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Black Sheep



brooklyn / united states


Fahsion institue of technology

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united states

RENÉE’s brand ethos combines functional sustainability with homage to our designers core memories deeply embedded in black culture. We create mens, womens, and unisex pieces in limited collections.

Influenced by the vibrant energy of designer Camryn’s mother’s cosmetology school, our brand identity revolves around two key pillars: functional sustainability and core memory aesthetics. Within the realm of sustainability we use streetwear to transform functional garments into accessories or versatile separates.

Our design philosophy expresses thrifted aesthetics in contemporary art and fashion. Channeling a bold color palette inspired by memories of african american culture limited collections showcase a spectrum of cobalt blue, warm orange hues, weaving a visual narrative that resonates with the nostalgia of early 90’s and 2000’s black culture. We aim to not just make a statement but to foster connection and self-discovery

immerse yourself in a world where fashion becomes a transformative journey, guided by the threads of sustainability, versatility, and a celebration of cultural richness at

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