Mike Vensel

Black Sheep


los angeles / united states


mDC / sMC / aIU / otis / CSM

Mike Vensel is an American artist, photographer and fashion designer. His works explore ideas of simplicity, structure, fluidity, nature and form in various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video art, digital art, performance art and fashion design. Throughout all of his creative endeavors he maintains a sleek, sexy minimalist ecstatic that transcends the various mediums. His minimalist aesthetic and use of traditional natural materials. Each collection explores natural, cultural and architectural elements and creates a fusion between organic design evolution and futuristic ideas of a second skin. With use of organic cotton, bamboo, recycled leather and silk overstocks the brand has an ecological responsibility that goes beyond eco marketing and minimizes its footprint by producing in small quantities on demand using the most ethical practices. Explore more at: mikevensel.com

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