Krista Tulp

Black Sheep


tallinn / estonia


estonian academy of arts

Graduation year


I have completed Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (2014) and Master’s Degree (2017) in Textile Design at Estonian Academy of Arts. I use modern technology to bring innovative ideas to the fashion world. I am creating experimental and innovative fashion by testing different approaches to garment design and production. I use the laser cutter and my graphic design skills to make fashion. All of the normal construction techniques are eliminated, no sewing and seams. I am introducing a new way of thinking about how to make fashion! My collection uses an alternative assembling way to put pieces together. Innovative construction technique eliminates the need to use a sewing machine.They are specially developed to be produced on a laser cutter and assembled by the end user. All designs are cut from neoprene fabric. Each piece can be put together in a variety of ways allowing the user freedom of design with playful experimentation.

Latest Collection