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Grey Sheep


santiago / chile


Design school of Diego Portales University

Graduation year


Chilean design brand founded by Natalia Yáñez, industrial designer and university professor of Diego Portales University, Santiago Chile. She completed an internship in “Academic innovation” at Harvard University, United States, and an internship in “Textiles fashion design” at the Domus Academy, Italy. Evaluator of Fondart projects, in the area of Design of the National Counsel of Culture and Arts, Government of Chile.

The brand statement considered the design field as a vehicle for local development, if we manage to put into value the intellectual and productive capacities of our community. We believe in the ability of the designer to perceive, integrate and enhance spheres of action that define the national identity, like opportunities for developing value-added products, connecting innate skills of traditional artisans with the creative potential of the design discipline.
We use raw materials that already exist in the local market, that have a regular and stable permanence, and production techniques where the know-how and the passion for the making, form the foundation of our work, therefore, we are transparent with these processes and with the origin of our resources, thus answering to new consumer trends of the so called “Slow Design”.
Our business model considered the self-production and made ​​to order exclusively for you. All our products are numbered and they have an authenticity certificate describing the technique, material used and ours of work.

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