Tiziano Guardini

Black Sheep



milan / italy


accademia internazionale d’ alta moda e d’arte del costume – koefia

Graduation year


Actuality, Eco-Sustainability and Originality
This is how we can synthetically represent the soul of Tiziano Guardini - a young talented fashion Designer who loves
fashion combined with nature - two apparently anti-ethic contexts but in perfect harmony in his creations.
Tiziano Guardini has been repeatedly cited by fashion magazines and newspapers like the NYTimes, Vogue,
Interview, Il Corriere della Sera who called him the “Designer of Nature”.
Tiziano was born in the 80-ies in Rome. Since his young age he had always been fascinated by the World of Fashion. So, as
a young adult, he decided to study at the Academy KOEFIA in Rome. After he became a “Fashion Designer” and after having
done his Master Degree in Product Management, he started various co-operations with several Fashion Ateliers in Rome
for PAP and Accessories. Among its major exhibitions:
2012 he participated at the “Limited/Unlimited” Edition presenting a coat made of pine needles.
The same year he was special guest at the “VogueFashionNightOut” in Rome and he participated at the famous Catwalk at
the Spanish Steps.
Afterwards he was invited to show his fashion design at the M.A.T. during the exhibition: “The seduction of handcraft”.
Tiziano Guardini designed then an entire “bags” collection and he was invited as special guest at the WHITE trade
show in Milan.
Following he participated at various fashion and art events throughout Italy and in October 2013 he was asked to show his
creations at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
In March 2014 he esposed his creations at “Fashion for Forest / Forest for Fashion” at the United Nations in Geneve.
The same year, his creation is exposed at “L'eleganza del cibo – food about fashion” show at Traiano's Market museum
in Rome.
In July 2015 he showed a sculptural dress in branches and ulive's leaves at EXPO 2015 in Milan.
On 2016 Tiziano Guardini parteciped at "Ethical Fashion Show" in Milan during del MFW2016.
The same year, in March 2016 he continue to show him soul around the world and won the “Bronze Hempel Fashion
Award” in Bejing.
The same year, three sculpural dresses are exposed in New York at Chelsea Market in "L'eleganza del cibo"
In July he's got a retrospective at “Iqos Embassy“ in Rome and started a partnership with the Oscar Mrs Milena
Canonero to create the “Cum Grande Humilate” show.
On October he attended a “Green Carpet Challenge” at International Film Festival in Rome.

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