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IXK accessory line.

Isabel Kibler is a Berlin and New York based Art Director | Fashion and Jewelry Designer | Stylist who started her label 2008.

Her vision explores new fields inbetween visual art and accessory design. Collaborations with various unique visual artists well curated by Isabel Kibler will establish a heterogeneous but stringent imagery on design accessories. Passion, knowledge and experience come together to create exceptional products. IXK accessories are handcrafted, made of the finest materials, produced with great care and love.

The first collection features silk scarfs takes you on a journey of emergent deconstructions by Adrian Cain. You can see more of his amazing work at http://adriancain.tumblr.com/. A modern but timeless imagery printed on high-class materials in Italy guarantees you unlimited wearing pleasure. This line is only a teaser of IXK and will be followed by other unique products you can already look forward to.

KXN is a sublabel of IXK. It resembles the collaboration of Isabel Kibler and Yoh Nagao, who are joining forces to explore the synergies of accessory design and visual art.

The first to come collection features silk scarfs depicting the best of Yoh Nagao's art work. Fragmented colors, patches and patterns form a never-seen-before visuality which looks stunningly extraordinary but ready-to-wear while high-class silk materials guarantee a skin pleasing experience.

The creative collaboration between the two artists reflects their ambition. While Isabel Kibler has a background with a longstanding portfolio as stylist/art director and fashion/jewelry designer, Yoh Nagao worked long term in the graphic design and art field. The combination of the artistic fields creates products, which are unique both in their visual aesthetic and material quality. KXN accessories are hard to describe. They need to be experienced.

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Both lines were launched during New York Fashion Week und presented at Paris Fashion Week afterwards.

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