Beckmans College of Design

A course or workshop at Beckmans Academy can make you rethink and increase the trust in yourself and your role at work. Choose between fashion, design and visual communication, taught by some of Swedens top creatives.

Understanding the artistic tools and developing artistic methods and processes are part of what we teach in our Art classes, which are included in all the study programmes at Beckmans.

Designers, regardless of specialisation, need to be able to move "freely" in the creative span, and to understand their own work, expression and notions, as well as those of others. They need tools to communicate visually with others and with themselves. They need to trust and understand their own artistic process.The College has state-of-the-art computer rooms, sewing and draping studios, a carpentry workshop and studios for art classes and other educational activities. There is also a photo studio and a small screen printing studio. A gallery within the College is reserved for continuous exhibitions by students, teachers and guest exhibitors. The library is still under development. Students also have free access to the excellent libraries at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) and the Royal Institute of Art.

Head of School

Ph.D. Cilla Robach has been Principal of Beckmans College of Design since 2013. Robach has a doctoral degree from Uppsala University. "I work at Beckmans to activities imbued with the feeling that everything is possible, I think it's inspiring," says Priscilla. "My goal is that we will challenge our students in different ways so that they develop into strong creative professionals who can contribute to positive social development based on their individual interests."

Courses Overview: Undergraduate

Bachelor of Product and Interior Design
Bachelor of Fashion Design
Bachelor of Visual Communications

Noteworthy Alumni

Many eminent creators in fashion, advertising/visual communication and design are former students at Beckmans, including Katja of Sweden (fashion, 1940), Gunila Axén (fashion, 1963), Sighsten Herrgård (fashion, 1964), Kerstin Boulogner (fashion, 1966), Pia Wallén (fashion, 1980), Anna Holtblad (fashion, 1982), Camilla Thulin (fashion, 1982), Elisabet Yanagisawa (fashion, 1986), Lars Wallin (fashion, 1987), Pontus Djanaieff (fashion, 1987), Pär Engsheden (fashion, 1988), Anna Kraitz (design, 1999), Margot Barolo (design, 2000), Eva Schildt (design, 2001), Bea Szenfeld (fashion, 2002), Helena Hörstedt (fashion, 2004),Ann-Sofie Back (fashion), Carin Wester (fashion), and Sandra Backlund (fashion).

Life in Stockholm

The Beckmans College of Design is only a stone’s throw away from Stureplan and Östermalmstorg in central Stockholm. We have four large floors at our disposal in a building on Brahegatan 10, designed by Carl Nyrén in the 1960s. Our premises are bright, with big windows facing the street and a green, open courtyard.