Grey Sheep


ljubljana / slovenia


academy of fine arts venice

"In my creations I follow my flow, taking notes in the form of photos and fragments of urban life around me and around the world. I am inspired by reflections in the shop windows, graffiti, commercials and various other details of the streets and cities. Photos are captured in camera as street stories."

About label:

Žeža (pronounced Zhezha) is a Lady. Her fascination with photo media and urban jungle have become a part of her observation and contemplation.
She has found a link between photography and jewelry design and developed it into the fresh, street and funky label, Žeža. It is simply here everywhere around you, us and me. It is a label that is analog and occasionally retro, but always fashionable. Now Žeža is on her mission to deliver urban amulets to self-confident, funky and eccentric individualist, woman and man.

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