ZhouqiAng wU

Grey Sheep


savannah / united states


The savannah college of art and design

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My name is Zhouqiang Wu. Thus far in my career, I have be able to develop my design and marketing skills. Over the past four years in college, I have become proficient in sewing and draping, finding new ways to manipulate fabrics and stylize garments to achieve and elevated look, and i feel honored to showcase my senior collection in both scad atlanta and savannah fashion show. As well as Having skills from my home country of China, where I was able to work several fabric companies in which they design and produce fabrics to be sent to outside vendors. This knowledge of manipulating fabrics lead me to start my career in fashion design and has allowed me to achieve great personal success in my designs. I am constantly pushing myself to change what I know and develop new things to diversify my portfolio. In the future, I want to be able to grow and mature my skills within the industry.

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