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Welcome to our universe!

In public spaces, rooms and unique buildings, in the intimacy of our homes or our bodies. The ways that art appears in our everyday lives are infinite, constantly expanding and transforming.

lt finds us in the places we live and visit, in the objects that surround us, and in what we choose to wear on our bodies.
The inspiration behind lskin Sisters was born from the fusion of art and artistry, the combination of tradition, practice and expertise, and the revaluation of craftsmanship with a unique aesthetic.

We create contemporary jewellery with unique designs, disruptive concepts and innovative techniques, conceived for people all around the world who identify with our vision.

Born in Brazil to an Argentinian mother and based in Buenos Aires and madrid, we have always been nourished and inspired by connecting to different cultures and people.
Our products are created and finished by hand in Argentina, then sent to design stores and museum shops across a widely expanding list of countries, including New York's Guggenheim Museum, Washington DC's National Gallery, San Francisco's SFMOMA and Buenos Aires' MALBA (Museum of Fine Art) among others.

We share what moves us and build lasting, special bonds. We recognize ourselves as part of a community that perceives art as something both intimate and essential, that chooses to express itself in its own image.

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