Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


northampton university

The NVOI philosophy orbits around a wish to stimulate change and harmony through beautifully printed garments.

We are a brand that hopes to inspire positive change within the world by raising awareness of ethical causes.
Our messages are conveyed through our garments, each of which speaks passionately of a different cause or concept. We want to promote the idea of a ‘conscious’ purchase, crafting garments that will not only last a lifetime, but will also always remain meaningful.
This is a slow-paced Fashion brand which is never constrained by either trend or season expectations. Garments from our “Dark” and “Bright” collections should be worn time and time again to repeatedly encourage discussion of each concept, whilst raising support for its causes. 

NVOI is a brand with its roots in sustainability and ethical concepts, which will continue to become more ethical as it grows and learns, forever evolving and strengthening its concepts to make greater and more effective changes.

We Purposefully weave ethical messages through each piece, to form a conscious brand with a soul.

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