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art academy of latvia

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Vita Radziņa is a MA Fashion Design graduate of Art Academy of Latvia, Humanitarian Science in the Art program, in the Fashion Design department.

I was born in Riga, where finished RDMV Art school, and worked for 3 years as a make-up artist. I liked to draw very much and my head was always full of different ideas. That is why I decided to go deeper into the fashion world, and I wanted to get the highest education in art, creating specific mood, I decided to continue studies in fashion department.
In the second year of studies, I went to Finland as an ERASMUS Exchange student and studied in the design department. Returning back to Art academy I made a fashion collection called "My Beloved Ghost-Bu” and with it I won the competition in Riga, and went to St. Peterburg (Russia) to show it. There I got the 3rd place among 48 collections. I like to travel and get new inspiration, listen to music and get some new feelings. I like to create some fantasy or mood, and in the year 2007 I was an actor director in a movie "Amateur” by Janis Nords.

After getting my BA degree in Art Academy I continued my studies being deeply interested in the process of studies and the result when making my collections. I wanted to stay in connection with art. I have worked in some theatre plays as a costume designer. Just now I have returned back from Berlin where I was in connection with Erasmus Exchange Program and I took part in the process of making costumes for a new performance in theatre. I also prefer creating photography pictures with professional models and professional photographers. Each picture is one story.... that makes me happy.

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