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lviv / ukraine


lviv academy of arts

KOSTELNI - a special world for those who value craftsmanship and excellence, a fashion house founded by the talented pair of fashion designers Maria and Ruslan Kostelni over 17 years ago in Lviv, Ukraine. Since then, KOSTELNI has become one of the top fashion brands in Ukraine and Eastern Europe that constantly surprises and adorns the fashion world with their unique and exclusive clothing and accessories. KOSTELNI has been recognized as "Black Sheep" by Not Just A Label, as one of the few emerging brands "revolutionizing the industry and forging their own path". Thanks to the talent and skill of the founders of KOSTELNI, everyone who has the opportunity to touch the brand's creations, adds a piece of perfection and uniqueness to their life that is not available to everyone.

Maria Kostelni - the co-founder and the Creative Director of the KOSTELNI Fashion House was literally born in the fashion world - her mother was a fashion designer as well. Since her childhood Maria has fallen in love with fashion. During her teenage years, Maria began creating her first fashion illustrations, and after finishing high school, went to study fashion craft at the Lviv Academy of Arts. In 2000, together with her husband Ruslan Kostelni, Maria co-founded the KOSTELNI Fashion House which has since become the official brand and fashion house of the Kostelni family that constantly surprises and adorns the fashion world with their unique creations. Today, Maria Kostelni is a successful fashion designer and a happy mother of four children, who continues to create unique images and creations for her family fashion house.

Ruslan Kostelni - the co-founder and designer of the KOSTELNI Fashion House, Ruslan Kostelni is perhaps the best designer of leather accessories in Ukraine and one of the best in Europe. His masterful creations are always unique and of exceptional quality. His mother was a fashion designer as well, so her talent must have been genetically inherited by her talented son. Having co-founded the KOSTELNI Fashion House in 2000 together with his wife Maria, Ruslan Kostelni since then has been responsible for the accessories range of the brand. Today Ruslan is a successful fashion designer and happy father of four children, who together with his wife Maria continues to create unique and exclusive images and creations for their fans and clients.

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