Zora Romanska

Black Sheep



sofia / bulgaria


Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia

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Zora Romanska is a contemporary painter and graphic designer. Being an artist is not only her specialty, received in the form of education and work for many years in Italy, but it is also her mission in life. With many international exhibitions and received awards, she has always strived towards new horizons and challenges. As a result, from this drive for innovation, the label ZR – Zora Romanska was founded in the end of 2013 and thus her career as a jewellery artist actually began.

The designer has chosen to work specifically with high-quality Italian leather and only hidden magnet clasps are used for fastening with main idea to see nothing but the leather itself. Zora creates extravagant handmade jewellery pieces that have multifunctional possibilities, they transform and bring the strong feeling of uniqueness to the one wearing them. The brand is provocatively elegant and chic, and it targets wide spectre of devoted to the art admirers. Due to the nature of the material, leather is naturally adaptive and the smart design of ZR jewelleries is both classic and modern. They can be worn at the most fashionable event and at the same time they can be part of your everyday style.

The most distinguishing models of the brand are the Jabots - magnificent ornamental cascades of leather ruffles or frills, and the cuffs – the perfect finish for every wrist, quite often specially crafted with a hidden key inside. That key, later turned out to be one of the most emblematic and recognizable elements for ZR and it can be seen not only on cuffs, but also on rings, necklaces, belts and clutches. The designer also likes to experiment sometimes with other materials such as ropes and nickel chains in order to compliment the leather. Zora single-handedly creates every single unique accessory and the results are always impressive works of art. As she likes to say “Jewellery is like art – making and wearing it can be perceived and comprehended however you like. Perception is the real psychology of art!”.

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