Iceland Academy of the Arts

The Academy is a self-governing institution providing higher education in visual arts, theatre arts, music, design and architecture.  Iceland Academy of the Arts is an independent institution working according to auspieces of law number 43/1995, concerning art education at the university level. According to the charter aim of the Iceland Academy of the Arts is to be the leading institution fo higher education in Iceland within the fields of arts. The Academy seeks to preserve and cultivate the Icelandic heritage, as well as supporting artistic innovation. It collaborates with other schools and institutions that share similar fields of education, to utilise the expertise, equipment and information resources that exist in the country.

Within the Academy there are already 5 departments, those of Visual Arts, Design and Architechture, Music, Theater and Dance and Art Education. 

Besides this is the Open Academy, an independent institution within the Academy offering contiued and re-education courses for professional artists, designers, art instructors, actors and other professionals within the theatre as well as courses in special art areas to professional and non-professional artists. Twice a week the Open Art Academy arranges lectures on various subjects in cooperation with departments of the Academy. The IAA library provides a wealth of resources in support of studies, instruction and research at the Academy, as well as specialized information services in the arts.

The Fashion Design Programme at the Department of Design and Architecture encourages students to think new things and to aim to be a leading force within their discipline. The Fashion Design Programme follows traditions in European avant-garde fashion design and models itself on the best schools in Britain.

Courses Overview: Undergraduate & Postgraduate 

Fashion Design BA 

Life In Iceland 

The energy is palpable on this magical island, where astonishing natural phenomena inspire the welcoming, creative locals and draw an increasing number of visitors in search of splendour. Don't for a moment think it's only about the great outdoors, the counterpoint to so much natural beauty is found in Iceland's cultural life. Live music is everywhere, as is visual art, handicrafts and locavore cuisine. The world's most northerly capital is home to the kind of egalitarianism, green thinking, and effortlessly stylish locals that its Nordic brethren are famous for – all wrapped in Iceland's assured individuality.