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Universidad Europea de Madrid

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Montse Freixes, has always been influenced by the architecture, beauty, and culture of her hometown Barcelona, Spain. From an early age, she has continuously shown an intrinsic passion for arts and design.

Motivated by her travels around the globe, passionate curiosity and creative mind, she has dedicated her life observing the beauty of different cultures through art and translating them into wearable accessories – thus founding NITA SURI as a way to share her unique vision with the world.

It is at the designer’s studio where the first prototype of each handbag is handmade with the greatest detail and care personally by Montse Freixes. The delicate handling of the leather, the faithfulness given to the designs and the special attention to detail makes the creation of every piece to become an unrivalled work of art.

We have control over the complete designing process so we can assure excellence and utmost quality. All the pieces are meticulously studied and analyze the ideal functionality of each bag and to maximize its quality and performance then sent to the factory for production.

The designer carefully selects the artisans who would join her burgeoning company while maintaining a very close and personal relationship to each one of them. With more than 30 years of artisanal and leather making experience provides the perfect finish, design, quality and functionality for each NITA SURI piece.

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