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{Yummii&I} was founded and built upon the 5 principals of Love, Passion, Wonderment, Beauty, and Miracles.

We believe "love" is the most inspiring and wonderful realm from which all beautiful things are created.

Passion is what fuels us.We are passionate about craftsmanship, quality and design.

Bringing wonderment to everything we do is a beautiful and active choice we make.

Being explorers, being curious and being in search of adventure brings joy, creates compassion and is the most magical form of play.

We believe that beauty is all around, all encompassing and there is a unique beauty within all of us. Each of us has the power to define "beauty". To share this beauty, to have the courage to express this beauty and to empower others to share their own kind of beautiful is a miracle.

We want to contribute to creating miracles in this universe that we call home.

With our core philosophies, we express ourselves through the creation of handcrafted luxury accessories. We believe that our core philosophies can be expressed through the adornment of headpieces, hand-pieces and adornments for both women and men.

The company was founded as an avenue to bring forth the magic of "creating things with love" - taking inspiration from mother nature and the world around us; and ensuring that everything is produced from the heart with materials that are created ethically and are sustainable.

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