Voft Valeriya Olkhova

Black Sheep


copenhagen / denmark


chelsea university of arts london

Graduation year


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Living by the rules of her own Utopia, she is inspired by the aesthetics of the imperfect
(*Wabi Sabi).
Cocooning savage beauty of the perfect imperfections.
Through this perspective, she is building a unique language of texture, her own identity clothing.
Every day in her sanctuary she performs a ritual - a symbiosis, of putting on a second skin - her social identity. She is alluring and ready to dive into the urban landscape to explore and experience, to seduce. Her curious soul empowers her essence.

The backbone of VOFT is influenced by the designer Valeriya Olkhova's personal zeitgeist, her culture, background and futuristic vision.
The soul of the VOFT's DNA is rooted in the slow fashion approach to the industry. It focuses on creating comfortable, out of time, wearable art, using the concept of emotional textiles. The story of the knit seeks to embody the poetry of the craftsmanship process through spider web tale. All pieces are made by handcraft and domestic knitting machine.

Emotional Textiles are designed to have a long life, evolving, but remaining aesthetically beautiful.
Through the engagement and cherishment, the design user builds her/his own personal relationship to the pieces, which increases/builds a strong sentimental value.
This scenario evolves into a stronger symbiosis between self and visual persona. Constructing a unique extension of her identity and pushing the boundaries of the social standards.

VOFT's DNA lies in an onion-like layering aesthetics,
capturing the sensuous tactile experience and making slow conscious choices over fast pace living.
The brand aspires to embrace an organic growth and limited hand production, via internal training.
The vision of the future showroom, is to combine production, showroom and workshop. Aiming to establish engagement and by this intensify the personal connection between the customer, design process and final product.

Designer:Valeriya Olkhova
Roots: Ukraine.
Education: Chelsea University of Arts London, SPECIALIZING in textiles, knit.

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