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Simple Community is a life style - fashion brand based in Amsterdam. It aims to ease people's lives with multipurpose products that could be used all day long during travels or daily activities. These products are owned by cool & trendy people who value simplicity. These people are travels addicts and memory collectors who act spontaneously and value the moment. They give significance to practicality as well as quality for the products they choose.

Simple Community bags are made up of real calf leather and Kutnu fabric. Kutnu is a very special, handwoven fabric made of silk and cotton from Gaziantep, Turkey. The history dates back to 16th century in Ottoman Empire where it was used in the caftans of sultans and emperors. So the brand combines high quality leather with a traditional fabric to maintain unique touch on the products.

The brand is established by two travel addict friends Selay Yarimoglu and Ovgu Akdag with their common life style and point of view. They aim to unite people with same interests by forming a community that use Simple Community products.

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