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LIB N'GUYEN, born in a small town in Vietnam, is for many architecture and stories left from the French colonial period - Long Khanh town (now Long Khanh city, Dong Nai).

Lib N'guyen is the founder of eco-fashion brand Yvette Libby N'guyen Paris (Paris, France), is now still maintained.

As a nostalgic person, the designer especially treasures the beauty and sophisticated architecture of previous decades - it was also her passion for pursuing the career as a fashion designer. The designer wishes to fully inherit the romance of the past in fusion with contemporary beauty. This mark is made clear by the designs of Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris: “Rétro” but not “Vintage”.

Inherited the artisanal treasure from the family since 1928, after almost 90 years of the rise and fall of the family within the historical events, Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris was reshaped in 2016 in Paris, to keep the timeless spirit alive, where the stories of Madame Yvette ( Lib'S artisan ancestor) have a specific influence on each of her designs.

The brand is inspired by the fashionableness of the nostalgic revival of a style, the timeless sophistication, also called retro-cool. Her competency is in Outerwear for women, men, and children: jacket, coat, trench-coat, blazer, “manteaux”. Most of the styles are unisex that every gender is fashionable in.

Utmostly YLN focuses on the ecological finished products, friendly with your skin and environment while it always keep you in fashion.

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