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london / United Kingdom


The Art Institute of Vancouver

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Trippy Hippy is a brand created to inspire and bring a unique blast of colour to the world. All pieces are one of a kind and all are hand crafted by Victoria Patterson (designer) who currently resides in London, England.
Victoria Patterson, president and founder, left her home in Canada to explore the world. Trippy Hippy is the result of seeing and experiencing life in her way - celebrating a love of music, culture and self expression. These clothes express the life of youth and culture inspired by years of finding herself. Victoria’s clothes exude vibrancy and passion for life.
At the heart of this newly established brand is Victoria’s drive to push beyond accepted limits and to communicate the importance of embracing new experiences. Trippy Hippy is for everyone, particularly for those who want to express individuality and those who dare to be different. It is for free spirits, those who rebel against convention and refuse to be constrained.
‘I’ve never been one to fit in and follow trends, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time. I embrace my wild side, with rainbow hair, striking clothes and a want to be different. Everything I create is me and it’s my goal to share that with the world.’

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