selection by Niccolò Montanari. The term luxury is something that has come to be associated with wealth, richness, and affluence. But luxury can be very personal—found in the small pleasures we treat ourselves to. For this month’s column, I wanted to highlight films that show a different side to luxury.

It’s often things that we take for granted or don’t notice until they are gone, such as the optimism of youth and the confidence of old age. It’s also having the time discover, find, and believe in ourselves; or it's the luxury of loving who we want to and not being afraid of anyone’s judgement, including our own. These ten films aim to depict luxury throughout the different stages of our lives, reminding us that it is something that comes from within ourselves.

The Greatest Luxury by Kathryn Ferguson

The Greatest Luxury is the latest film by award-winning director, Kathryn Ferguson. Challenging social norms and established standards, the film questions the definition of luxury through a series of interviews with radical creatives.

L’Isola di Sleepy Jones by Oscar Boyson

In a tribute to life’s small pleasures, L’Isola di Sleepy Jones follows the day-to-day of the inhabitants of a small Mediterranean island on their quest for rest and relaxation.

Dark Skin / Gold Soul by Jordi Estrada

Capturing the beauty, freedom, and optimism of youth, director Jordi Estrada tells the story of 23-year-old Yemi, reminding us of an age marked by beauty, innocence, and drive during which anything is still within reach.

Gus Dapperton for Vogue Magazine by Matthew Dillon Cohen

In this collaboration with director Matthew Dillon Cohen, up-and-coming pop artist Gus Dapperton shares how we should embrace “the colours [we] wear and the sounds that [we] make”.

MBC Vanguards & Visionaries A / W by Sergi Castellà

Created for Match Boys Collective’s A/W collection, the film highlights the importance of having the time to discover and explore in order to grow as a human being.

What Men Fear Most by Elliot Barnes-Worrell

Challenging the accepted conception of masculinity, London-based actor and poet Elliot Barnes-Worrell shares the beauty in being able to show one’s emotions.

Spectrum of love by Ibon Landa

With Spectrum of Love, director Ibon Landa describes the energy of falling and being in love for the first time—something we tend to forget as we grow up.

Singular - Anna Bonny by Chloé Wallace

Celebrating singular beauty for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Singular is a story of resilience, acceptance, and the will to overcome the challenges we face.

LE FIX x CLUB 99.7 by Nina Holmgren

Club 99.7 is an homage to the director’s grandfather, appreciating the time that they had left together depicted through this heartfelt documentary.

Black Star: Mila by Michael Williams

In a tribute to lullaby, reflection, fear and defiance, director Michael Williams captures transgender star Mila Adderley as she reminds us of how being visible is not something we should take for granted.