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Pepper Row is a New-Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brand from Africa. Founded by Omafume Niemogha in 2018. Our studio is in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria.

We are a color intuitive Ethical brand with our Garments, footwear and accessories made for the bold, sophisticated and playful free spirits. Our Brand's ethos embodies and merges Africa's rich cultural heritage, arts and craftsmanship with modern influences for the global clientele.

At Pepper Row, we are passionate about using fashion as a positive tool for social and environmental change, whilst EXPLORING ,promoting and preserving the culture and age old traditional craftsmanship of hand weaving and dying textiles, wood carving and hand PAINTING, We constantly work towards collaborating, training and empowering the artisans in the small communities we work with.

wE are COMMITTED to Utilizing more sustainable raw materials, innovative production techniques with conscious consideration for the environment.

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