Les Chausseurs

Grey Sheep


barcelona / spain


chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne

Graduation year


Spanish based men’s and woman’s footwear label,
Les Chausseurs was first brought to life in 2013.
With a focus on high quality leathers, the finest
materials and trims, Les Chausseurs merges high
fashion styling with comfort, wearability and

Our studio in Barcelona work on the vintage and
the new to create fun, classical and sports pieces with
a nod to the high end runway styles gracing the
international catwalks.

The concept for Les Chausseurs stemmed from a
sizeable gap within the global men’s & woman’s
footwear market where entry to mid-price leather
footwear was almost nonexistent.

Les Chausseurs can be found in the finest boutiques,
shoe stores and websites the world over.

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