L.A.B. by Ternovskaya

Black Sheep



kiev / ukraine

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LIVE AND BELIEVE - this motto combines the philosophy of the brand, founded in 2015.

The MISSION is to create harmonious images that emphasize the femininity and individuality of modern women. L.A.B is for sensual, harmonious and brave woman, confident in herself and her choice.

PRINCIPLES - comfort, coziness and the highest quality of materials. We use natural fabrics and yarn: silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, specifically bought in Italy for each collection.

L.A.B is eclectic. Its visions absorb the best from classics and latest trends, creating a unique bouquet of elegance and comfort.

Our PASSION - non-standard trouser suits, decorated with details that emphasize sexuality, sensuality and tenderness.

Our PRIDE – my Team. Creative, inspired and hardworking.

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