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london / United Kingdom


brighton university

Graduation year


Sarah Eyton Designs is a London based company, designing jewellery and fashion handbags for women, that make a statement.
Beautiful and elegant, Sarah’s work is attention seeking and bold yet subtle at the same time.
Her ideas are brought to fruition using a range of materials, focusing mainly on Perspex, leather and wool.
The Perspex collection of bracelets, which incorporates a sumptuous range of colours, includes the ‘Kismet’ cuff which has attracted a growing following, increasing press attention and a substantial amount of celebrity devotees, Including Anna Friel, Pixie Geldof, Denise Welch and Dannii Minogue and Rhys Ifan
Utilising literally cutting edge technology - but applied with reference to a traditional sentiment, her work is innovative and extremely contemporary.
Sarah originally trained as a furniture designer, her work could be more described as ‘body furniture’ and as such, makes its presence felt.

Latest Collection

Previous Collections

  • Frosted 'Cut-outs' wrist cuff

    'Trojan' flower cuffs

    Slim clear Perspex cuffs

    'Heart-Felt' collection of 100% wool felt and leather handbags

  • Frosted collection with 'Skylon' design

    'Shape' bracelet

    'Sisterhood' bracelet

    sterling silver 'flat top' wrist cuff