Natàlia Llauradó

Grey Sheep


madrid / spain


esdi (escuela superior de diseño) url

Graduation year


Having a coy adoration of creativity in her youth, Natàlia Llauradó is dabbling with needlework and admiration for the woman’s silhouette, investigating new volumes and techniques.

Studied a fashion design degree between Escuela Superior de Diseño in Barcelona and Politecnico di Milano. Conscious of perfecting her work, she is driven by romantic and conceptual fashion that evokes silhouettes and fabric manipulation.

She concluded her studies with a graduate collection winner of the First Prize as “Best national designer” at the “ III NUEVOS CREADORES” Fashion Awards during PASARELA 948 (Navarra).

“ As a fashion designer I find myself interested in character that radiates trough attitude, silhouettes, texture, movement and volume. But also, conscious of the necessary commitment between fashion and sustainability, to be able to grow alongside with the new generations in a world in which fashion does not harm anyone. “

“I do not question that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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