Ramune Piekautaite

Black Sheep


vilnius / lithuania


vilnius academy of arts

Graduation year


Ramune Piekautaite graduated in 1994 with BA in Costume Design from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her namesake label was launched in 1997 and since then, the fashion brand has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing. It is one of the most notable and prestigious clothing labels in Lithuania, with a specialisation in luxury goods for women. The brand is distinguished by its stylistic originality, feminine and romantic style, elegance, high-end quality and fine craftsmanship. The designer creates fashion that is easy to understand, apply and love, inspired by the lifestyle and situation of the contemporary woman. The main inspiration for Ramune is the woman herself – a stranger on the street, a close friend or a loyal customer. All of them have strong personalities, united by their emotionality and sensuality, proud and appreciative of their greatest treasure – femininity. Femininity for the designer does not necessarily mean weakness or modesty; it is also strength and vitality.