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copenhagen / denmark

Graduation year


Unsung is a Copenhagen based brand helmed by Marco Storm Braskov and Rita Canto. It was launched in 2014 after Marco and Rita graduated at London College of Fashion and Middlesex University. They both finished at the top of their class, presenting their degree collections at the University catwalk shows, during London Fashion Week.

Unsung is committed to crafting mens and womenswear with a genderless vibe, in order to deconstruct how we perceive clothing and assemble it in a new, contemporary setting. Its shapes are innovative, but delivered with clean and raw lines to create a complexity that is fitting for the modern- man and woman. Its universe revolve around a retro-futurist aesthetic, reinterpreting utilitarian and classic garments into something new.

The design-duo are constantly seeking new ways of using textures, textile manipulation and fabrics in order to cultivate something original through deep research and experimentation.

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