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XLX PROJECT, is a sustainable, interdisciplinary, non binary fashion brand based in La Plata, Argentina.
Committed to the environment my designs are handmade in my small studio.
From the textile experimentation together with the alchemy of the materials, I generate exclusive and conceptual collections that lead us to question our relationship with nature and how we act before it.
In simple and organic ways, the impetus of the work is focused on the textile and what it generates. The manual and artisanal work results in unique pieces that take us to the summer on the banks of the River Platense: the first dip, the overwhelming heat of midday, the sound of the wind and the animals when the sun starts to go down. The smell of river, earth and grass.
The destiny of each collection is to encourage conscious consumption, inviting the viewer / consumer to take / buy only what is needed and if you do not need it anymore you can return it to my hands where it will be reinvented.

Consuelo Fuertes
Non BinARY experimental Artist

I studied design at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, UNLP, and finished my career at ABM, Institute of Higher Education, CABA.
I conducted several trainings, among which I highlight a workshop on contemporary stage and costume with Claudia Billourou, TAE, School of Arts and Crafts, Argentine Theater, 2015. Suminagashi and Marblingn workshop with Luciana Marrone, 2017. Bio-manufacturing and new materials workshop with Ana Laura Cantera and Emiliano Gentile, Baikal, CABA, 2019.
I currently take work monitoring classes with Teresa Giarcovich, and I work as an assistant in her clothing design classes at ABM. I also teach textile experimentation in my private workshop and in ABM Institute.
Among my parades, the participation in the Argentina Fashion Week stands out, together with the Argentina Sustainable Fashion Association, AMSOAR, 2019 and the performance parade in the Festival Nuevos Vientos, 2016, La Plata. Among my exhibits, “FALBALAS” stands out. Static installation by teachers Delia Cancela, Buenos Aires Design Week, 2018. “NATURALEZA PLÁSTICA” static installation, Cariño Galería, La Plata 2019. I am part of the virtual platform of young artists from YUKI.
In 2021, I was selected for the Creation Scholarships of the National Fund for the Arts and the Par Scholarship of the University of La Plata.

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