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A lover of all things weird and wonderful, Michelle’s style is both dark and unconventional.

She is inspired by conceptual ideas like Surrealism, Brutalism, Futurism and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, where beauty is found in the imperfect.

Hedonism, anarchy, and dystopian futures also filter through and inspire her collections.


Paris-based fashion designer and artist Michelle Choo was born in New Zealand in 1992, grew up in Singapore, and lived in London, Copenhagen, and Berlin before settling in Paris. Her dad is Singaporean and her mom is from Brunei. She is the founder and Creative Director of her eponymous brand, Michelle Choo, and separate accessories label, The Hedonist Shop.

She also works separately on freelance fashion design projects for other brands as well as in fashion marketing. Besides being a fashion designer first and foremost, she has a great passion for art and creates abstract art pieces in her own unique style in her spare time.

She interned with Barbara Í Gongini in Copenhagen in 2019 and following that, did another internship in Berlin. She honed her fashion design skills at ESMOD Paris, where she graduated in 2018, as well as at Central Saint Martins in London, and TafTc in Singapore.

Prior to this, while in Singapore, she studied at business school SIM-RMIT and did fine art studies at LASALLE and NAFA. After finishing all her studies, she decided to combine her knowledge and experience in all fields - fashion, art and business - and put them to good use.

Her interest in fashion began at a young age, when her aunt, previously also a fashion designer, used to make and adorn clothes for her every year for special occasions. She grew up surrounded by creativity and entrepreneurship, and that has influenced and inspired her throughout her life.

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