Rolf Ekroth

Black Sheep


helsinki / finland


aalto university of art, design & architecture Helsinki

Graduation year


My name is Rolf Ekroth and I’m doing my BA in fashion Aalto-University in Helsinki, Finland. Before I got into fashion design, I studied psychology and social work, did all kind of different sales jobs and also played poker professionally for three years. I searched for all the original sporting outfits from 1994. I then started to cut them apart and then putting them together in a new way. I used a lot of different technical materials for the collection, mixed and cut together and also some light weight denim from japan. I collaborated with two Japanese textile designers for fabrics and prints. Yuki Kawakami did two amazing printed devore fabrics in japan for me. This was the second time we collaborated with Yuki, she did and exchange program in Aalto last year. I also did two different woven and one knit Akane Nishimaki, who also did an exchange here at Aalto University.

Latest Collection