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istanbul / turkey

LAR is a project by Laris Alara Kilimci.

The source of LAR derives from an archive of optimistic, feel good visual culture, which translates itself into art objects with her playful and loose creations.

The idea for the project launched itself while having fun with the medium of screenprinting as a means for catharsis with “serious play”.

In respect to the wabi sabi* philosophy where imperfections are accepted the first designs are a collection of silk scarves inspired by her grandmothers collection of hand painted modernist silk scarves that she preserved with respect to the unique artwork.

LAR’s world hopes to consist of art objects that are timelessly inspiring one to feel a carefree, optimistic within a world where functionality and fun can coexist.

Laris Alara Kilimci

Laris was born in New York and spent majority of her life in Istanbul. Her flowing and curvy style of image-making might be influenced by her childhood where she spent days in her mother’s pottery studio making wobbly shaped funny pieces of clay.

The interest in visual play led her to study BA Moving Image at Central Saint Martins, London. She assisted animator David Lüepshcen, worked in Marketing/Design at ATÖLYE and finally the family led Offset Printing Factory Resim Ofset.

Currently working only on LAR as a solo rider investing time in spreading colour and rhytm to everyday life.