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barcelona / spain


ied instituto europe di design

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Hi, I am Mai, Chilean/Spanish fashion designer based in Barcelona.
The name of my brand is Komai. It is a combination of my childhood's nickname (Ko) and the nickname given to me by a close friend in Barcelona.
Serendipitously, Komai backwards is "I AM OK", which perfectly suited the moment where everything aligned so I could launch Komai. "Everything is OK, I AM OK" is a cliché quote, yet very meaningful. It is a tough road to be able to say I AM OK, OK with myself, regardless of what happens around me.

My goals are to create conscious eco-friendly fashion and to spread the Komai philosophy ("I AM OK") through my garments and textile manipulations that arise as an expression of my subconscious; and are manifested through my most valued tool: my hands.

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