Black Sheep


ljubljana / slovenia


leeds college of art

M. fiction is a fashion brand of two sisters, currently based in Slovenia. They first
discovered passion for design while studying Fashion design in Slovenia and United Kingdom.

After great experience in UK, they started to grow a brand together.
They received two awards for BA degree collection in year 2016, after been accepted
in NJAL designer directory and published in Italian Vogue. In addition to design,
their great passion is also photography and stylism . Together they create editorials
that were published in several countries (Italy, Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Russia…

Their interests include playing with styles. They express passion for fabrics and
shapes with exploration and material combinations and layering them together. They
prefer fresh and unexpected combinations to create products where innovation, their
own style and eye for detail are the central themes. Each fashion collection is very
conceptual with a certain story in mind, because their personal belief is that
everything and everyone has its own story. They get their inspiration by fashion,
human behavior , lifestyle, culture, history…They search for beauty in imperfections.
Collections are playful and contemporary. Each piece is indicating modernity,
innovation and creativity. They are exploring materials, forms, playing with
construction and deconstruction, examine new shapes and applying them to the
contemporary fashion.

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