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Early years
Interested in sciences, arts, and the living, Mathilde likes to combine different knowledge and inspirations, to connect ideas and people, to create as many branches and trees that shape her life path.

She spent two years in Senegal between the ages of 2 and 4 and returned to Brittany where she grew up until her 8th birthday when her parents decided to move to Paris. She studies at the Collège privé Catholique Stanislas, where she received a strict and traditional education. She then attended the Lycée public Montaigne where she discovered new ways of thinking.

Intrigued by fashion, she decided, after graduating with honours from the Economic and Social Baccalaureate, to join the ESMOD school in Paris, where she blossomed fully by studying lingerie in her final year.

Next steps
In ESMOD she discovered a way to express her interest in intimacy, psychology, the body, and women.

She created a collection that was taken up by several brands and became the assistant of Valérie Delafosse, founder of Princesse Tam-Tam and later Artistic Director of ERES. Mathilde stayed by Valérie’s side for two years, while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Innovation in Fashion Companies at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, and a Master’s degree in Fashion Design Management at the London College of Fashion.

During this Master’s degree, she collaborated notably with a charity, the Orchid Project, and created a line of underwear to militate against female genital mutilation.

Entrepreneurial journey
She returned to Paris and acquired sales experience during a summer spent at Bon Marché in the lingerie department.

Her first entrepreneurial experience follows by founding a start-up specialized in new technologies, which she leaves in 2019 to create SKINSWEAR. THE WOMAN PROJECT is born during the confinement in March 2020 when she participates in the creation of a support group, G BESOIN 2, and detects the urgency to create social links between
women through social networks.

SKINSWEAR brand is standing on its two feet: ethics and aesthetics.

"I strongly believe that today's luxury is strong ethics and a new temporality: we have to understand that qualitative things have a cost, we have to acknowledge that our consumption behavior is a political act.

"La bonté est garante de la qualité de la beauté" which translates as: you can buy beautiful clothes or you can buy beautiful and meaningful clothes."

SKINSWEAR is what you wear just before your clothing, it's just over your skin. The perfect in-between for revealing to you who you really are.

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