Tina Haagensen

Black Sheep


oslo / norway


esmod oslo

Graduation year



Tina Haagensen’s design stands out with their combination of uncompromising details, cut and high quality. The collections unite playfulness and tailoring with the finest materials and intricate details to create timeless feminine pieces with a twist. Each style in the collection comes with an opposite twin; one is vivid and detailed while the other is subtle and simple. The silhouette is often layered and uses a creative mix of vivid colors and patterns that work in a combined friendly mix. Many of the garments have hand-made details as hand beading and embroidery, featuring beautiful linings in contrasting materials to add to the overall look. Tina’s passion and past experience within the arena of costume making and styling provides an important inspiration for her collections adding a theatrical and romantic mood to every item. Asian design, with its clean lines and attention to detail, also play a strong influence, creating a poetic modern nostalgia. Tina Haagensen was launched in 2007 and is already gaining a strong international following.

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