Kristi Andress

Black Sheep


Kaunas / lithuania


Vilnius Academy Of Arts

Main Manufacturing Countries


Kristi Andress - established in 2006 is a known fashion label in Lithuania. The designers are Kristina Kalinauskaite and her husband Andrius Sergejenko. Their mission is to offer original designs and techniques in handcrafting traditions by paying attention to the aesthetics of the garment both inside and out.
Inspiration: Classical and romantic dreams.
Style: Light, soft and pure. Design nor construction dominates the garment. Emphasis is on subtlety.
The secret: Rationality is masked by sensitivity and tenderness.

Every new “Kristi Andress” collection is a distinct story. Every garment is a part of the story.
Beauty and technology. Taste and precise calculations. We recreate the nature. “Kristi Andress” invite you to Celebrate Life!