Grey Sheep



City and County of San Francisco / united states


Kent State University Fashion Design & Merchandising

Graduation year


Growing up, Mia never thought that they would find a home in fashion. When they were a kid, they used to tug at the hems of their dresses and loosen the ribbons in their hair. They associated clothes with discomfort. But something about knitwear feels like community, like home. Something calls them back to the way every stitch needs and leans on each other to create webs of stories yet to be told, the rhythm of a knitting machine, a hook or a needle in their hands. Through knitwear as a medium, Mia tells stories about their life and childhood, about the people they love and their lives, the stories we all tell around a dinner table or cups of coffee. In 1998, her parents drove from their homes in Indiana to San Francisco, California, where she was born and raised in the city that shaped her into the artist and designer she is today. West Coast craftsmanship and imagination mixed with Midwestern grit and practicality, Mia’s upbringing has allowed her to bridge a gap between worlds. As a queer person, Mia’s love of fashion is drawn from their Community and the medium’s ability to protect, reveal, become, and ultimately, transform the wearer into whomever they want to be. Mia views fashion as not only a means of self-expression and story-telling but as a way to transform our lives and the communities we are a part of.

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