Viktorija Agne

Black Sheep



vilnius / lithuania


london college of fashion, university of the arts london

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Graduated from BA Fashion Jewellery and MA Fashion Artefacts at London College of Fashion. I am a founder and free lance designer at VIKTORIJA AGNE. Accessories and Jewellery has always been my biggest passion.

My designs are Inspired and carried by the concepts of mobility and transformation of objects, which enhanced by knowledge, technology and individual artistic insights creates a brand of transformable Jewellery. The three major inspirations and corner stones, the automotive industry, robotics and ’Transformers’ creates a collection of accessories, which can be adjusted, combined and de-grouped, creating excitement and a lot of room for consumer’s preferences and freedom. Through application of shapes, appropriate materials (metals, 3D printing, precious metals, gem stones, diamonds) and production techniques, VIKTORIJA AGNE delivers a unique and captivating product inspired by the sound complexities of the modern industries. Jewellery will invoke on the advanced aspects, thus making every new collection advanced, experimental but still classic in the way that it exposes new approaches, as well as the aspect of multi-functionality in a tasteful and original manner.

Designs are made in the United Kingdom and Lithuania.


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