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newcastle / United Kingdom



Graduation year


Born in Wigton; Cumbria, I had two main interests; Illustration/animation and Fashion. The only influence on fashion was I liked outerwear. I started to wonder how clothes were made; why this pocket did that, how is this zip was hidden, how is it lined etc. After a Foundation year at the University of Cumbria I was lucky to get a place on the BA (hons) Fashion course at Northumbria University, starting on womenswear then specializing in Menswear. My designs became heavily influenced by archive and heritage like most of menswear but with an almost animated silhouette. I completed my graduate collection based on the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott and his teams expedition to the South Pole, pushing my design, pattern cutting, knitwear and finishing to my best!

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  • With Scott to the Pole