Sophia Lerner

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lima / peru


mod'art international

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Sophia Lerner is a Peruvian brand founded in 2016 by Lima-based fashion designer Sophia Lerner. With a strong love for conceptual meticulosity, creative innovation and a very defined sense of aesthetic identity, it seeks to inspire everyone to feel unique and different. The brand, both for men and women, strives to re-invent silhouettes through experimentation blending urban and modern into one.

The brand explores the myriad textures of denim with each collection striving to create new personal and handcrafted pieces. Each garment is designed and made in Lima, working with local manufacturers and most of the fabrics are entirely produced in the studio to be used in the construction of the final garments. Sophia Lerner believes in creating pieces of art which serves as the main source of inspiration each season.

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