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‘Rossoyuki’, a luxury accessories label is the brainchild and labor of love of young designer Priyanshi Mehta. She started this journey during her education in Italy and is implementing her unique style onto accessories in her studio in Mumbai. Luxury, opulence and magnificence is what 'Rossoyuki' stands for. Every design is created with utmost precision and ceaseless determination to produce something spectacular. Each bag is made with the highest quality of materials including handcrafted brass frames with signature nobs. Rossoyuki prides itself on being an ethical brand and all the accessories are crafted from vegan fabric and faux leather. The unique name is an amalgamation of the Italian word “Rosso” meaning ‘Red’ and the Japanese word “Yuki” that stands for ‘Snowflake’. The combining words of red snowflakes symbolizes the continuous shower of eclectic yet classic designs that will be created by “Rossoyuki.”

Brand Contact: Priyanshi Mehta +91 9920062193
Studio: 621, Pancharatna Building, Mama Parmanand Marg,
Opera House, Mumbai - 400004

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