Neena Zeve Designs

Grey Sheep


new york / united states


fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Graduation year


Artist statement
I have had a long and varied career in different industries. However, my passion has always been to create beautiful things. While working in corporate America and academia, I decided to refine my skills and attend FIT. I earned a certificate in Ladies Tailoring at FIT and also took classes in embellishments and decorative techniques. After leaving academia three years ago, I developed Neena Zeve Designs as a company that would offer high end couture clothing for women. The overall inspiration for my collections comes from two major sources. One is a color palette and fabric patterns that come from the Mediterranean region where the designer lived for several years. The blues, oranges, and greens are some of the dominant colors in the region. The patterns in the fabrics are frequently reminiscent of designs found in buildings such as cupolas which dot the skylines of cities and in artifacts in the region. A second source of inspiration is a set of ‘old school’ embellishment techniques including beading, smocking and pleating. These embellishments produce exciting effects, create interest in the clothing and distinguish my garments from other designers.
My designs are made of fabrics that are mostly pure wool, cottons, and silks. I create all of my designs in Brooklyn, New York and as much as possible, use fabrics that are locally sourced. In addition, I have created a line of woolen accessories using fair trade yarns.
Recently I have also begun to participate in the sustainability movement and have been upcycling sportswear and evening wear by using the embellishment techniques that I have developed in my main lines of clothing.
The majority of my sales are online but i have participated in SeasoNal popups at the Brooklyn Museum and other siTes in Metropolitan New York City.

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